Tuesday TT Series (Briercliffe 10) – 28/04/2015 Report

Reporter: Adam White

This evening’s Briercliffe 10 saw 20 riders return to what I’m calling the Nomads Classic route.  You young ones aren’t old enough to remember it [Editor: that’s cheeky – you were the youngest rider!]. It was time to don ridiculous looking helmets, avoid your friends as much as possible and assume a lonely shrugged position for as little time as possible – all whilst wondering if your bum looks too big in a skin suit [Editor: those are powerful glutes young man; you have much to learn].

Some familiar Nomads were missing, but morale was as high as the Force 8 South Westerly wind.  It was cold enough for people in short sleeves to wonder what they were thinking when they left the house.

Well done to Nigel Hale to who was the quickest Nomad, on his course debut. Andy Saunders and Nick Hickman came in less than a minute behind. Private Time Triallist Tom Bayley set the fastest time of the evening, with Jim Moffat also getting the better of all the Nomads.  John Watson is reminded to keep to the advertised course, and to stop stealing race numbers as a memento but stick to beer mats.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
Nigel Hale 24:34
A Saunders 24:59
N Hickman 25:22
J Gomm 25:54
D Rickels 26:49
J Watson 27:08 (off course)
N Tooke 27:37
P Riley 27:42
N Wilson 27:50
L Cutler 28:45
E Lee-Jones 29:03
A White 29:40
S Oliver 32:54
Private Time Trials
T Bayley (Arctic Tacx RT) 22:40
J Moffat (Virgin Active) 23:03
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24:56
D Watson (Virgin Active) 26:59 (puncture)
D Legerton (Team Sales Engine) 28:55
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 30:14

Frank Turner and Ann Collins kindly kept time.  Michael Webb was the pusher offer of the evening. Many thanks for your efforts.  These events don’t happen without such volunteers.

Wind was definitely an issue tonight. Bring on the decent weather.  Same time, same place, next week …


Interclub 10 report – 19/04/2015

After the first event in the Interclub series the Nomads are standing in 3rd position.  The series is a competition between local clubs: Hitchin Nomads CC, Icknield Road Club, Beds Roads CC, Ashwell CC and St Neots CC (new this season).  HNCC put out its largest team at this event for many years.  The next event is a 15 miles TT on 7 June, hosted by Beds Road CC.

Position Name Club Time
1 Justin Layne CCA 20:07
2 Andy Whale CCA 21:35
3 William Smith CCA 21:43
4 Kieron Lewis BRCC 21:49
5 Tim Davies IRC 21:53
6 Gavin Ashfield HNCC 21:57
7 Grant Orsborn IRC 22:14
8 Luke Danckert CCA 22:23
9 Jason Stuart CCA 22:27
10 Abid Hussian IRC 22:54
11 John Watson HNCC 22:54
12 Jon Friend BRCC 23:04
13 Michael Martin CCA 23:05
14 Edward Castro BRCC 23:07
15 Patrick Smith BRCC 23:08
16 Steven Jennings CCA 23:17
17 John Mitcalf BRCC 23:19
18 Nigel Hale HNCC 23:22
19 Peter Gell BRCC 23:27
20 James McKenzie CCA 23:27
21 Christian Tregidgo SNCC 23:45
22 Phillip Jenkins BRCC 23:46
23 Simon Doyle HNCC 23:47
24 Simon Richardson SNCC 23:49
25 Mark Gray BRCC 23:59
26 David Lindsey SNCC 24:05
27 Mark Greenhow SNCC 24:07
28 Mike Case BRCC 24:12
29 Gary Moore BRCC 24:16
30 Gavin James IRC 24:21
31 Nick Hickman HNCC 24:25
32 Andrewmark Smith BRCC 24:28
33 James Spence HNCC 24:30
34 Geoff Hicks BRCC 24:30
35 Mark Mossop SNCC 24:34
36 Nick Senechal HNCC 24:47
37 Richard Broad SNCC 24:51
38 Jackie Field CCA 24:52
39 David Cook BRCC 24:57
40 Hugh Maltby BRCC 25:13
41 Andy Beezer IRC 25:25
42 Stephen Muchmore SNCC 25:28
43 James Watthey IRC 25:29
44 Rob Adams IRC 25:32
45 Graham Laming BRCC 25:41
46 Jeremy Prodger CCA 25:44
47 Jon Traynor HNCC 25:47
48 Matthew Scales CCA 25:53
49 Michael Webb HNCC 26:09
50 Gary Rudd BRCC 26:12
51 James Davies CCA 26:13
52 Richard Pratt IRC 26:13
53 Emma Koppe CCA 26:14
54 Gareth Rose IRC 26:18
55 Phil O’Leary IRC 26:25
56 Nigel Tooke HNCC 26:31
57 Nigel Wilson HNCC 26:36
58 Steve Lepage BRCC 26:42
59 Leanne Cutler HNCC 26:50
60 Dave Wells CCA 26:52
61 Chris Corney HNCC 26:55
62 John Thorpe CCA 27:00
63 Paul Patchitt IRC 27:16
64 Noah Field CCA 27:29
65 Stuart Travers IRC 27:33
66 Martyn Anderson IRC 27:38
67 Paul Valks IRC 27:45
68 Gareth Lewis CCA 27:49
69 Dave Newell IRC 27:51
70 Neil Cannell BRCC 28:12
71 Leigh Pilgrim BRCC 28:12
72 David Summerell HNCC 29:05
73 Dave Morgan IRC 29:12
74 Harry Newton (Juv) IRC 29:13
75 Lui Tomlinson (Juv) IRC 29:29
76 Jenny Andrews CCA 29:41
77 Maurice Burton IRC 29:53
78 Paul Taylor IRC 29:54
79 Steve Smith HNCC 30:13
80 Chris Jones IRC 30:41
81 Judy Reid IRC 30:48
82 Phil Tomlinson IRC 30:52
83 Roy Porter IRC 30:57
84 Ian Beale IRC 30:58
85 Martin Webb IRC 31:20
86 Elaine Travers IRC 34:00
87 Elizabeth Danckert CCA 34:10
88 Debbie Pearson IRC 37:04
89 Stefan Dixon CCA 40:20

Those members who enjoyed the F15/10 course might want to consider representing their Club at the Bossard Wheelers CC open event on 9th May.  Entries close on Tuesday 28 April and can be completed on-line  via http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/.

Thanks to Peter Tasker and his crew at Icknield Road Club for hosting such a well organised event, and for their good hospitality at the HQ.

Interclub Competition Points Scoring System

All finishers score points.  The fastest rider’s points equals the number of riders, down to one point for the last rider.  The number of riders to count is normally that of the Club with the lowest numbers of finishers, but this number shall not be less than eight.

The eight Nomads who contributed to the tally were Gavin Ashfield 84, John Watson 79, Nigel Hale 72, Simon Doyle 67, Nick Hickman 59, James Spence 57, Nick Senechal 54, John Traynor 43.

The table so far:

Total 10 15 30 25 HC
C C Ashwell 648
Bedfordshire RCC 592
Hitchin Nomads CC 515
Icknield RC 488
St Neots CC 418

Tuesday TT Series – 21/04/2015 Report

Reporter: David Rickels

It was another warm, sunny evening for the Tuesday 10, using the amended course once more.  There was a great line up of twenty seven riders, from the Nomads and six other clubs / teams.  As well as the usual TT machines it was good to see a lot of regular road bikes and the Team Sales Engine tandem.  With a head wind pretty much all the way up the G&M Growers road there was no course record broken and most riders were a minute or so slower than the previous week.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
N Hickman 25.58
N Senechal 26.03
J Spence 26.25
J Gomm 26.45
D Rickels 27.07
P Riley 27.15
N Wilson 27.50
C Corney 28.14
L Cutler 28.15
E Lee-Jones 29.22
A White 29.48
D Summerell 30.14
S Smith DNF
Private Time Trials
W Smith (CC Ashwell) 22.38
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24.25
L Barral (Equipe Velo) 24.34
S Doyle (Team Sales Engine) 24.45
C Luggeri (CC Ashwell) 24.59
J McVey (CC Luton) 25.17
S & B Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 26.24
D Watson (Virgin Active) 26.29
G Laming (Beds Road CC) 27.16
C Braybrook (CC Ashwell) 28.13
R Fox (unaffiliated) 29.22
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 29.49
C Roberts (unaffiliated) 30.53

Thanks to Webby for setting the riders off and Frank Turner for seeing them in.

It is hoped that the event shall revert to the regular Briercliffe Course next week.  This depends on the state of the road works.  Look out on the Club’s Facebook group for news or contact timetrials@hitchinnomads.cc for confirmation.

Tuesday TT Series – 14/04/2015 Report

On a pleasantly warm evening, with a wind that aided riders from Shefford all the way to the G&M Growers RAB, twenty five riders from Hitchin Nomads CC and seven other clubs from the local area took to the start line.

Notable Nomads entrants after their exploits on the Flanders and Paris Roubaix cobbles were Nick Hickman and Freddy Bulmer. Bulmer was light heartedly sporting the road rash scars from an oily encounter last week and rode a romantic two-up with HNCC TT debutante Dulcie Buckingham.  Hickman enjoyed the smoother road surface and took 45 secs off from last time out.  Also in attendance were the beetroot juice pair, Leanne Cutler and Nigel Wilson, who were well recovered from achieving personal bests at the 25 distance on the weekend.

All Nomads who had ridden last week improved their times, with Gavin Ashfield being fasted Nomad of the evening.  Quickest overall was Private Time Triallist Tom Trimble of CC Ashwell.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
G Ashfield 22.36
N Hickman 24.45
J Gomm 25.38
J Spence 25.39
N Tooke 26.32
N Wilson 26.39
J King 26.42
C Corney 27.13
L Cutler 27.31
D Summerell 28.50
S Smith 30.13
Private Time Trials
T Trimble (CC Ashwell) 22.00
W Smith (CC AShwell) 22.19
J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 22.36
T Weir (CC Ashwell) 23.30
S Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 23.53
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24.07
L Barral (Equipe Velo) 24.12
C Luggeri (CC Ashwell) 24.18
J McVey (CC Luton) 24.35
N Fraser (Full Gas RT) 25.30
M Russell (Team Trisports) 27.27
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 29.10
D Buckingham (unaffiliated) & F Bulmer (HNCC) 34.11

Post-event, a number of riders commented on how much they enjoyed the 1U/10B course again.  Since the completion date for the roadworks at Southill Station are in doubt, it has been decided to use the same next week, with the sign on by the finish once more.  Start time will be 1900 from now on.

Thanks to Mr Turner & Mr Webb for timekeeping, and to Mr Riley as pusher offer and rear light turner offer.  Also in support were Ann Collins with her young son Mark, and Jason Dynes with his young son Ethan.

BRCC F1B/25 TT 12/04/2015 – Review

Five Nomads took to the start line for the Beds Road CC 25 mile TT on the F1B/25 course. Riding were Leanne Cutler, James Spence, Nigel Wilson, James Gomm and second claim member Simon Doyle (representing Team Salesengine).

On the start line, the barometer was reading a finger numbing 4degC, and the strong southerly wind meant that the first 13 miles were a hard slog, meaning that it was not the quickest of days on the course.

The real winners of the day were Leanne and Nigel who both rode PB’s at 25 miles, with Leanne taking 4 minutes off her previous PB done on the same course last year. Leanne narrowly missed out on setting a new Nomads Vets Ladies record by 29 seconds, a record which she will surely break later in the season.

James Gomm at the turn

James Gomm at the turn

James Spence at the half way mark

James Spence at the half way mark

Leanne Cutler on her way to a new PB

Leanne Cutler on her way to a new PB

Nigel Wilson at the halfway point to a new PB

Nigel Wilson at the halfway point to a new PB

Thanks to our friends at Beds Road CC for putting on the event, which was very well marshalled.

The provisional quickest time (results pending) was by David McGaw of Cambridge CC who went round in an impressive 53:18.

Photo’s from Davey Jones

Nomads Results:

S. Doyle – 1:03:33, J Gomm – 1:04:05, J Spence – 1:08:18, N Wilson – 1:08:21 (pb), L Cutler – 1:08:58 (pb)

Tuesday TT Series – 07/04/2015 Report

Tuesday 7th April 2015 saw the first “Club 10” of the season take place on the revamped “Gudgecliffe” 1U/10B course, created due to the road closure at the bridge by Southill Station. Talk of it being 60-90 seconds faster had riders anticipating what lay ahead.

22 hardy souls took to the start line on what was a remarkably fine spring evening.  There was a good mix of Nomads and guests from a range of local clubs.

The general consensus at the finish line was that it was quicker but difficult to say by how much.  Nick Hickman reported 30 seconds faster for him than the first Tuesday event of the season last year, with very similar conditions.

Justin Lane (CC Ashwell) set a good benchmark for others to aim for on the debut of the new course. Gavin Ashfield was fastest Nomad.  Freddy Bulmer came in second place with an impressive time on his road bike and must be the man to watch for the “non aero” event scheduled for June.  All finishers broke “evens” (20 mph).

Hitchin Nomads CC Event: 

G. Ashfield: 22:49, F. Bulmer: 24:04 (Road Bike), N. Hickman: 25:30, J. Gomm: 26:02, J. Spence: 26:30, D. Rickels: 26:51, N. Wilson: 27:08, N. Tooke: 27:29, C. Corney: 27:50, P. Hanlon: 29:10, D. Summerell: 29:15, J. McPherson: DNF

Personal Time Trials:

J. Layne 21.18, R Wytchell 22.19, J Stuart 23.19, C Luggeri 24.29, L Barral 24.47, J McKenzie 24.53, P. Gell 24.57, S Auger 26.17, D Ledgerton 28.38, T Weir DNF

Thanks as always to our Timekeepers and pusher offs, Leanne Cutler, Frank Turner and Steve Smith. General support and encouragement provided by Simon Doyle.

Please note that sign on next week will be by the finish line, where there is more space.   Registration will close at 18:15 sharp.  First come, first served if there are more testers than the 30 maximum permitted for this event, with priority given to Club members ahead of guests.

Team Salesengine.co.uk Open 10 Mile Time Trial Results – 04 April 2015

An impressive squad of 6 Nomads were on the start line for the Team SalesEngine.co.uk 10 mile time trial this afternoon. With the race taking place on fairly flat roads just to the west of Cambridge they were hoping to post some good early season times.

The Nomads TT squad had clearly been busy over the winter looking to buy all things Aero… new Aero bikes, Aero helmets, Aero water bottles and even Aero gloves had been purchased in order to assist in the quest for PBs. An Aero chocolate bar was even consumed as recovery food. A chilly breeze blew across the course but the conditions were pretty good for early April, and all the riders enjoyed the smooth road surface.

Jon Traynor and Nigel Wilson were the first Nomads to ride and both of them went close to PBs. Gavin Ashfield was next up and posted the fastest Nomads time of the day – 22:15. Considering Nick Hickman and James Gomm had ridden the 31 mile Welwyn Hilly yesterday they came in with particularly impressive times. However, the ride of the day belonged to Leanne Cutler who came home in 26:05 – which appears to be the fastest time by a Nomad lady for over 20 years.

Fastest time by a Nomad lady at 10 miles for over 20 years.

Fastest time by a Nomad lady at 10 miles for over 20 years (picture courtesy Davey Jones)

The Nomads Veterans 10 competition looks like being particularly hard fought this year, Nick Hickman taking the early lead having posted a time 3:17 faster than his Veterans standard.
Fastest ride of the day came from Jason Bouttell who went under 20 minutes by a whisker.
Thanks go to our friends from Team Sales Engine who put on a friendly and superbly organised event, and to Steve Smith who was out on the course cheering on the Nomads.
The Nomads ‘Briercliffe 10’ time trial series starts at 6:30pm this Tuesday near Southill.
Provisional times: Gavin Ashfield 22:15; Nick Hickman 23:19; James Gomm 24:03; Nigel Wilson 25:15; Jon Traynor 25:22; Leanne Cutler 26:05.
Hickman wearing "Veterans' Gauntlets" before throwing them down.

Hickman wearing “Veterans’ 10 Gauntlets” (picture courtesy Davey Jones)

James Gomm at the turn (picture courtesy Davey Jones)

Gomm at the turn (picture courtesy Davey Jones)

Wilson getting close  to a new personal best (picture courtesy Davey Jones)

Wilson getting close to a new personal best (picture courtesy Davey Jones)