Tuesday TT Series – 14/04/2015 Report

On a pleasantly warm evening, with a wind that aided riders from Shefford all the way to the G&M Growers RAB, twenty five riders from Hitchin Nomads CC and seven other clubs from the local area took to the start line.

Notable Nomads entrants after their exploits on the Flanders and Paris Roubaix cobbles were Nick Hickman and Freddy Bulmer. Bulmer was light heartedly sporting the road rash scars from an oily encounter last week and rode a romantic two-up with HNCC TT debutante Dulcie Buckingham.  Hickman enjoyed the smoother road surface and took 45 secs off from last time out.  Also in attendance were the beetroot juice pair, Leanne Cutler and Nigel Wilson, who were well recovered from achieving personal bests at the 25 distance on the weekend.

All Nomads who had ridden last week improved their times, with Gavin Ashfield being fasted Nomad of the evening.  Quickest overall was Private Time Triallist Tom Trimble of CC Ashwell.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
G Ashfield 22.36
N Hickman 24.45
J Gomm 25.38
J Spence 25.39
N Tooke 26.32
N Wilson 26.39
J King 26.42
C Corney 27.13
L Cutler 27.31
D Summerell 28.50
S Smith 30.13
Private Time Trials
T Trimble (CC Ashwell) 22.00
W Smith (CC AShwell) 22.19
J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 22.36
T Weir (CC Ashwell) 23.30
S Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 23.53
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24.07
L Barral (Equipe Velo) 24.12
C Luggeri (CC Ashwell) 24.18
J McVey (CC Luton) 24.35
N Fraser (Full Gas RT) 25.30
M Russell (Team Trisports) 27.27
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 29.10
D Buckingham (unaffiliated) & F Bulmer (HNCC) 34.11

Post-event, a number of riders commented on how much they enjoyed the 1U/10B course again.  Since the completion date for the roadworks at Southill Station are in doubt, it has been decided to use the same next week, with the sign on by the finish once more.  Start time will be 1900 from now on.

Thanks to Mr Turner & Mr Webb for timekeeping, and to Mr Riley as pusher offer and rear light turner offer.  Also in support were Ann Collins with her young son Mark, and Jason Dynes with his young son Ethan.