Medium Gear 9.7 TT 21/03/2015 – Report

For the first time in 3 years the Medium Gear 25 was able to run on the scheduled date, albeit at a reduced distance of 9.7 miles due to the customary road works at this time of year. Although the weather was kind enough to not produce snow, ice or thick fog (the reasons for the past 3 years cancellations), there was still a kick in the teeth with a brutal 18mph headwind up Growers. To quote one rider, (for the sake of anonymity we shall refer to him simply as Mr Smith), “it was a day for the big man”.

The conditions seemed enough to put many off, with just two riders competing for the Walt Livings memorial trophy. In a straight shoot out between Nick Hickman and Steve Smith, it was Nick who emerged victorious.

Leanne Cutler and James Gomm took the opportunity to get some riding into the wind practice, and rode PTT’s.

Medium Gear Trophy

The Walt Livings Memorial Trophy

Officiating today were Chris Tribe and Nigel Wilson, with Michael Webb pushing off the riders .

The Nomads evening TT series kicks off on Tuesday 7th April.


Medium Gear Competition:
Nick Hickman – 29:57, Steve Smith – 33:36

James Gomm – 27:40, Leanne Cutler – 32:33