Briercliffe 10 22/07/2014 – Report

On a tranquil summer’s evening, the good people of Southill were planning on a quiet evening outside in the garden lapping up the last few rays of summer sunshine. This rustic charm was suddenly disrupted by the sound of this week’s pusher off, Michael Webb, shouting out “NUMBER 121 GET YOU’RE A*SE TO THE LINE!!”

There were a record number of sub 24 minute rides for nomads tonight with 4 riders averaging the required 25MPH, including Andy Saunders for the first time.

There were also 2 Brompton testers tonight preparing for the Brompton world championships. These were Nick Hickman and Ian Pretswell, with Ian doing the faster unfold in 10 seconds, however Ian’s navigational skills let him down allowing Hickman to produce the faster overall time. Hopefully there will be signposts round the World champs course……

Special thanks to Frank Turner, Michael Webb, Ann Collins and Nigel Wilson for running the event and thanks to all others who came out to watch and cheer on.

Report by Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson 23:38, Andrew Herbert 23:48, Andrew Saunders 23:58, Gavin Ashfield 24:48, James Cornell 26:38, Mark Collins 26:40, Jon Traynor 26:41, Scott Edwards 27:19, Nigel Tooke 27:26, David Summerell 30:01, Nick Hickman 30:47

Ryan Witchell 23:03, Sam Hayes 23:34, Peter Gell 24:52, Lindz Barral 25:13, Thomas Weir 25:50, Justin Wade 26:27 (1:10 late start), Peter Barlow* 26:30, Andy Lane 27:05, David Ledgerton 28:29, Paul Connolly 28:35, Lee Houghton 28:52, Keith Carne 28:57, Ian Head 29:41, Ian Pretswell* 34:52
*off course