David Gudgin 25 Round 2 27/05/2014 – Report

Only 4 riders took to the start line for round 2 or the David Gudgin 25 series. It could have been the fact it had rained all day and promised to rain during the event, it could have been the 11degC temperatures giving the evening an early Spring feel to it, or it could have been the 12mph Northern wind, which equates to a headwind up Growers. The conditions didn’t deter the four hardy warriors who who still signed up and pinned on a number, and in a way each one was a winner just for riding.

However after closer inspection it turned out that each one was a winner in more ways than one……

James Gomm was the fastest rider of the evening.

David Rickells was the fastest rider on a standard road bike.

Simon Young was the fastest rider on a cyclocross bike, and in the process set a course record for a cyclocross bike.

Nick Hickman was the fastest rider on a fixed wheel bike.

The event would not have been able to go ahead without the ever reliable Frank Turner, who on this occasion was the Chief Timekeeper, Assistant Time Keeper, Pusher Off and number spotter (this is how it was recorded on the results sheet).

Next week it’s the Non-Aero special on the Briercliffe 10 course. For this event Time Trial bikes, clip on aero bars, skin suits, aero helmets, deep section wheels and shoe covers (unless it’s wet or very cold) are all banned. The results will also be based on the Vets Standards, meaning anyone is in a chance of setting the fastest time. Results will then be calculated in the White Horse in Southill after the event. The result calculating process is expected to take about an hour, so competitors (and spectators) are advised to consume a recovery beverage of their choice while they wait.


James Gomm – 1:06:08, David Rickells – 1:13:34, Simon Young – 1:18:57, Nick Hickman – 1:19:46