BRIERCLIFFE 10 REPORT – 08/04/2014

For the second week in a row the riders were greeted with sunshine in early April, although this week there was the hindrance of a true cyclists wind – wind that seemed to offer no assistance in any direction of the circuit.

Another strong field of 20 riders took to the start line with Scott Edwards (who chose to ride fixed wheel) and Andy Saunders making their seasons débuts. Andy didn’t let the lack of race miles deter him, and went on to produce the fastest time this season for the Briercliffe series by a Nomad, dipping under the 25 minute mark.

Simon Young improved on his time from last week to produce the fastest time of the season on a standard road bike (i.e. no aero bars, no deep section wheels, no aero helmet and no skinsuit) of 28:50.

In controversial circumstances, the fastest ride of the night would have been awarded to CCA’s Justin Layne, however due to some poor timekeeping skills on Justin’s behalf, he was 9 minutes late starting, and as such incurred a time penalty. Therefore the fastest ride of the night was awarded to UoB’s Ryan Witchell with the fastest time on the course this season of 23:56.

In the battle of the Riley’s, Oscar narrowed the gap on Paul to 51 seconds, prompting talk from Paul about spending some money on bike components. In the middle order Jon Traynor, David Rickells and Brendon Reynolds were separated by just 3 seconds, going to show that one last dig up the final hill when you’re feeling tired can pay dividends.

Thanks To Frank Turner and Steve Smith for Timekeeping.

Next weeks Briercliffe 10 is the final spring Briercliffe 10 to start at 18:30.


Nomads: Andy Saunders – 24:59, James Gomm – 25:50, Nick Hickman – 26:29, Nick Senechal – 27:01, Nigel Tooke – 28:23, Simon Young – 28:50, Jon Traynor – 29:17, David Rickells – 29:18, Brendon Reynolds – 29:20, Paul Riley – 29:42, Nigel Wilson – 29:48, David Summerell – 30:09, Oscar Riley – 30:33, Scott Edwards – 32:49

Private Time Trials: Ryan Witchell (University of Bristol) – 23:56, Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) – 24:19, Steve Robinson (Salesengine) – 25:24, Phil Silver (Salesengine) – 27:18, Keith Carne (Bed Road) – 30:08, Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) – 33:35 (late start penalty – 23:53 actual time)