Briercliffe 10 Report- 17/06/14

As Britain embraced the World Cup anthem of samba, drum-beats and counter-point of monotony that is [Phil Neville | Alan Shearer | Gary Spinnaker] – delete where applicable, the Nomads made sweet music on the Briercliffe 10.

The flashing lycra, “hoovering” disc wheels and the alto-tenor of Mike Webb’s inane frippery all contributed to this summer’s festival of pedalling. Ole!

For Qatar 2022, read Biggleswade and Broom Mr Blatter. Ole!

Anyway, back to the *real* beautiful game.

Mark Collins made a comeback from illness (no Ginsters involved allegedly). Gomm and Doyle shook off the rusty legs from the Sleaford 50 at the weekend, Nigel Tooke dressed up like a Smurf and Steve Smith and Jon Traynor sported new bikes. James Spence even managed to get round the course without a punccture. Ole!

Gomm’s ride was blighted due to traffic in Southill, i.e. a motorist unable to use the rear-view mirror. Boo.


S Doyle, 24.59, J Gomm 26.02, J Spence 26.27, N Tooke 27.24, J Traynor 27.38, D Rickells 27.46, M Collins 27.58, D Summerell 28.28, P Riley 29.07, S Edwards 29.10 , M Loosley 30.17, L Cutler 30.32, S Smith 31.41

Private TTs
T Bishop 24.44, L Barrall 25.15 (, R Palmer (Team 25.48, J Roots 28.50, L Roots 31.20, S Oliver 34.20

Frank Turner officiated and was assisted by Ann Collins. Sue Clifford-Smith and Mike Webb larked about nearby. Ole! It was tough going on the Growers but the conditions evened out over the remainder of the course.

World Cup Special

Next week’s report will be written by Phil Neville, as a teaser here is his recent report of a previous time trial:
“Some cyclists. Rode. Bikes. It was like a race. With bikes and it was tough. And the wind. It was windy. And it blew. On the bikes. And the cyclists. And someone won. It was good. And as such. I should be taken back to my carer now.” (Enough World Cup, Ed).

James Gomm is having a break. Normal service next week. Maybe.