Briercliffe 10 Report – 29/04/2014

The April weather was once again dry and mild with a gentile Easterly breeze for the final Briercliffe 10 of the month. The good weather once again drew out a bumper crop of riders with 23 taking to the start line.

Making their 2014 Briercliffe débuts were Leanne Cutler and James Spence. The first Nomad home this week was Andy Saunders, who improved on his previous ride to record the fastest time by a Nomad on the Briercliffe course this season. James Gomm and Nick Hickman rounded off the top three for the Nomads. The fastest Nomad on a standard road bike (no aero equipment) was David Rickels who recorded a 27:35.

Nomads Line

 As well as improving race times, the Nomads have also improved their queuing technique

The fastest ride of the evening went to Virgin Actives Jim Moffatt, but by far the most impressive ride of the night was by Torq Performance’s Jon Pybus who recorded a 26:19……. on his mountain bike, thus proving that the essence of time trialling is not the bike, but the engine.

Thanks goes to Frank Turner and Paul Riley for timekeeping and to Mike Webb for pushing off and stadium announcer volume encouragement.



Andy Saunders – 24:32, James Gomm – 25:01, Nick Hickman – 25:53, James Spence – 26:49, Mark Collins – 26:56, Jon Traynor – 27:15, David Rickels – 27:35, David Summerell – 28:40, Nigel Wilson – 29:00, Simon Young – 29:16, Steve Smith – 32:11, Leanne Cutler – 32:16

Private TT’s:

Jim Moffatt (Virgin Active) – 23:16, Chris Pearce (Cambridge CC) – 23:29, Jason Stuart (CCA) – 23:43, Thomas Weir (CCA) – 24:29, John McVey (Velo Schils) – 25:00, John Polak (CCA) – 25:02, Lindz Barral ( – 25:20, Rob Cunningham (CCA) – 26:16, Jon Pybas (Torq Performance) – 26:19, David Watson (Chapeau) – 26:38, Bob Wright (BRCC) – 27:41