Briercliffe 10.3 Report – 15/04/2014

This week road works in Southill meant that the usual Briercliffe 10 course had to be amended, and tonight saw the testers compete over a 10.3 mile route. As a comparison to previous Briercliffe’s, the new course ran approximately 1 minute slower. However in some kind of poetic compensation, the sun was once again shining and the wind reduced to a weak westerly.

Another bumper crowd took to the start line, and this week Nomads John Watson, Simon Doyle and Mark Loosley made their Briercliffe débuts for the season. After his impressive ride on the F1/25 on Sunday, it was 2013 captain Simon Doyle who was the first Nomad home, edging out James Gomm by just 2 seconds, and in the process undoing the months of psychotherapy it took for Gomm to get over his 1 second loss to Doyle on the F15/10 last year. John Watson was the third Nomad home, an impressive ride considering John was on a standard road bike and it was his first time around the course.

Echoing the close battle at the top of the Nomads results sheets, Justin Layne (CC Ashwell), who was seen calibrating his watch to the talking clock at sign on, also edged out Ryan Witchell (Uo Bristol) by 2 seconds to set the fastest time of the night.

Thanks once again to chief timekeeper Frank Turner, and also to Steve Smith and Simon Young for assisting the timekeeper, Paul Riley for marshalling on the amended route to make sure no one took a wrong turn, and to those who came to support the event and add to the banta.

Note that next week the Briercliffe 10 moves to the slightly later time of 19:00


Nomads: Simon Doyle – 26:41, James Gomm – 26:43, John Watson – 27:50, Nigel Tooke – 28:16, Jon Traynor – 29:06, David Rickels – 29:10, Nigel Wilson – 30:06, Nick Hickman – 30:07, David Summerell – 30:24, Mark Loosley – 32:19, Scott Edwards – 32:30

Private Time Trials: Justin Layne (CCA) – 24:27, Ryan Witchell (Uo Bristol) – 24:29, Jason Stuart (CCA) – 24:57, T Weir (CCA) – 25:32, John McVey (Velo Schils) – 26:07, Steve Robinson (Salesengine) – 26:25, Phil Silver (Salesengine) – 26:37, Jon Pybus (Torq Fitness) – 26:47, Richard Palmer (Salesengine) – 26:53, David Watson (Chapeau) – 28:17, Bob Wright (BRCC) – 28:37, Helen Clayton (Lichfield City CC) – 29:35, Keith Carne (CCA) – 30:34, Charlie Pugh (Uo Essex) – 32:00