Tuesday TT Series – 07/04/2015 Report

Tuesday 7th April 2015 saw the first “Club 10” of the season take place on the revamped “Gudgecliffe” 1U/10B course, created due to the road closure at the bridge by Southill Station. Talk of it being 60-90 seconds faster had riders anticipating what lay ahead.

22 hardy souls took to the start line on what was a remarkably fine spring evening.  There was a good mix of Nomads and guests from a range of local clubs.

The general consensus at the finish line was that it was quicker but difficult to say by how much.  Nick Hickman reported 30 seconds faster for him than the first Tuesday event of the season last year, with very similar conditions.

Justin Lane (CC Ashwell) set a good benchmark for others to aim for on the debut of the new course. Gavin Ashfield was fastest Nomad.  Freddy Bulmer came in second place with an impressive time on his road bike and must be the man to watch for the “non aero” event scheduled for June.  All finishers broke “evens” (20 mph).

Hitchin Nomads CC Event: 

G. Ashfield: 22:49, F. Bulmer: 24:04 (Road Bike), N. Hickman: 25:30, J. Gomm: 26:02, J. Spence: 26:30, D. Rickels: 26:51, N. Wilson: 27:08, N. Tooke: 27:29, C. Corney: 27:50, P. Hanlon: 29:10, D. Summerell: 29:15, J. McPherson: DNF

Personal Time Trials:

J. Layne 21.18, R Wytchell 22.19, J Stuart 23.19, C Luggeri 24.29, L Barral 24.47, J McKenzie 24.53, P. Gell 24.57, S Auger 26.17, D Ledgerton 28.38, T Weir DNF

Thanks as always to our Timekeepers and pusher offs, Leanne Cutler, Frank Turner and Steve Smith. General support and encouragement provided by Simon Doyle.

Please note that sign on next week will be by the finish line, where there is more space.   Registration will close at 18:15 sharp.  First come, first served if there are more testers than the 30 maximum permitted for this event, with priority given to Club members ahead of guests.