Briercliffe 10 Report (Round 4) – 22 April 2014

Tonight’s running of the evergreen Briercliffe 10 series saw another bumper field of competitors from the Nomads and our friends in neighbouring clubs. James Gomm, fresh from the Easter racing programme, was looking to reduce his 2 second deficit to Simon Doyle from last week’s event.

Paul and Oscar Riley were also battling matters out in the hope of bragging rights in the Riley household for the forthcoming week.

With a return to the regular course, following the ad hoc traffic light related interruption of last week, riders were treated to a significant tailwind on the G&M Growers stretch of the circuit. On what is Earth Day, Mother Nature made sure that it wasn’t plain sailing by making sure that there was a decent headwind to negotiate on the way out, and after the turn towards the Shuttleworth Collection.

For the Nomads, Doyle edged out Gomm by the narrowest of possible margins***. Riley Junior set himself up for a week of “tidying up his room” or similar post-race “Dad Coaching” from Riley Senior.

Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) once again demonstrated his class over the sporting course with a superb “23”. Fellow Ashwellian, Tom Weir produced a sub-25 minute time.

*** This produced no jibing or ribaldry at all. Not one iota.

Time-keeping duties were performed by Frank Turner and Ann Collins. General banter and pushing off/ marshalling was performed by Michael Webb, accompanied by Club Captain/ all-round Hob-Nob scoffer, Simon Young.

Culture Corner

For the record, Thomas Dekker is a professional cyclist and top tip for Fleche Wallonne. Carol Decker was the lead singer of 80’s perm-wearers, T’Pau. T’Pau was a character in Star Trek and is not the Yorkshire idiom for the noise Batman makes when he whacks a baddy.

Results (HNCC)

S Doyle 25.22, J Gomm 25.23, N Tooke 27.12, D Rickels 27.28,  A White 28.12, O Riley 28.30 (J), D Summerell 28.32, N Wilson 28.53, P Riley 29.20, S Smith 32.27

Private Time Trials

J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 23.38 , T Weir (CC Ashwell) 24.12, J McVey (Velo Schils) 25.23, P Gell (Beds Road CC) 25.43,  J Pybus (Torq Performance) 26.03, D Watson (Chapeau) 26.38,   H Clayton  (Lichfield City CC) 28.00(L), K Carne (CC Ashwell) 29.30

J = Junior, L = Lady