Tuesday TT Series 19/5/2015 Report

Reporter: Paul Riley

After a wild day of hail and thunder, on what turned out to be a dry, clear but cold evening, nearly as many spectators as riders gathered to run a traffic-calming free Briercliffe 10.  In the absence of our resident “Statto” from last week, here is a summary of this week’s TT in simple words with only limited reference to past performances!


Nick Hickman chose to ride slightly less than medium-gear fixed.  Andy Saunders rode a standard road bike complete with commuter inspired top tube mounted pump.  Mark Collins chose to ride on a different side of the road to what he has been used to recently.  Everyone else rode relatively standard TT machines with assorted extra layers of clothing to cope with the cold.  Lindz Barral set the fastest time of the night at 25.19, nearly 2 minutes slower than last week’s effort on the faster “Roadworks 10″, which gives you a good idea of the tough conditions for the evening.

Time keeping duties were handled by Paul Riley. Michael Webb did a sterling job of pushing off.  Ann Collins number spotted.  Sue Clifford–Smith was on photography duties.  Frank Turner provided much needed support to the Timekeeper.


Hitchin Nomads CC Event

Jon Traynor 27.07, Andy Saunders 27.45, Nigel Tooke 28.30, Mark Collins 29.00, Nick Hickman 29.17, Steve Smith 31.31

1 2 3 4 5 6

Private Time Trial

Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 25.19


Next week’s event is the Dave Gudgin 25 as it looks likely that there will be no road works present on the course.  TT Secretary Nick Hickman is arranging for the “Roadworks 10″ course to be available as a back up for the rest of the season in case our regular courses can’t be used for whatever reason.

Nomads vs. Wiggins – 16/05/2015 Report

Reporter: Leanne Cutler

On a warmish (16°C) Saturday morning Nomads Jon Traynor, Nigel Wilson and Leanne Cutler set off up the A1(M) to South Cave near Hull, to join 147 other riders (including some bloke called Sir Bradley Wiggins) on the A63 (more commonly known as the V718) for a 10 miles bicycle promenade.

The day didn’t start well for Jon Traynor, or his bike, resulting in an emergency trip to Trisports before leaving Hertfordshire.  After a lunch stop at Scunthorpe services (and Nigel Wilson being locked in the car with the alarm blaring out) the three Nomads arrived at event HQ in Newport .  A quick change into the blue and yellow skin suits and the first Nomad, Leanne Cutler, made the 4 miles journey to the start line only to discover that the start had been delayed by 15 min, then 30 min, then 45 mins due to emergency removal of a ‘dangerous lamp post’ following a fight with a car the previous evening.  Rumour on amongst the sixteen ladies lining up was it was a rouse in the bid for the strong westerly 18 mph winds (and 33 mph gusts) to have died down prior to Wiggo taking on Alex Dowsett’s 10 miles TT record (17:20 on E2/10 at Six Mile Bottom near Newmarket last season).  The BBC camera man clearly hadn’t read the script and started filming number 12 (rather than 120) and 13 before realising his error.  This left the nation’s TV licence payers missing Nomad Leanne’s moment off the start line being cheered on by Jon and Nigel who, like the rest of the crowds, had been unaware of the late start.  It looked like the entire local cycling community had turned out in force with pockets of crowds in the laybys and bridges on A63.  Jon and Nigel chatted to some of the natives at the start and Jon was heard to say ”I like to give something back to the fans” when a young boy was chuffed that he had been talking to somebody in the race.

The wind helped on the outward leg, resulting in Jon achieving top speed of 32 mph, Nigel averaging 28 mph and Leanne reaching the 4.6 mile turn point in 9 min 11 sec.  The return 5.4 miles was a very different story.  Strong headwinds and gusts, especially in the final mile, resulted in the pace dropping to as low as 16 mph.

Following their gruelling effort, the Nomads returned to the start to see Sir Bradley being pushed off.  You had to feel sorry for number 116 who, after 50yds, broke his chain.  Perhaps he should have gone to Trisports before the race like Jon?  The second loudest cheer of the day was for Wiggins minute man, A Birdsall, who achieved a PB of 24:52.  Wonder how long he held Wiggo off for?  The traffic stopped (much to some motorists’ annoyance) and one elderly gentleman was heard to say ”I will never see anything like this in my lifetime again” until Nigel pointed out that Wiggins was doing it all again a week on Wednesday!  5:15pm and he was off, with his gold lid and rainbow striped World TT Champion disc wheel – subtle.  After watching his return both Jon and Nigel agreed that, from their view on the bridge, Leanne had looked far more comfortable than Wiggins at this point.  The Nomads rushed back to the HQ for coffee and cake, and to check on their times against the best of the rest.  All three had secured PB’s.  Fastest was Jon Traynor 24:13, followed by Nigel Wilson 24:35 then Leanne Cutler 24:48.

Talk around HQ from those in the know was that the conditions made the course at least 1 min slower than usual, a theory confirmed when Wiggins time was posted: 17:58. So that was Nomads 3 Wiggins 0 on the PB front.  Jon and Nigel chatted to the Cycling Weekly press guy (both pre and post race) whilst Leanne was totally unaware of who he was (honest).  Look out for next week’s magazine as surely Nomads will be heavily featured.  As time progressed the crowds dispersed when it became apparent that Sir Brad was forgoing the post ride coffee and cake.  Hopes were momentarily raised when a bearded guy wandered in, only for us to realise it was a ‘Fat Gomm’.

Before heading home Jon and Nigel decided to partake in the local fish and chips from ‘Johnny’s Haddock’ whilst the more health conscious Leanne settled for a diet coke and a banana.  Three and a half hours later at Newark and Wiggins finally caught and overtook the Nomads … in his team car.  It was agreed that it had been ‘a grand day out’ and 23’s were definitely on the cards next time.

Tuesday TT Series – 12/05/2015 Report

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

Following last week’s cancellation due to gale force winds, this evening’s planned Dave Gudgin 25 event also didn’t go ahead quite as planned.  It had to be modified at the last minute due to yet more road works on the road from Old Warden towards Ireland.  Our TT Secretary Nick Hickman arranged for a Briercliffe event to be held on the popular 1U/10B course, now officially named the “Roadworks 10″. 17 Nomads turned up and encountered a strong westerly. Whilst the wind didn’t appear to be favourable, results might suggest otherwise. Here is a summary of tonight’s TT in numbers:

• Gavin Ashfield became the 2nd fastest Nomad in a Briercliffe.
• 13 riders recorded “Briercliffe bests”
• Steve Smith rode his 2nd fastest Briercliffe ever
• James Cornell rode his fastest Briercliffe for 7 years
• David Summerell rode his 213th fastest Briercliffe ever (but he has ridden many slower as well !)
• 19 riders went under 28 minutes.
• The average time on the Briercliffe so far this year is 26:48. The previous record average for a year was 26:58 (back in 1988).
• This was the second fastest night in Briercliffe history with the average time at 25:53. The record stands at 25:51 (9 August 1988).
• Freddy Bulmer set the fastest ever time on the Briercliffe for a “Bulmer Legal” bike. Please contact Freddy if you want any clarification on the rules for this competition.

Many thanks to Frank Turner and his apprentices James Gomm, Simon Young, Nigel Wilson and Webby for helping out.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event:

Gavin Ashfield 22:27; Nigel Hale 23:18; Freddy Bulmer 24:03; Nick Hickman 24:27; John Watson 24:50; James Spence 24:55; James Cornell 25:22; Julian Pegg 25:23; Jon Traynor 25:27; Nigel Tooke 26:04; David Rickels 26:05; Leanne Cutler 26:40; Paul Riley 26:40; Adam White 27:20; Edward Lee-Jones 27:27; Steve Smith 29:35; David Summerell 29:54

Private Time Trials:

Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 23:25; John Gorman (Full Gas RT) 24:02; Neil JJ Fraser (Full Gas RT) 24:05; David Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 27:34

Note: Next week’s event will most likely be on the “Roadworks 10″ course again.  Look out for confirmation on Facebook or email Nick Hickman at timetrials@hitchinnomads.cc

Club Championship (Norlond) 50 mile Time Trial 10/05/15 – Review

7 Nomads lined up on the F1B/50 course to compete in the club 50 mile TT championship, including the defending Champion Nick Hickman, and 3 débutantes at the distance in Leanne Cutleer, James Spence and Nigel Wilson. The course was a variant on previous F1/50 courses due to the roadworks further north, and took in 2 laps between Tempsford and Baldock on the A1.

Conditions were blustery with a strong South Easterly wind, which meant that the riders faced a tough head/cross wind for the first and third quarters of the TT, but never quite got a tail wind on the return legs (in what’s known as a typical cyclists wind, i.e. taking with one hand, but not quite giving with the other, instead dangling agonisingly just out of reach).

The fastest Nomad of the day was John Watson who did enough to hold off Julian Pegg by 2 min 31 to take the 2015 Nomads club 50 championship, in what has been an impressive return season to time trialling for John.

Of the débutantes, all three put in impressive times to beat their respective VTTA Standard times (and in the process set a new PB by default), but the most notable ride came from Leanne Cutler who roared home in 2:16:16 seconds to set a new Nomads Ladies 50 mile TT scratch record, improving on the previous record by 4 mins 39 seconds (previously held by C Farquharson), and in the process set a new club VTTA standard record of + 11:07 (no previous record).

John Watson F1B50 Leanne Cutler F1B50

John and Leanne on course. Photos from John Pick

There was also great support with several Nomads lining various parts of the course to shout encouragement, including one who was armed with a cowbell (it is unclear if any cows were harmed in the acquisition of said cowbell).

Back in the HQ, there were murmers from certain Nomads of “Never again”, but time does funny things to the memory……

The event was provisionally won (pending result conformation) by Matthew Smith of Team Velovelocity in 1:43:48.

Nomads Results:

John Waston – 2:03:24, Julian Pegg – 2:05:58, James Gomm 2:12:48, James Spence 2:13:24, Nick Hickman 2:14:17, Leanne Cutler – 2:16:16 (CR), Nigel Wilson 2:18:10

10 miles TT – 09/05/2015 Reports

Nomads Nick Hickman, John Watson and Leanne Cutler were out today warming up for the main event of the weekend, tomorrow’s Club 50 competition on F1/50B (that’s down and up the A1 from Tempsford to Baldock Services a couple of times, with a little detour to Stotfold suburbs).

The ride of the day was without doubt Cutler’s. Sporting a new skin suit and saddle she rode the Bossard Wheelers CC 10 miles event on the F15/10 “Brogborough Course”. A front wheel on loan from Jason Dynes was more suited to the windy conditions and ski jump start than her regular deep section Zipp 808. Her provisional time was 25:37. Confirmation from CTT will result in a personal best and a claim to the Club’s Records Officer for a new women’s club veteran record (+2:36 against the VTTA standard). As well as the new kit, there were whispers of her having been powered by a beetroot based diet. Dedicated training in recent months probably had something to do with this great performance too.

Watson also rode this event and posted a 22:56. Fantastic form for a man who was hobbling about with a fractured pelvis not so long ago!

Further afield Hickman was riding on the fastest 10 miles course of all time (Alex Dowsett 17:20). This was the Lea Valley CC event on E2/10 at Six Mile Bottom near Newmarket. The record is being targeted by Sir Bradley Wiggins on V718/10 near Hull next weekend and some Nomads will be having a go too. Hickman wasn’t troubling any record books today though, averaging just 22 mph into a 20 mph block head wind to the turn. Pushing hard on the return, at speeds in excess of 32 mph for long stretches, he managed to raise his average for the 10 miles to just over 25 mph. His time at the chequered flag was 23:46. Highlight of his day was the bread & butter & Guinness pudding back at race HQ. Not as effective a nutritional aid as beetroot juice but rather more delicious.

Thoughts now turn to the 50 tomorrow …

Tuesday TT Series (Briercliffe 10) – 28/04/2015 Report

Reporter: Adam White

This evening’s Briercliffe 10 saw 20 riders return to what I’m calling the Nomads Classic route.  You young ones aren’t old enough to remember it [Editor: that’s cheeky – you were the youngest rider!]. It was time to don ridiculous looking helmets, avoid your friends as much as possible and assume a lonely shrugged position for as little time as possible – all whilst wondering if your bum looks too big in a skin suit [Editor: those are powerful glutes young man; you have much to learn].

Some familiar Nomads were missing, but morale was as high as the Force 8 South Westerly wind.  It was cold enough for people in short sleeves to wonder what they were thinking when they left the house.

Well done to Nigel Hale to who was the quickest Nomad, on his course debut. Andy Saunders and Nick Hickman came in less than a minute behind. Private Time Triallist Tom Bayley set the fastest time of the evening, with Jim Moffat also getting the better of all the Nomads.  John Watson is reminded to keep to the advertised course, and to stop stealing race numbers as a memento but stick to beer mats.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
Nigel Hale 24:34
A Saunders 24:59
N Hickman 25:22
J Gomm 25:54
D Rickels 26:49
J Watson 27:08 (off course)
N Tooke 27:37
P Riley 27:42
N Wilson 27:50
L Cutler 28:45
E Lee-Jones 29:03
A White 29:40
S Oliver 32:54
Private Time Trials
T Bayley (Arctic Tacx RT) 22:40
J Moffat (Virgin Active) 23:03
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24:56
D Watson (Virgin Active) 26:59 (puncture)
D Legerton (Team Sales Engine) 28:55
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 30:14

Frank Turner and Ann Collins kindly kept time.  Michael Webb was the pusher offer of the evening. Many thanks for your efforts.  These events don’t happen without such volunteers.

Wind was definitely an issue tonight. Bring on the decent weather.  Same time, same place, next week …

Interclub 10 report – 19/04/2015

After the first event in the Interclub series the Nomads are standing in 3rd position.  The series is a competition between local clubs: Hitchin Nomads CC, Icknield Road Club, Beds Roads CC, Ashwell CC and St Neots CC (new this season).  HNCC put out its largest team at this event for many years.  The next event is a 15 miles TT on 7 June, hosted by Beds Road CC.

Position Name Club Time
1 Justin Layne CCA 20:07
2 Andy Whale CCA 21:35
3 William Smith CCA 21:43
4 Kieron Lewis BRCC 21:49
5 Tim Davies IRC 21:53
6 Gavin Ashfield HNCC 21:57
7 Grant Orsborn IRC 22:14
8 Luke Danckert CCA 22:23
9 Jason Stuart CCA 22:27
10 Abid Hussian IRC 22:54
11 John Watson HNCC 22:54
12 Jon Friend BRCC 23:04
13 Michael Martin CCA 23:05
14 Edward Castro BRCC 23:07
15 Patrick Smith BRCC 23:08
16 Steven Jennings CCA 23:17
17 John Mitcalf BRCC 23:19
18 Nigel Hale HNCC 23:22
19 Peter Gell BRCC 23:27
20 James McKenzie CCA 23:27
21 Christian Tregidgo SNCC 23:45
22 Phillip Jenkins BRCC 23:46
23 Simon Doyle HNCC 23:47
24 Simon Richardson SNCC 23:49
25 Mark Gray BRCC 23:59
26 David Lindsey SNCC 24:05
27 Mark Greenhow SNCC 24:07
28 Mike Case BRCC 24:12
29 Gary Moore BRCC 24:16
30 Gavin James IRC 24:21
31 Nick Hickman HNCC 24:25
32 Andrewmark Smith BRCC 24:28
33 James Spence HNCC 24:30
34 Geoff Hicks BRCC 24:30
35 Mark Mossop SNCC 24:34
36 Nick Senechal HNCC 24:47
37 Richard Broad SNCC 24:51
38 Jackie Field CCA 24:52
39 David Cook BRCC 24:57
40 Hugh Maltby BRCC 25:13
41 Andy Beezer IRC 25:25
42 Stephen Muchmore SNCC 25:28
43 James Watthey IRC 25:29
44 Rob Adams IRC 25:32
45 Graham Laming BRCC 25:41
46 Jeremy Prodger CCA 25:44
47 Jon Traynor HNCC 25:47
48 Matthew Scales CCA 25:53
49 Michael Webb HNCC 26:09
50 Gary Rudd BRCC 26:12
51 James Davies CCA 26:13
52 Richard Pratt IRC 26:13
53 Emma Koppe CCA 26:14
54 Gareth Rose IRC 26:18
55 Phil O’Leary IRC 26:25
56 Nigel Tooke HNCC 26:31
57 Nigel Wilson HNCC 26:36
58 Steve Lepage BRCC 26:42
59 Leanne Cutler HNCC 26:50
60 Dave Wells CCA 26:52
61 Chris Corney HNCC 26:55
62 John Thorpe CCA 27:00
63 Paul Patchitt IRC 27:16
64 Noah Field CCA 27:29
65 Stuart Travers IRC 27:33
66 Martyn Anderson IRC 27:38
67 Paul Valks IRC 27:45
68 Gareth Lewis CCA 27:49
69 Dave Newell IRC 27:51
70 Neil Cannell BRCC 28:12
71 Leigh Pilgrim BRCC 28:12
72 David Summerell HNCC 29:05
73 Dave Morgan IRC 29:12
74 Harry Newton (Juv) IRC 29:13
75 Lui Tomlinson (Juv) IRC 29:29
76 Jenny Andrews CCA 29:41
77 Maurice Burton IRC 29:53
78 Paul Taylor IRC 29:54
79 Steve Smith HNCC 30:13
80 Chris Jones IRC 30:41
81 Judy Reid IRC 30:48
82 Phil Tomlinson IRC 30:52
83 Roy Porter IRC 30:57
84 Ian Beale IRC 30:58
85 Martin Webb IRC 31:20
86 Elaine Travers IRC 34:00
87 Elizabeth Danckert CCA 34:10
88 Debbie Pearson IRC 37:04
89 Stefan Dixon CCA 40:20

Those members who enjoyed the F15/10 course might want to consider representing their Club at the Bossard Wheelers CC open event on 9th May.  Entries close on Tuesday 28 April and can be completed on-line  via http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/.

Thanks to Peter Tasker and his crew at Icknield Road Club for hosting such a well organised event, and for their good hospitality at the HQ.

Interclub Competition Points Scoring System

All finishers score points.  The fastest rider’s points equals the number of riders, down to one point for the last rider.  The number of riders to count is normally that of the Club with the lowest numbers of finishers, but this number shall not be less than eight.

The eight Nomads who contributed to the tally were Gavin Ashfield 84, John Watson 79, Nigel Hale 72, Simon Doyle 67, Nick Hickman 59, James Spence 57, Nick Senechal 54, John Traynor 43.

The table so far:

Total 10 15 30 25 HC
C C Ashwell 648
Bedfordshire RCC 592
Hitchin Nomads CC 515
Icknield RC 488
St Neots CC 418