Medium Gear 9.7 TT 21/03/2015 – Report

For the first time in 3 years the Medium Gear 25 was able to run on the scheduled date, albeit at a reduced distance of 9.7 miles due to the customary road works at this time of year. Although the weather was kind enough to not produce snow, ice or thick fog (the reasons for the past 3 years cancellations), there was still a kick in the teeth with a brutal 18mph headwind up Growers. To quote one rider, (for the sake of anonymity we shall refer to him simply as Mr Smith), “it was a day for the big man”.

The conditions seemed enough to put many off, with just two riders competing for the Walt Livings memorial trophy. In a straight shoot out between Nick Hickman and Steve Smith, it was Nick who emerged victorious.

Leanne Cutler and James Gomm took the opportunity to get some riding into the wind practice, and rode PTT’s.

Medium Gear Trophy

The Walt Livings Memorial Trophy

Officiating today were Chris Tribe and Nigel Wilson, with Michael Webb pushing off the riders .

The Nomads evening TT series kicks off on Tuesday 7th April.


Medium Gear Competition:
Nick Hickman – 29:57, Steve Smith – 33:36

James Gomm – 27:40, Leanne Cutler – 32:33

2015 2-Up Team Time Trial Result

15 hardy souls took to the lanes of Southill despite the cold weather and moderate (Ed – er, it was more than moderate matey) easterly breeze to stage and take part in the annual Nomads 2 Up 25 mile time trial. The course had to be truncated due to roadworks, which I’m sure left the competitors with the same feeling of relief felt by the author when he found out on Friday?

The route was one complete lap of the Dave Gudgin 25 course, with a small addition at the finish to complete the course back at the start of the Briercliffe 10, to get as close to 10 miles as possible. Start duties were carried out by Steve Smith, Frank Turner and Mike Webb, with photography by the ever present Davey Jones who provided some cracking shots for the record book. An albeit brief appearance from Nomads “Groupie” Jane Hickman, wildly shouting and ringing a cow bell was a welcome sight on the road through Stanford, just as the wind was getting its teeth into the legs.

Gav GommHickman JT LeanneMeli RileyWIlson SDSR

The raft of Nomads kit was also peppered with the appearance of Team kit, who brought their own version of the Team Sky Death Star along with them. Second-claim Nomads, Simon & Steve also seemed to have their own support rider, who provided welcome encouragement to the whole field and who also proved that it was quicker cycling in the opposite direction (Ed – it was Sam Hayes).

5 pairs and soloist Gavin Ashfield posted the following times, and given the unusual length of the course, the discussion in Southill Tea Rooms after the event was almost entirely focused on what very specific Club Record each of the pairs now held! Fastest Female pair, Fastest Veterans, Fastest Beards Fastest mixed kit and Fastest Knobbly Knees are all now considered viable categories. Poor old Gavin had to be content with fastest time of the day, which as a solo was an impressive performance.


Nick Hickman & James Gomm – 25:42

Julian Pegg & Jon Traynor – 27:31

Paul Riley & Nigel Wilson – 27:57

Leanne Cutler & Meline Fletcher – 30:26


Gavin Ashfield  – 23:35


Simon Doyle & Steve Robinson, Team – 24:08

Thanks to all for turning out on what was a tough but enjoyable morning – Paul Riley

2015 Spring Hilly Report – 07/03/2015

Six starters braved the windy but dry conditions. Competitors coped with traffic, avoiding road kill and a wealth of recreational cyclists and enjoying what turned out to be the warmest day of 2015 so far.

Rider, Club, (Lap 1)  Finish Time (min sec)
Gavin Ashfield, HNCC (23.54) 48.23, Julian Pegg HNCC (26.38), 54.09, Nigel Wilson HNCC (28.48) 58.25, Leanne Cutler HNCC (29.14) 59.15, David Summerell HNCC (30.49) 1.03.43

Private TT
Jason Stuart, CC Ashwell (23.49) 48.16

Some excellent early season form. Welcome to Julian Pegg who took the start line for the first time as a Nomad and great to see Leanne Cutler back on the road after recent illness.

Officials today were Meli Fletcher (timekeeping) and Steve Smith (pushing off). Thanks to all the supporters at the start/finish offering encouragement to the riders.

Next week it’s the 2-Up around the Southill 25 course, starting at 9:00am on Sat 14th 2015.

Meliné Fletcher

Redbridge road race review 28/02/2015

Some of the Nomads race team ventured to Redbridge today for the spring warm up series. David Rickels (chief logistics) cranked up the love bus and took Adam White (chief no assigned role) and Freddy Bulmer (chief powerhouse) down to Essex for the first race of the season.

It’s a great track and fielded around 35 cat 4 riders. Unfortunately mud and debris on the surface (thanks to ongoing building work) ensured a healthy dose of punctures. Luckily the rain held off, but a wet surface left a few of us feeling trepidation on each tight turn. A crash at lap 3 broke the field up where Adam’s position towards the back hindered him. Freddy took off towards the front and held fast in the top ten for most of the race. David let the main group slip away just after Adam had done the same.

After a puncture Adam managed to slip back in but catching David proved too much of a challenge. After being lapped, both David and Adam were politely requested to leave the track and joined the ever-growing group of deflated hopefuls.
Freddy gave it beans and held with the pack, unleashing pain on the group on the last lap…almost. Then the final lap horn blasted and Freddy realised he’d just emptied the tank and had nothing to give. Adam and David watched the broken man get done towards the line by a small group, but a great effort wasn’t wasted finishing around 14th, and he still came out smiling!
Great day had by all!!

Adam White

HNCC – Time Trial Events 2015

Club time trial events are listed below. Courses are described here. If in doubt just ask a club member for additional information and guidance. £2.00 Members per ride. £4.00 Non-members per ride.

Sat 07th Mar 09:00 Spring Hilly 2x 6Z/10
Sat 14 th Mar 09:00 Two Up Team TT 1U/25
Sat 21st Mar 09:00 Medium Gear 72″ 1U/25

Tue 07th Apr 18:30 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Tue 14th Apr 18:30 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Sat 18th Apr 14:00 Interclub 10 (Icknield RC)
Tue 21st Apr 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Tue 28th Apr 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10

Tue 05th May 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Sun 10th May 06:00 F1/50 Norlond Combine TT (Open 50) *this is an open event which you must enter via CTT
Tue 12th May 19:00 Dave Gudgin 25 1U/25
Tue 19th May 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Tue 26th May 19:00 Dave Gudgin 25 1U/25
Sat 30th May 14:00 HNCC Open 25 F14/12 *open event which you must enter via CTT

Tue 02nd Jun 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Sun 7th June (tbc) 08:00 Interclub 15 (BRCC)
Tue 9th Jun 19:00 Dave Gudgin 25 1U/25
Tue 16th Jun 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10 (Non Aero & Post ride Social)
Sun 21st Jun 08:00 Interclub 30 (HNCC) 1U/30
Tue 23rd Jun 19:00 Dave Gudgin 25 1U/25
Tue 30th Jun 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10

Tue 07th Jul 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Tue 14th Jul 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Sun 19th Jul 08:00 Interclub 25 (CCA)
Tue 21st Jul 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Tue 28th Jul 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10

Tue 04th Aug 19:00 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Tue 11th Aug 18:30 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Sat 15th Aug 09:00 6Z/10 (Autumn series 1 of 4)
Tue 18th Aug 18:30 Briercliffe 10 1U/10
Sat 22nd Aug 09:00 1U/10 (Autumn series 2 of 4)
Sat 29th Aug 09:00 6Z/10 (Autumn series 3 of 4)

Sat 5th Sept 09:00 1U/10 (Autumn series 4 of 4)

Sun 4th Oct (tbc) 10:30 Interclub HC (Host TBC)
Sat 10 th Oct 09:00 Autumn Hilly 2x 6Z/10
Sun 18th Oct 11:30 Charlton HC 6Y/H

Sat 26th Dec 11:00 Boxing Day 10 1U/10

Nomad features in British Best All Rounder 2014 results

Congratulations to Nick Hickman for joining the ranks of the British Best All Rounders, 2014. An impressive average speed garnered over qualifying 50 mile, 100 mile and 12 hour time trials sees Nick (and the Nomads) feature in the blue riband of UK long distance racing. Chapeau!

Nick’s times for the record 1h 59m 42s (50 miles), 4h 23m 57s (100 miles) and 223.25 miles in 12 hours.

BBAR Certification

BBAR Certification

Nick Hickman

Nick Hickman

Time Trial Report – Ely HR – Sunday 8th February 2015

Two members of the Nomads’ Time Trial Squad, Nick Hickman and Nigel Wilson, ventured out in the Fens for some early season action at the Ely & District CC “Hard Riders 25” event. The course was changed for this year. A-roads replaced a route on unclassified roads which, according to legend, had been more suited to a cyclo-cross bike. Both testers arrived early to carry out a drive-by inspection of the course, which had a traffic hold up on it due to a badger ambling across the road.

This hazard, not mentioned in the course risk assessment, was safely in its sett by the time the Nomads sped through, so there was no road kill collection and fine-dining opportunity for Hickman this time.

Dr Hutch says…

The weather was very fair for the time of year. 4DegC with a light northerly breeze and some winter sunshine. Although the roads were wet there was no precipitation, and thankfully no ice. The sage advice from Cycling Weekly correspondent and regular tester Dr Hutch to “wear a vest for God’s sake” had been properly followed so cold was not a problem.

Hickman started first and was riding without instrumentation, having forgotten to refit a Garmin mount after his machine had been serviced. His planned user acceptance test on new brake sets, front and rear, was not needed – he had good fortune at the several roundabouts on the course. Wilson set off some 30 minutes later, after spending much time faffing with his (properly mounted) Garmin because it was displaying a negative altitude. Finally, after realising that the start line was indeed below sea level and the timekeeper’s count down had begun, he set off. The only way from here was up and he found the Fens to be not as flat as he had imagined. This was his first ride on a pre-owned machine from the Webb stable, more recently held by Jason Dynes. His brakes worked well – rather frustratingly they had to be used in a tractor related traffic standstill (or Rush Hour as it is called).

Although the course was extremely well marshalled, the time keepers had still not put up results an hour or so after the last tester was back at HQ, by which time it was scarper-time for some lunch. Wilson expects to post a time in the region of 01:15:00 and Hickman 01:06:30. Both were pleased with their times, setting useful benchmarks for the season ahead. At the post event coffee and de-brief session Wilson enthused, “I really enjoyed it today! The suffering, riding near to my limit for 75 minutes. I assume the North Road will be very different with the proper hills but hopefully I’ll get a place on the start line”. Hickman’s view was that, “it was an excellent course and I felt good pinning a number on my skin suit again”.

Both are looking forward to the next Hard Riders event, the classic North Road CC 25 on 22 February for which registration closes very soon, with several Nomads signed up already.