Briercliffe 10 29/07/2014 – Report

As the heat rose off the tarmac from the midday sun and wind bellowed across the fields of Southhill the lads and lasses of Herts and Beds donned the lycra, shaved their legs, clipped in and got ready to rise to the challenge of the next Briercliffe 10 mile TT.

The Frank Turner time keeping team were all on hand to run the evening event and quite relaxed in their fold up chairs. Next week they might even have a 3 piece suite complete with coffee table.

23 riders took to the line to test themselves against the clock. The Riley’s were as competitive as ever and David Summerell tried to take Steve Smith on the start line and even tried to slip stream him before he had set off.

Anyway, enough of my waffling, now on to the results. There were some great course times and a few PB’s, J Lane and R Witchell produced an impressive 22.37 on the evening and Ben Wilson did a personal best of 23.27 (great ride).

Report by David Rickels

B Wilson 23.27 (PB), A Saunders 24.06, N Hickman 25.50, D Rickels (aka Rickets, Pickles, Rinkles, etc, etc) 26.48 (PB), J Traynor 26.52, Nigel Tooke (aka The Flying Smurf) 26.55 (PB), S. Edwards 28.07, N Wilson 28.47, D Summerell 29.13, P Riley 29.41, O Riley 30.00, S Smith 31.19, L Cutler 30.38.

J Lane 22.37, R Witchell 22.37, J Stuart 23.03, R Golding 23.39, S Torley 24.21, T Weir 24.33, L Barral 25.16, D Ledgerton 27.55, K Todd 28.48, K Carne 29.26.

An excellent evening all round, and huge thanks to Frank and his team for their excellent work as ever!

Next week I would like to try for a time on my three seater Thorn bike (like The Goodies) but need a couple of the nomad riders to take up the challenge with me. Any volunteers please send me a message on Face book (David Rickels).