Interclub 25 Details & Start Sheet

Interclub 25 mile time trial – 13th July 2014

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials – Under their rules and regulations

Headquarters – Guilden Morden village hall, Fox Hill Road, SG8 0JD

Signing on and numbers will be available from 0800h. There is parking at the HQ. Please park on the Northern side of the Village Hall’s field, that is away from the pub side.

£4.00 entry fee per rider to cover CTT levy and event costs.

Timekeepers – David Jones and Tim Duckett.


In the interests of your own safety, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a hard-shell Helmet that meets an internationally accepted standard. In accordance with Regulation 15 ALL JUNIOR competitors must wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets. It is recommended that a working rear light either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.


2 (and a bit) laps of the F14/12

Start; Just South of the Wrestlingworth crossroads at the top of the hill heading towards Guilden

Turn left in Guilden onto the Shingay/Wendy road.

Turn left at T junction with A1198 (CARE, BUSY ROAD!)

Turn left at roundabout onto B1042

Turn left at Wrestlingworth Crossroads and through the start. Complete a second lap and carry on to finish just before Guilden Morden sign.

Start Sheet

9.01 Maurice Burton IRC
2 Gary Moore BRCC
3 David Rickels HNCC
4 Christine Anstee BRCC
5 James McKenzie CCA
6 Paul French BRCC
7 James Cornell HNCC
8 Gary Rudd BRCC
9 Mark Collins HNCC
10 Jack Steel-Jessop BRCC
11 Lindz Barral Twenty3
12 James Spence HNCC
13 Isaac Anstee BRCC
14 Tim Skelding CCA
15 Simon Doyle HNCC
16 Richard Golding Twenty3C PTT
17 Emily. Robertson BRCC
18 Leanne Cutler HNCC
19 Chris Priestley BRCC
20 Jason Stuart CCA
21 Nigel Tooke HNCC
22 Daniel Sibley BRCC
23 Jackie Field CCA
24 Stacey Daniele Owen BRCC
25 Peter Gell BRCC
26 David Summerell HNCC
27 Luke Danckert CCA
28 Gill Fullen BRCC
29 Tracey Davidson CCA
30 Nigel Hale HNCC
31 Andy Purdy BRCC
32 James Gomm HNCC
33 Barry Dackombe BRCC
34 Natalie Brooks BRCC
35 Carmelo Luggeri CCA
36 Scott Edwards HNCC
37 Patrick Smith BRCC
38 Geoff Russell CCA
39 Grant Orsborn IRC
40 Jon Friend BRCC
41 Nigel Wilson HNCC
42 Steven Jennings CCA
43 Graham Laming BRCC
44 Katie Edwards BRCC
45 Gavin Ashfield HNCC
46 Paul Craven BRCC
47 Nick Senechal HNCC
48 Andy Griffin BRCC
49 Mark Ellis Team MK
50 Anthony Morris CCA
51 Steve James BRCC
52 Mark Anstee BRCC
53 Jim Rees CCA
54 Marianne Williamson BRCC
55 Justin Burrell BRCC
56 Emma Koppe CCA
57 Ben Wilson HNCC
58 Keith Gray BRCC
59 Henry Skelding CCA
60 Andrew Herbert HNCC
61 David Cook BRCC
62 Richard Glover CCA
63 Alison Cooper BRCC
64 Steve Smith HNCC
65 Mark Constable CCA
66 Phil Bierton BRCC
67 John Mitcalf BRCC
68 Jon Traynor HNCC
69 Thomas Weir CCA
70 Simon Norman BRCC
71 Jason Lee Team MK
72 William Smith CCA
73 Melissa Burrell BRCC
74 Katie Ruditis BRCC
75 Andy Saunders HNCC
76 Geoff Cooper BRCC
77 John Polak CCA
78 Richard Pratt IRC