James Gomm and Nick Hickman have been out riding again, competing in a special Good Friday “spot the Nomad” event.

Both riders laid claim to a rare sighting of Simon Doyle, who had risen from his sick bed to cheer them on at the Five Ways roundabout at the top of Hitchin Hill. Hickman sighted James Spence in Codicote on his way down to a weekend jaunt in London. Gomm’s assertion that he spotted Webby in the badlands south of Hitchin has yet to be confirmed. There was however general agreement that Mr Riley had been spotted cruising along Lilley Bottom muttering something about cobbles, Belgian beer, frites and Paris-Roubaix. Hickman claimed to have edged overall victory having been tagged by Cat 3 Road Racer Freddy Bulmer (who it was felt really needs to stay in more to give everyone else a chance). The fact that Hickman didn’t actually spot Bulmer himself being a trifling technicality.

Welwyn Wheelers Hilly 2015 - NickHickman admires the daffodils (courtesy Keith Perry)Welwyn Wheelers Hilly 2015 - James Gomm Gomm enjoys the last hill (courtesy Davey Jones)

In other news, Gomm and Hickman also took part in the classic Welwyn Wheelers 50km Hilly Time Trial at the same time. Gomm came in at 01:34:54 on his regular road bike with tri-bars, and Hickman 01:33:06 on his TT bike. This event being won by Andy Hastings (Richardson Trek) in 01:14:08 . Both Nomads reported planning to spend the afternoon cleaning machines and getting their foam rollers out for some IT band torture in preparation for the Team Sales Engine 10 miles event near Cambridge the next day. A team of six Nomads is on the start sheet. Watch this space …