David Gudgin 25 Round 2 27/05/2014 – Report

Only 4 riders took to the start line for round 2 or the David Gudgin 25 series. It could have been the fact it had rained all day and promised to rain during the event, it could have been the 11degC temperatures giving the evening an early Spring feel to it, or it could have been the 12mph Northern wind, which equates to a headwind up Growers. The conditions didn’t deter the four hardy warriors who who still signed up and pinned on a number, and in a way each one was a winner just for riding.

However after closer inspection it turned out that each one was a winner in more ways than one……

James Gomm was the fastest rider of the evening.

David Rickells was the fastest rider on a standard road bike.

Simon Young was the fastest rider on a cyclocross bike, and in the process set a course record for a cyclocross bike.

Nick Hickman was the fastest rider on a fixed wheel bike.

The event would not have been able to go ahead without the ever reliable Frank Turner, who on this occasion was the Chief Timekeeper, Assistant Time Keeper, Pusher Off and number spotter (this is how it was recorded on the results sheet).

Next week it’s the Non-Aero special on the Briercliffe 10 course. For this event Time Trial bikes, clip on aero bars, skin suits, aero helmets, deep section wheels and shoe covers (unless it’s wet or very cold) are all banned. The results will also be based on the Vets Standards, meaning anyone is in a chance of setting the fastest time. Results will then be calculated in the White Horse in Southill after the event. The result calculating process is expected to take about an hour, so competitors (and spectators) are advised to consume a recovery beverage of their choice while they wait.


James Gomm – 1:06:08, David Rickells – 1:13:34, Simon Young – 1:18:57, Nick Hickman – 1:19:46


HNCC Open 25 – 31/05/2014

Hitchin Nomads CC

F14/25 Open 25 Mile Time Trial

London Millennium Series (8 of 9)

Saturday 31st May 2014

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials

Under their rules and regulations

Event Secretary

Mr James Gomm, 34 Coachmans Lane, Baldock, Herts, SG7 5BN. Tel. 07473 784063

Event Headquarters

Guilden Morden Village Hall, Fox Hill Road, Guilden Morden, SG8 0JF Cambridgshire.

Signing on and numbers will be available from 1300h. There is parking at the HQ on the field. No parking allowed anywhere on the course.  Please note that the start is approximately 2 miles from the HQ.


Mr Tim Groves, Mr Frank Turner

Course details F14/25

START:  on the Wrestlingworth-Guilden Morden road approx 540 yds south of Wrestlingworth x-rds and 460 yds north of Common Farm. Proceed south to Guilden Morden where turn LEFT (M)1.95 miles (2nd circuit 13.73 miles) into New Road leading to Shingay cum Wendy and Wendy to T junction  6.34 miles (2nd circuit 18.12 miles) with A1198. At junction bear LEFT (CAUTION) (M) to roundabout, where bear LEFT (M) onto B1042 to Tadlow and cross roads at Wreslingworth where bear LEFT (M)11.48 miles (2nd circuit 23.26 miles) on unclassified road to Guilden Morden and pass start –

Repeat circuit and pass start again and in approx 1.5 miles to FINISH at south of farm entrance, 50 yds south of Water Hydrant sign and 72 yds north of Bend sign and 149 yds north of large 30 sign.  (25 miles)

Please bear to the left of the road to accommodate riders passing on lap 2

At various junctions around the course you will be joining a road with traffic priority, therefore please take care and give way, especially on the turn onto the A1198. Marshals will be on the course but the onus is on you to negotiate the course safely. First rider off at 14:01.


In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a hard-shell Helmet that meets an internationally accepted standard. In accordance with Regulation 15 ALL JUNIOR competitors must wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets.  It is recommended that a working rear light either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.

Prizes – one rider, one individual prize rule applies (not including fastest team prize)

1st =£30   2nd = £20   3rd = £10

1st Lady = £20   2nd Lady =£10

Fastest team of 3 = £10 per rider

Prizes will be posted to the winners post event.

Start # Name Club
14:01 1 Nigel Wilson Hitchin Nomads CC
  2 Jason Lee Team Milton Keynes
  3 Douglas Williams Colchester Rovers CC
  4 Michael Richardson Icknield RC
14:05 5 Richard Hutt Harp RC
  6 Tom Trimble CC Ashwell
  7 David Horne Team Trisports
  8 Michael Webb Hitchin Nomads CC
  9 Gareth Davies Team Trisports
14:10 10 Martin Reynolds Cambridge CC
  11 Kamran Ezel Southgate CC
  12 Anthony Collier Hoddesdon Tri Club
  13 Leslie Morris VTTA (London & Home Counties)
  14 Janet Bassett (L) Team Trisports
14:15 15 Tony Marriott Hertfordshire Whs
  16 Steven Home Twickenham CC
  17 Ellis Dudley London Phoenix CC
  18 Tony Shortland Team Trisports
  19 Michael Conway Audax Club Hackney
14:20 20 Nick Jackson Cambridge CC
  21 James Goodacre Regents Park Rouleurs
  22 Sean Brudley Team Trisports
  23 Nick Wiggan Cambridge University CC
  24 Jonathan Gillham Team Trisports
14:25 25 Richard Moule Bossard Wheelers
  26 Jonathan Scott Verulam CC
  27 Elodie Levis (L) Team Trisports
  28 Frank Rawlins North Road CC
  29 Robin Prior Southgate CC
14:30 30 Allan Simmonds VC 10
  31 Helen Boatman (L) Team Milton Keynes
  32 Andrew Bright Chronos RC
  33 James Johnson Welwyn Wheelers CC
  34 Jeremy Rackham Team Trisports
14:35 35 Steve Torley Team Milton Keynes
  36 Richard Burton Westerley CC
Start # Name Club
14:37 37 Adrian Taverna St Neots CC
  38 Joel Farrow Team Trisports
  39 Joss Williams (L) Nice Tri Triathlon Club
14:40 40 Lee Desborough St Ives CC
  41 Matthew Reader Verulam CC
  42 Brian Evans Hertfordshire Whs
  43 John Alan Bossard Wheelers
  44 Steve Moakes Team Trisports
14:45 45 Jason Stuart CC Ashwell
  46 Andrew Smith Team Milton Keynes
  47 Andrew Porter Welwyn Wheelers CC
  48 Richard May Islington CC
  49 Jackie Perry (L) Team Trisports
14:50 50 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team
  51 Graham Pepperdine Verulam CC
  52 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes
  53 Gary Freer Team Trisports
  54 Peter Biggs Hoddesdon Tri Club – SCU
14:55 55 Nigel Hale Hertfordshire Whs
  56 Justin Burrell Bedfordshire Road CC
  57 Tony Clarke Team Cambridge
  58 Glenn Dossett Welwyn Wheelers CC
  59 Berenice Curtis (L) St Ives CC
15:00 60 Geoff Perry Team Milton Keynes
  61 Julian Pegg CC Ashwell
  62 Jason Green Bedfordshire Road CC
  63 Rhian Smith (L) Team Milton Keynes
  64 Darren Greene Team Trisports
15:05 65 Alan Crane Chronos RC
  66 Neill Coventry Rugby Racing CC
  67 Mark Jenkins North Road CC
  68 Graham Ricketts Verulam CC
  69 Richard Weltz Team Trisports
15:10 70 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team

Briercliffe 10 Report – 20/05/2014

Temporary traffic lights and rain threatened the Briercliffe 10, but fortunately the traffic lights were removed about 5:00pm and the rain held off. 18 riders took to the start line with the promise of a post ride beer in the local pub after the event.

For the Nomads Simon Doyle was the first rider home with his fastest time of the season, followed by James Gomm and then Nigel Tooke, who rode a course PB. Michael Webb made his TT début for the season, recovering from a long standing injury.

CCA’s Jason Stewart was once again the fastest rider of the evening with his quickest time around the course this season, equalling the quickest time on the Briercliffe 10 course this season.

The fastest rider on a standard road bike was David Rickels.

Thanks goes to Frank Turner and Steve Smith for timekeeping and Andrew Herbert for pushing off. Post event drinks and general banter were enjoyed in the White Horse after the event.

Next week its round 2 of the David Gudgin series, hopefully in drier conditions than round 1.



Simon Doyle – 24:46, James Gomm 25:05, Nigel Tooke – 26:57, Jon Traynor – 27:14, David Rickels – 27:48, James Spence – 28:14, Simon Young – 28:40, Michael Webb – 29:21, Leanne Cutler – 30:54


Jason Stewart (CCA) – 23:16, Lindz Barral (Twenty3c.co.uk) – 24:35, P Bowden (Un) – 28:06, S Green (Un) – 28:20, P Connolly (Un) – 28:45, N Richards (Un) – 28:46, N Davis (Un) – 30:44, R Roydhouse (Un) – 33:29, M Penny (Un) – 33:50


David Gudgin 25 Report – 13/05/2014

In what appears to be an unspoken tradition for the first David Gudgen 25 of the season, the race was contested in monsoon style rain. There was still a good turnout of riders with 14 signing on to compete, but everyone soon regretted their decision to ride as they were pummeled with hail just 10 minutes before the clocks started. Still the show must go on……..

First home for the Nomads was James Gomm who set his best time on the course despite the conditions. Jon Traynor edged out David Rickells by just 24 seconds to take 2nd and 3rd places respectively. David set the fastest time of the night on a standard road bike with no aero equipment with a very respectable 1:10:47.

Gomm set set the fastest time of the night, narrowly edging out Twenty3c.cu.uk’s Lindz Barral by just 4 seconds.

Things were heating up in the battle of the Riley’s with both riders sporting new deep section aero wheels, but it was Paul who edged out Oscar by 40 seconds, taking revenge for Oscar’s victory in the Briercliffe 10 last time the two met.

It wasn’t just the riders who suffered on the night, the numbers required a little T.L.C the next morning as well….

HNCC Numbers, the day after the night before

A massive thanks goes to Frank Turner and Meli Fletcher for time keeping, Nigel Wilson for a cameo time keeping appearance at the finish, and Simon Young for pushing off, all three braving the weather to ensure the event still went ahead.

Next week it’s back to the Briercliffe 10.



James Gomm – 1:04:28, Jon Traynor – 1:10:24, David Rickells – 1:10:47, Paul Riley – 1:13:52, Oscar Riley – 1:14:32, Steve Smith – 1:20:57, Mark Collins – DNF (puncture), Nick Hickman – DNF


Lindz Barral (Twenty3c.co.uk) – 1:04:32, N Chatman (Un) – 1:14:34, S Green (Un) – 1:18:21, N Davis (Un) – 1:18:58, M Penny (Un) – 1:29:42, Peter Gell (BRCC) – DNS


BRIERCLIFFE 10 REPORT – 06/05/2014

The first Briercliffe 10 of May was damp and windy, but that didn’t deter the riders with 19 taking to the start line.

In a repeat of last weeks top 3 for the Nomads, Andy Saunders was quickest, with James Gomm second and Nick Hickman third.

Jason Stuart of CCA continued his good form and set the fastest time of the evening.

Thanks goes to Frank Turner and Ann Collins for timekeeping and to Simon Young for pushing off

Next week’s Tuesday TT is the first of the David Gudgen 25 series.



Andy Saunders – 24:26, James Gomm – 25:03, Nick Hickman – 25:56, Nigel Tooke – 27:05, David Rickells – 27:20, Oscar Riley – 27:51, James Spence – 29:20, David Summerell – 29:57, Scott Edwards – 30:18, Steve Smith – 31:26


Jason Stewart (CCA) – 23:41, Peter Gell (BRCC) – 25:03, Lindz Barral (Twenty3c.co.uk) – 25:07, Jon Pybus (Torq Performance) – 26:26, Helen Clayton (Lichfield City CC) – 28:25, Neil Chatman (Un) – 28:29, Catriena Buchanan (iCycle) – 29:42, Neil Davis (Un) – 30:54, M Penny (Un) – 31:26