Briercliffe 10 Report – 05/08/2014

Warm & cloudy with a helpful breeze blowing from the south, perfect atmospheric conditions to slice through the air, or had everyone had 3 portions of a certain wheat based cereal? Out of 27 riders (25 rides, more of that in a minute), 7 records beaten. Well done to everyone.

Congratulations to Justin Layne of CC Ashwell for beating the course record for the second consecutive week. Welcome to Freddy Bulmer at his first 10m TT. His excellent time might have been even better if he hadn’t needed to reconnoitre the course first.

B Wilson 22.58 PB; A Saunders 23.45 SB; A Herbert 23.57; N Hickman 25.07 SB; F Bulmer 25.28 (début); M Desborough 25.53; J Traynor 26.21 SB; N Tooke 26.33 SB; M Collins 27.02; Three Musketeers 27.14; K Todd 27.56; N Wilson 28.21; L Cutler 29.28 PB; S Smith 30.25; S Oliver 34.48

J Layne, CC Ashwell 22.09 (new course record); R Witchell 22.34; T Weir, University of Swansea 24.00; L Barral, Twenty3C 25.43; W Richards 26.55; D Ledgerton, Team Sales Engine 27.02; C Corney 28.16; D Carter, CC Ashwell 28.17; K Carne, CC Ashwell 28.49; E Fredrickson 29.12

Playing fast & loose with my literary references, the Three Musketeers set the first ever time around the course on a 3-Seat Thorn. D’Artganan (Dave Rickels) on controls and steering. Milady De Winter (Meliné Fletcher) in the middle watching the clock and any traffic coming from the right. Porthos (Paul Riley) at the rear calling the gears, warning of traffic behind, coaching over the course and also managed to find time to measure me up for a pair of Nomads shorts!! Averaging 22mph with a max of 34.5mph and banking over at 45 degrees at the right hand bend through Old Warden. Truly awesome fun and with no practice to speak of. The Benchmark is set. Who’s next?

Huge gratitude as always to Frank Turner for timekeeping, ably assisted by Ann Collins. Thanks also to Simon Young for pushing off. However not even Skipper was strong enough to hold up the **Triplet, ** Trandem, **3-up (** delete as appropriate) so thanks also to Andy Stevenson for stepping in. Sue Clifford-Smith was on camera duty…watch this space.

Great to see so many turn out to ride and offer roadside support, including Jane Hickman making an appearance on her recumbent. The debrief at the White Horse in Southill might have gone one for some time if failing light hadn’t been the limiting factor.

Report by Melanie Fetcher