Redbridge road race review 28/02/2015

Some of the Nomads race team ventured to Redbridge today for the spring warm up series. David Rickels (chief logistics) cranked up the love bus and took Adam White (chief no assigned role) and Freddy Bulmer (chief powerhouse) down to Essex for the first race of the season.

It’s a great track and fielded around 35 cat 4 riders. Unfortunately mud and debris on the surface (thanks to ongoing building work) ensured a healthy dose of punctures. Luckily the rain held off, but a wet surface left a few of us feeling trepidation on each tight turn. A crash at lap 3 broke the field up where Adam’s position towards the back hindered him. Freddy took off towards the front and held fast in the top ten for most of the race. David let the main group slip away just after Adam had done the same.

After a puncture Adam managed to slip back in but catching David proved too much of a challenge. After being lapped, both David and Adam were politely requested to leave the track and joined the ever-growing group of deflated hopefuls.
Freddy gave it beans and held with the pack, unleashing pain on the group on the last lap…almost. Then the final lap horn blasted and Freddy realised he’d just emptied the tank and had nothing to give. Adam and David watched the broken man get done towards the line by a small group, but a great effort wasn’t wasted finishing around 14th, and he still came out smiling!
Great day had by all!!

Adam White