Final Club Run of 2013

The Club Run this Sunday coming (29th) is to Barney’s Cafe in Hertford. 39 miles inc. loop for faster riders. 0900 meet up on the Market Place Square.



Boxing Day 10 2013 Snaps

“Boxing Day 10” Results 2013

The annual Hitchin Nomads CC promoted “Boxing Day 10” was blessed with blue skies this yea.r. A bumper field of Nomads and friends from our clubs in Herts, Beds and further afield competed around the Southill based course. The handicap system is slightly less complex than the solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem or doing hexadecimal long-division to work out the amount each diner should pay following a particularly boozy curry. We are assured that the system involves the age of the rider, their machine and inside leg measurement.

Sue Clifford-Smith was awarded the Alan Porter award for most meritorious performance of the day (as decided by Vice-President Frank Turner). Sue rode the 10 miles in honour of our friend and compadre Clive Collins who passed away earlier this year.

Frank Turner was the master of the watches and was assisted by Steve Smith and Tony Furby.

Riders were treated to a Cornucopian level of vittles and beverages at Old Warden Village Hall. The kitchen and hall was staffed by a small army of Nomadettes under the command of Keith Rapley. Thanks are offered to all those who made this yet another successful end to the 2013 season.

Handicap Results

1 Jason Stuart 24:32
2 Justin Layne 25:07
3Ryan Witchell 25:24
4 Tom Trimble 25:52
5 Thomas Weir 25:55
6 Tim Davies 26:15
7 Neil JJ Fraser 26:25
8 Michael Coomber 28:50
9 Michael Webb 28:56
10 Mark Holden 29:09
11 Nick Senechal 29:16
12 Roy Porter 30:09
13 Nigel Tooke 30:10
14 James Gomm 30:39
15 Jason Fraser 30:55
16 J Bainbridge 31:00
17 Tom Durkin 31:15
18 Jason Dynes 31:19
19 Des Roberts 31:26
20 Nigel Wilson 31:33
21 Steve Smith 31:34
22 Mike Kitchin 31:45
23 Jon Traynor 32:30
24 Richard Parish 32:49
25 J Pick & D Crane 33:11
26 Geoff Hicks 33:23
27 Maurice Burton 33:29
28 Jan Rollinson 34:38
29 David Sullivan 35:01
30 Mark Young 35:13
31 Leanne Cutler 35:27
32 Chris Northwood 35:38
33 Hilary Jones 36:01
34 Paul Wright 36:04
35 N & J Hickman 37:05
36 James Hall 45:28
37 Sue Clifford-Smith 58:18
38 23 D & S Doyle 59:55

Scratch Results (provisional)
1 Justin Layne 25:07
2 Ryan Witchell 25:24
3 Jason Stuart 25:44
4 Tom Trimble 25:52
5 Thomas Weir 25:55
6 Tim Davies 27:35
7 Neil Fraser 27:49
8 Michael Coomber 28:50
9 Michael Webb 29:56
10 James Gomm 30:39
11 James Bainbridge 31:00
12 Mark Holden 31:12
13 Tom Durkin 31:15
=14 Nick Senechal 31:58
=14 Steve Smith 31:58
16 Jason Dynes 32:07
17 Jason Fraser 32:19
18 Nigel Tooke 33:05
19 Geoff Hicks 33:23
20 Nigel Wilson 33:36
21 Richard Parish 34:13
22 Jon Traynor 34:20
23 David Sullivan 35:01
24 Des Roberts 35:30
25 Leanne Cutler 35:39
26 Hilary Jones 36:01
27 Jan Rollinson 36:15
28 N & J Hickman 37:05
=29 Mark Young 37:16
=29 Paul Wright 37:16
31 Roy Porter 37:25
32 Chris Northwood 38:52
33 J Pick & D Crane 39:41
34 Maurice Burton 40:45
35 James Hall 45:28
36 Mike Kitchin 54:08
37 D & S Doyle 59:55
38 Sue Clifford-Smith 60:06

Ben Wilson (DNF Puncture)

Happy Christmas

To keep you entertained over the holiday period see if you can name the Nomads. Thanks to Sue Clifford-Smith for this excellent gift. Happy Christmas to everyone.

Nomads Collage

Sue Clifford-Smith’s Christmas present to the Nomads!

Awards 2013

The Nomads assembled in their multitudes at the Queen Victoria, Hitchin to celebrate another year of success. The annual awards saw a number of new names land on the trophies. Leanne Cutler and James Gomm also received awards for breaking time related performance barriers for 10 and 25 miles respectively. Clubs Records Officer, Nigel Wilson was Master of Ceremony and Vice Presidents, Dave Renney and Frank Turner presented the awards.

Congratulations to all recipients.

Southill Cup – Trophy No. 4 Dave Gudgin 25 Series Scratch          
1 James Gomm 1h 06m 48s, 2 Nick Hickman, 01:08:38, 3 Nigel Wilson 01:18:47

Trophy No. 13    Dave Gudgin 25 Series  Handicap
1 Nick Hickman  46m 19s, 2 James Gomm 46:32, 3 Nigel Wilson 46:39

Trophy No. 8      Charlton Hill Climb
1 Andrew Saunders 1m 15.2s, 2 Simon Doyle 1:28.2, 3 Richard Serradinho 1:32.1

Sudbury Cup – Trophy No. 9 Fastest 25 mile
Simon Doyle 57m 24s

Trophy No. 11    Allan Porter 30 mile Handicap
1 Simon Doyle 50:02, 2 James Gomm 50:50, 3 Jon Traynor 59:16

Allan Porter 30 mile – Scratch
1 Simon Doyle 1h 13m 35s, 2 James Gomm 01:15:31, 3 Neil Bridgland 1:18:52

C J Frost Tray – Trophy No. 17 Fastest On Standard – 10 Miles
Andrew Herbert +5:20m

Trophy No. 18    Sporting All Rounder
1 Nick Hickman  194pts, 2 Simon Doyle 178, 3 Jon Traynor 166

Walt Livings Trophy – Trophy No. 19 25 Mile Medium Gear
1 James Gomm 1h 14m 41s, 2 Nick Hickman 1:22:15, 3 Jon Traynor 1:23:55

Trophy No. 20    Briercliffe 10 Series       
1 Andrew Herbert 25.55mph, 2 Gavin Ashfield 24.79mph, 3 Simon Doyle 24.59mph

25 Mile Team Time Trial              
Nick Hickman & Richard Serradinho 01:17:10

Sharpenhoe Hill Climb 
1 Andrew Saunders 2m 35.3s, 2 Gavin Ashfield 2:47.5, 3 Andrew Traynor 3:00.2

Spring Hilly
1 Simon Doyle 50m 21s, 2 Nick Senechal  59:11, 3 Nick Hickman 59:41

Clubman Trophy
James Gomm

Most Meritorious
Simon Doyle & Nick Hickman (Joint award)

Geoff Denny Memorial Trophy
Frank Turner

Christmas and New Year events

The club prize giving is to be held this Sunday coming at the Victoria Pub, Ickleford Road, Hitchin. A Sunday lunch will be followed by the distribution of trophies and awards to this year’s achievers and contributors. If you have not yet secured your place at the table please contact Nick Senechal ASAP.

The Boxing Day 10 will see the first rider off at 1101h on the Club 10 course, which is to the north of Southill. Signing on and numbers will be on the line (from 1030h). Keith Rapley is Chef de Partie and organising a bumper feast for riders and supporters in Old Warden VH. Contributions of help and supplies sought. Contact Keith Directly.

With an eye to 2014, the January club runs have been set by Nick Hickman and are available on the calendar page.

Note that the first 6 rides of 2014 are at 0930h from the Market Square.

Date Destination (link is to Café stop detail, not route) Route Map Distance
5 Jan Forest Centre, Marston Moretaine 43 miles
12 Jan Welwyn Stanborough Lakes 40 miles
19 Jan Jordans Mill, Broom 43 miles
26 Jan St Albans To be confirmed To be confirmed
2 Feb Danish Camp 48 miles

Off road rides continue on Tuesdays and/ or Thursdays.  These are often in conjunction with our friends at Windmill CC.  Times and meeting points will vary.  Check Facebook for details.

The Saturday chain gang will also convene in the new year for riders who want to get a couple of hours, high tempo training. Check Facebook for details.

To all of our members and friends have a great Christmas and New Year. We’ll be chasing you for subs in January too, so don’t spend *all* of your money on bike bits…

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