David Gudgin 25 01/07/2014 – Report

After last weeks postponement due to some ill timed roadworks, round 4 of the David Gudgin 25 series was able to take place one week later than planned. Conditions were warm, semi overcast (predominately comprising of cumulus and some altostratus according to the results sheet), with a north westerly breeze.

The good conditions once again brought out the masses, with 18 riders taking the opportunity to ride the final 25 of the season.

Nick Hickman, Simon Doyle & James Spence made up the top 3 Nomads, with all 3 riding their best course times of the season.

Jason Stuart, Chris Pearce & Ryan Witchell all produced excellent rides to go under the hour on the sporting course.

Timekeeping tonight were James Gomm & Simon Young, with Nick Senechal on pushing off duties and Ann Collins and Meli Fletcher number spotting.

Next week it’s back to the Briercliffe 10.



N Hickman 1:03:23, S Doyle 1:03:59, J Spence 1:05:44, D Rickels 1:07:03, J Traynor 1:07:22, N Wilson 1:10:41, P Riley 1:12:37, O Riley 1:13:28, M Collins 1:13:51, L Cutler 1:14:32, D Summerell 1:15:04, A White 1:16:20, S Smith 1:19:28, B Wilson D.N.F


J Stuart 58:25 (CCA), C Pearce 59:07 (Cambridge CC), R Witchell 59:31 (UoBristol) T Weir 1:02:18 (CCA)