BRIERCLIFFE 10 12/08/2014 – REPORT

Holidays and the earlier start time led to just a Baker’s dozen taking on the penultimate Briercliffe event of the season. Conditions were favourable again, dry and warm with a south-westerly wind helping from Ireland to Growers (Strava segment PBs were set).

Good enough conditions for four Briercliffe PBs tonight from Nick Senechal, Jon Traynor, Nigel Wilson and notably Stephen Oliver who sliced almost 3 and a half minutes from last week’s time. It was good to see James Cornell post a course season’s best too.

Ryan Witchell set the fastest time of the night albeit 30 seconds slower than last week. He was followed by Ben Wilson also in the 23s on his 50th Briefcliffe ride and Lindz Barral in the 24s which equalled his course PB exactly.

Stalwart timekeeper Frank Turner was persuaded to give his newly acquired tribars and frame a try despite the blustery conditions and is currently still coming up with an excuse for being 90 seconds slower than his non-aero ride!

Clocks and number spotting were by Steve Smith and Meline Fletcher, pushing off Nick Hickman (PB), creche Janice and Hannah Wilson, support Ethan and last but not least banter from Simon Young. Thanks all.

Last one next week, let’s make it a good one!

Report by Steve Smith

Ben Wilson – 23:45, Nick Senechal – 25:20 (CB), Jon Traynor – 26:12 (CB), James Cornell – 26:19 (CSB), Nigel Tooke – 27:02, Nigel Wilson – 27:39 (CB), Oscar Riley – 29:17, David Summerell – 29:20, Leanne Cutler – 29:40, Stephen Oliver – 31:22 (CB), Frank Turner – 36:03

Ryan Witchell (Univ. of Bristol)- 23:04, Lindz Barral ( – 24:35