Briercliffe 10 Report – 29/04/2014

The April weather was once again dry and mild with a gentile Easterly breeze for the final Briercliffe 10 of the month. The good weather once again drew out a bumper crop of riders with 23 taking to the start line.

Making their 2014 Briercliffe débuts were Leanne Cutler and James Spence. The first Nomad home this week was Andy Saunders, who improved on his previous ride to record the fastest time by a Nomad on the Briercliffe course this season. James Gomm and Nick Hickman rounded off the top three for the Nomads. The fastest Nomad on a standard road bike (no aero equipment) was David Rickels who recorded a 27:35.

Nomads Line

 As well as improving race times, the Nomads have also improved their queuing technique

The fastest ride of the evening went to Virgin Actives Jim Moffatt, but by far the most impressive ride of the night was by Torq Performance’s Jon Pybus who recorded a 26:19……. on his mountain bike, thus proving that the essence of time trialling is not the bike, but the engine.

Thanks goes to Frank Turner and Paul Riley for timekeeping and to Mike Webb for pushing off and stadium announcer volume encouragement.



Andy Saunders – 24:32, James Gomm – 25:01, Nick Hickman – 25:53, James Spence – 26:49, Mark Collins – 26:56, Jon Traynor – 27:15, David Rickels – 27:35, David Summerell – 28:40, Nigel Wilson – 29:00, Simon Young – 29:16, Steve Smith – 32:11, Leanne Cutler – 32:16

Private TT’s:

Jim Moffatt (Virgin Active) – 23:16, Chris Pearce (Cambridge CC) – 23:29, Jason Stuart (CCA) – 23:43, Thomas Weir (CCA) – 24:29, John McVey (Velo Schils) – 25:00, John Polak (CCA) – 25:02, Lindz Barral ( – 25:20, Rob Cunningham (CCA) – 26:16, Jon Pybas (Torq Performance) – 26:19, David Watson (Chapeau) – 26:38, Bob Wright (BRCC) – 27:41


Briercliffe 10 Report (Round 4) – 22 April 2014

Tonight’s running of the evergreen Briercliffe 10 series saw another bumper field of competitors from the Nomads and our friends in neighbouring clubs. James Gomm, fresh from the Easter racing programme, was looking to reduce his 2 second deficit to Simon Doyle from last week’s event.

Paul and Oscar Riley were also battling matters out in the hope of bragging rights in the Riley household for the forthcoming week.

With a return to the regular course, following the ad hoc traffic light related interruption of last week, riders were treated to a significant tailwind on the G&M Growers stretch of the circuit. On what is Earth Day, Mother Nature made sure that it wasn’t plain sailing by making sure that there was a decent headwind to negotiate on the way out, and after the turn towards the Shuttleworth Collection.

For the Nomads, Doyle edged out Gomm by the narrowest of possible margins***. Riley Junior set himself up for a week of “tidying up his room” or similar post-race “Dad Coaching” from Riley Senior.

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) once again demonstrated his class over the sporting course with a superb “23”. Fellow Ashwellian, Tom Weir produced a sub-25 minute time.

*** This produced no jibing or ribaldry at all. Not one iota.

Time-keeping duties were performed by Frank Turner and Ann Collins. General banter and pushing off/ marshalling was performed by Michael Webb, accompanied by Club Captain/ all-round Hob-Nob scoffer, Simon Young.

Culture Corner

For the record, Thomas Dekker is a professional cyclist and top tip for Fleche Wallonne. Carol Decker was the lead singer of 80’s perm-wearers, T’Pau. T’Pau was a character in Star Trek and is not the Yorkshire idiom for the noise Batman makes when he whacks a baddy.

Results (HNCC)

S Doyle 25.22, J Gomm 25.23, N Tooke 27.12, D Rickels 27.28,  A White 28.12, O Riley 28.30 (J), D Summerell 28.32, N Wilson 28.53, P Riley 29.20, S Smith 32.27

Private Time Trials

J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 23.38 , T Weir (CC Ashwell) 24.12, J McVey (Velo Schils) 25.23, P Gell (Beds Road CC) 25.43,  J Pybus (Torq Performance) 26.03, D Watson (Chapeau) 26.38,   H Clayton  (Lichfield City CC) 28.00(L), K Carne (CC Ashwell) 29.30

J = Junior, L = Lady

Interclub 10 Report – 20/04/2014

Easter Sunday saw the first of the 5 Interclub events between CC Ashwell, Beds Road CC, Icknield RC and The Nomads. The first event was hosted by Icknield RC and comprised of a 10 mile TT on the F15/10 course at Brogborough. Conditions were tough with cool temperatures and a strong Easterly wind which meant riding into a headwind for the longer 5.5 mile leg out.

The Nomads fielded a strong team with 13 riders taking to the start line, including James Spence and Steve Smith who made their 2014 TT débuts following injuries sustained from crashes earlier on in the year. First home for the Nomads was Ryan Witchell with a 22:47, second was Simon Doyle with 24:06 and rounding off the top three for the Nomads was Steve Robinson with 24:15.

The event was won by Beds Road CC’s Simon Norman with a 21:20, edging out CC Ashwell’s Justin Layne who recorded 21:35, with CC Ashwell’s Cameron Woolsey coming third with 21:55.

Nomads Times (full results and points tally will be added when available)

Ryan Witchell – 22:47, Simon Doyle – 24:06, Steve Robinson – 24:15, James Gomm – 24:33, Nick Hickman – 25:09, James Spence – 26:10, John Watson – 26:10, Nigel Tooke – 26:43, Paul Riley – 27:37, Oscar Riley – 28:31, David Rickels – 28:43, David Summerell – 29:20, Steve Smith – 31:51

Welwyn Hilly 31.7 Mile TT Report

The Nomads TT squad were in action again on Good Friday, competing in the gruelling 31.7 mile Welwyn Hilly TT which has a touch over 2000 ft of climbing. Nick Hickman, John Watson and James Gomm took to the start line in chilly and windy conditions.

James Gomm recorded a time of 1:26:31 despite an early gear malfunction which limited him to an 11-14 cassette, John Watson recorded 1:30:47 which is a great time considering John was on a standard road bike, and Nick recorded 1:40:40 despite having to stop and change a punctured inner tube at the top of Offley Hill. Full results available here

The event was won by an in form Ashley Cox (CC Luton) who finished with 1:10:57 and a cushion of almost 5 minutes to the second place rider.

Image   Image

Nick Hickman on the Codecote Road    John Watson  on the Codecote Road


James Gomm on the final climb

Images from Keith Perry and Davey Jones

Briercliffe 10.3 Report – 15/04/2014

This week road works in Southill meant that the usual Briercliffe 10 course had to be amended, and tonight saw the testers compete over a 10.3 mile route. As a comparison to previous Briercliffe’s, the new course ran approximately 1 minute slower. However in some kind of poetic compensation, the sun was once again shining and the wind reduced to a weak westerly.

Another bumper crowd took to the start line, and this week Nomads John Watson, Simon Doyle and Mark Loosley made their Briercliffe débuts for the season. After his impressive ride on the F1/25 on Sunday, it was 2013 captain Simon Doyle who was the first Nomad home, edging out James Gomm by just 2 seconds, and in the process undoing the months of psychotherapy it took for Gomm to get over his 1 second loss to Doyle on the F15/10 last year. John Watson was the third Nomad home, an impressive ride considering John was on a standard road bike and it was his first time around the course.

Echoing the close battle at the top of the Nomads results sheets, Justin Layne (CC Ashwell), who was seen calibrating his watch to the talking clock at sign on, also edged out Ryan Witchell (Uo Bristol) by 2 seconds to set the fastest time of the night.

Thanks once again to chief timekeeper Frank Turner, and also to Steve Smith and Simon Young for assisting the timekeeper, Paul Riley for marshalling on the amended route to make sure no one took a wrong turn, and to those who came to support the event and add to the banta.

Note that next week the Briercliffe 10 moves to the slightly later time of 19:00


Nomads: Simon Doyle – 26:41, James Gomm – 26:43, John Watson – 27:50, Nigel Tooke – 28:16, Jon Traynor – 29:06, David Rickels – 29:10, Nigel Wilson – 30:06, Nick Hickman – 30:07, David Summerell – 30:24, Mark Loosley – 32:19, Scott Edwards – 32:30

Private Time Trials: Justin Layne (CCA) – 24:27, Ryan Witchell (Uo Bristol) – 24:29, Jason Stuart (CCA) – 24:57, T Weir (CCA) – 25:32, John McVey (Velo Schils) – 26:07, Steve Robinson (Salesengine) – 26:25, Phil Silver (Salesengine) – 26:37, Jon Pybus (Torq Fitness) – 26:47, Richard Palmer (Salesengine) – 26:53, David Watson (Chapeau) – 28:17, Bob Wright (BRCC) – 28:37, Helen Clayton (Lichfield City CC) – 29:35, Keith Carne (CCA) – 30:34, Charlie Pugh (Uo Essex) – 32:00

Beds Road CC 25 Time Trial Report

Nick Hickman and Simon Doyle represented the Nomads in the Beds Road CC promoted, 25 mile time trial on the Tempsford F1/25 course. Nick Hickman recorded a time of 1.02.00 for the distance and Doyle posted a time of 1.00.44.  The event was won by Matt Sinclair (Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team), in a time of 52.19.

Hickman will be in action again on Good Friday along with James Gomm, Nick Senechal and John Watson in the Welwyn Wheelers’ Hilly.

2014 Going BEYOND Nomads Sportive

The Nomads host an annual sportive ride which offers great routes, signposted, well stocked aid stations, timing, gold, silver and bronze standards plus commemorative gear for all riders. This is the fourth running of the event and as ever entry fees are used to raise funds to support African children to receive the important gift – education.

Support this Nomads event by entering online. There are two splendid routes to choose from.

For 128km(80 miles) follow this link:

For 80km (50 miles) follow this link:


Where: Hitchin Rugby Club, Old Hale Way, Hitchin SG5 1XL, for information on getting to the start venue and travel options click here.

When: 25th May 2014. Registration from 07.30; Starts from 09.00 to 09.30.

Entry Fees: £25.00

Parking: There is plenty of free parking at the HQ.

What to wear: Bike helmets are mandatory.

Course: For the course map click here.

Drinks & Refreshments: There are 2 Gu aid stations on the 80 mile course. Well stocked with water, Gu energy gels, Jelly Babies and the famous Go Beyond Cake there is also free tea, coffee and snacks at the finish.

Don’t forget: Bike, bike helmet, bike shoes, drinks bottles and it is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is mechanically sound and event ready.

Teach Africa Fundraising: To secure your free Race Entry all you need to do is commit to raising £200, which includes gift aid.