Club Hill Climb 19/10/2014 – Results

The annual club hill climb took place on the usual hill between Charlton and Preston, with 19 riders taking to the start line. Defending champion Andy Saunders took the honours with a record equalling 8th victory. James Gomm took second place going old school on his fixie, with club chairman Nick Senechal edging out Mark Desborough by just 0.3 seconds to claim 3rd place.

And Saunders on the way to victory

And Saunders on the way to victory

Nick just pipped Mark by 0.3 seconds

Nick just pipped Mark by 0.3 seconds

After a years hiatus, Nick & Jane Hickman returned on the tandem and improved on their previous time of 3:09.1 to dip under the 3 minute mark for the first time. There were also several débutantes on the hill climb, setting benchmark times for next years event.

Nick & Jane riding to a sub 3 minute time on the tandem

Nick & Jane riding to a sub 3 minute time on the tandem

Frank Turner was once again the man in charge, with James Spence assisting and Andrew Stevenson pushing off. Post event refreshments were enjoyed by all in The Windmill pub. That’s it for this season, with the next TT in the calender the Boxing Day 10.

Frank recording the times as the riders crossed the finish line

Frank recording the times as the riders crossed the finish line

Photos thanks to Sue Clifford-Smith & Nick Hickman


A. Saunders 1:13.6, J Gomm 1:21.8, N Senechal 1:29.4, M Desborough 1:29.7, J McPherson 1:32.9, N Miles 1:36.8, R Thomson 1:40.6, N Tooke 1:45.2, D Rickels 1:46.4, S Freshney 1:47.2, A Ross 1:51.0, M Collins 1:53.9, N Wilson 1:35.0, J Beard 2:07.1, M Loosley 2:11.1, P Greenfield 2:11.5, S Oliver 2:33.3, Nick & Jane Hickman (Tandem) 2:56.4


Autumn Hilly 11/10/14 – Results

A drizzly start to the morning turned into plesent conditions for the 2014 Autumn Hilly, although the early mourning rain was enough to put some off riding with only 5 riders taking to the start line. Fastest of the day was John Watson who powered home to a 50:44, an impressive time given John was on his standard road bike. Nick Senechal came in second with a 52:39 and Catriona Buchanan third with 55:43 on her first time around the circuit. Leanne Cutler narrowly missed going under the hour by 20 seconds, and Nick Hickman fell victim to the flint monster as he punctured half way around lap 2, but repaired his wheel and continued on to the finish, chapeau.

John on the way to victory

John on the way to victory

Leanne at the end of lap 1

Leanne at the end of lap 1

Frank Turner worked the clocks, with James Gomm on pushing off duties and Nigel Wilson and Nigel Tooke lending support.

The timekeeping crew

The timekeeping crew

Results (lap 1 times in brackets) John Watson – 50:44 (25:06), Nick Senechal – 52:39 (26:01), Catriona Buchanan – 55:43 (28:09), Leanne Cutler – 1:00:20 (28:47), Nick Hickman – 1:01:42 (26:21)(Puncture)

Interclub Hill Climb Results – 05 Oct 2014

The fifth and final Interclub event of 2014 saw the Nomads squad do friendly battle with riders from CC Ashwell, Beds Road CC and Icnield RC. The Icknield promoted time trial took place on the infamously steep Sharpenhoe “Moleskin” Hill on the approaches to Streatley, in the Shire of Bedford. With the sun rising steadily to burn off the lingering mist, riders were treated to the ochre and sienna hues of the Autumnal countryside.

An opportunity to review one”s breakfast as it projects fully from its resting place cannot be rejected lightly. Tally Ho!

The Alpine cowbells peeled their tune as the modern-day jousters and lycra-clad Chevaliers mounted their carbon fibre steeds, took the tilt and unleashed havoc and the cogs of war – Cry Harry, St George and all that is great in this sceptred isle!


Hitchin Nomads recount tales of valour and derring-do

An explosion of power ensued and in a trice, all energy was spent but pain was soon extinguished. The 3 furlongs of road were conquered and times were sought hence. With a depleted field, the Nomads sallied with Ashfield leading the pack, timing the vanquish of nemesis Layne to within a gnat’s whisker.

Bragging rights ensue but victor of the field was Robb of Bedford.

Results (time in minutes, seconds.tenths of seconds) – provisional (0.6 miles)

1 Thomas Robb BRCC 2 12.6
2 John Polak CCA 2 18.7
3 Andy Beezer IRC 2 25.6
4 Gavin Ashfield HNCC 2 27.4
5 Justin Layne CCA 2 27.5
6 Tim Davies IRC 2 27.8
7 Simon Doyle HNCC 2 35.9
8 Phil O’Leary IRC 2 43.6
9 Nick Senechal HNCC 2 49.7
10 Simon Costin HNCC 2 49.9
11 Mark Anstee BRCC 2 53.2
12 Grant Orsborn IRC 2 57.4
13 Paul French BRCC 2 57.9
14 Tim Fisher CCA 3 04.9
15 Patrick Smith BRCC 3 05.1
16 Jan Laming BRCC 3 09.2
17 Jane Wilson (W) CCA 3 14.0
18 Steve Freshney HNCC 3 14.6
19 Nigel Tooke HNCC 3 14.9
20 Mark Gray BRCC 3 16.6
21 Nick Hickman HNCC 3 17.6
22 Nigel Wilson HNCC 3 42.6
23 Mark Young HNCC 3 44.8
24 Meli Fletcher (W) HNCC 3 47.4
25 Vince Warrington BRCC 3 49.2

Interclub Hill Climb 05/10/14 – Start sheet

Promoted by the Icknield Road Club
To be held on Sunday 5th October 2014
Competing Clubs Beds Roads CC, Hitchin Nomads CC, CC Ashwell, Icknield R.C

Promoted on behalf for and of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations

Event Sec​​​​​​​​Timekeepers
Peter Tasker​​​​​​​​Gordon Hart Icknield R.C​​​​ Alan Davies Icknield R.C
01582 661077

Official Start Sheet

The Chequers, public house, Sharpenhoe Road, Streatley, LU3 3PS. However as there is a new Landlord they are not sure if they want to just make pots of tea and coffee and have the pub as an event H/Q, they are going to let me know on Friday. If the answer is no then the Icknield will provide a cold drink in the car park which is located half way down the hill.

Again if the answer is no then signing on and picking up your number hopefully will be at the tables outside the pub and NOT the start. Again if we are not allowed to do this then signing on and numbers will be at the car park half way down the hill.

If you arrive at the start without your number you will have the hill to ride again and will probably miss the event.

Any Junior or Juvenile rider must have a completed Parental Consent Form, which must be handed in when signing on.

Course Details

6X/H (0.6 miles) Sharpenhoe – Hill Climb

Start (Grid ref. TL 064 304) on unclassified road (Sharpenhoe – Streatley) by southern gate of field entrance some 87 yards south of Sharpenhoe village 40mph sign.

Finish opposite at where a 13% decent warning sign on right hand side of the road (used to be) at the top of the hill.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is £3.00 each rider payable when signing on

If we can use the Pub as event H/Q then why not stay on after the event for Sunday lunch?

Start Sheet
No Name Club Start Time
1 Simon Costin Hitchin Nomads 10.31
2 Rob Adams Icknield Road Club 10.32
3 Vince Warrington Beds Road C.C. 10.33
4 Meline Fletcher (W) Hitchin Nomads 10.34
5 Phil O’Leary Icknield Road Club 10.35
6 Jack Steel-Jessop Beds Road C.C. 10.36
7 Nick Hickman Hitchin Nomads 10.37
8 Jane Wilson (W) C.C.Ashwell 10.38
9 Patrick Smith Beds Road C.C. 10.39
10 Steve Freshney Hitchin Nomads 10.40
11 James Spence Hitchin Nomads 10.41
12 Thomas Robb Beds Road C.C. 10.42
13 Mark Young Hitchin Nomads 10.43
14 Paul French Beds Road C.C. 10.44
15 Tim Davies Icknield Road Club 10.45
16 Gavin Ashfield Hitchin Nomads 10.46
17 Jan Laming Beds Road C.C. 10.47
18 Nigel Wilson Hitchin Nomads 10.48
19 Mark Collins Hitchin Nomads 10.49
20 Mark Anstee Beds Road C.C. 10.50
21 Simon Doyle Hitchin Nomads 10.51
22 Andy Beezer Icknield Road Club 10.52
23 Phil George Hitchin Nomads 10.53
24 Justin Layne CC Ashwell 10.54
25 Grant Orsborn Icknield Road Club 10.55
26 Nick Senechal Hitchin Nomads 10.56
27 Mark Gray Beds Road C.C. 10.57
28 Jon Traynor Hitchin Nomads 10.58
29 John Polak C.C.Ashwell 10.59
30 Nigel Tooke Hitchin Nomads 11.00
31 Andy Saunders Hitchin Nomads 11.01
32 Gavin James Icknield Road Club 11.02
33 Andy Traynor Hitchin Nomads 11.03
34 James Gomm Hitchin Nomads 11.04
35 Tim Fisher C.C.Ashwell 11.05
36 Jason Lee Team MK (PTT) 11.06