Briercliffe 10 15/07/2104 – Report

Early evening and the sun continued to beat it’s warming rhythm on the East Bedfordshire tarmac. Barely a breath of wind could be detected and, crucially, there was no Tour stage on the TV. And so it was that sixteen entered the arena to do battle with the harshest of opponents, the clock. Tonight’s Briercliffe was lining up to be a fast looking affair and it didn’t disappoint.

Eleven Nomads were sent forth from the start line on this finest of evenings. Ben Wilson was first home with a 23.35 and audible pain of effort across the line. That’s fast. Andrew Herbert impressed with a 24.54 on a road bike and Nick Hickman continued his fine form with a 25.09. The officials were noticeably impressed and at least one eyebrow was raised.

Of the non-Nomads Justin Layne powered home with a 22.44 to be quickest on the night.

Results for Nomads:
Ben Wilson 23.35, Andrew Herbert 24.54, Nick Hickman 25.09, Jon Traynor 26.24, Nigel Tooke 27.18, Mark Collins 27.20, Scott Edwards 28.05, Nigel Wilson 28.08, Steve Smith 30.18, Leanne Cutler 30.21, Steve Oliver  32:14

Results for non-Nomads:
Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) 22.44, P Gell (BRCC) 25.02, Lindz Barral ( 25.10, P French (BRCC) 26.18, M Burr (Un) 28.56.

Frank Turner and Meliné Fletcher were like clockwork on the clocks. Mike Webb honed his dual pushing off and club PA system skills. Simon Young spotted numbers and collected insect bites. Club headbanger James Gomm pre-spotted numbers in silence. Thanks to all who rode and helped out.

It was good to see Ann Collins and David Rossall tonight. Please all Nomads consider sponsoring Ann for her Churches ride.