Tuesday TT Series – 21/04/2015 Report

Reporter: David Rickels

It was another warm, sunny evening for the Tuesday 10, using the amended course once more.  There was a great line up of twenty seven riders, from the Nomads and six other clubs / teams.  As well as the usual TT machines it was good to see a lot of regular road bikes and the Team Sales Engine tandem.  With a head wind pretty much all the way up the G&M Growers road there was no course record broken and most riders were a minute or so slower than the previous week.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
N Hickman 25.58
N Senechal 26.03
J Spence 26.25
J Gomm 26.45
D Rickels 27.07
P Riley 27.15
N Wilson 27.50
C Corney 28.14
L Cutler 28.15
E Lee-Jones 29.22
A White 29.48
D Summerell 30.14
S Smith DNF
Private Time Trials
W Smith (CC Ashwell) 22.38
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24.25
L Barral (Equipe Velo) 24.34
S Doyle (Team Sales Engine) 24.45
C Luggeri (CC Ashwell) 24.59
J McVey (CC Luton) 25.17
S & B Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 26.24
D Watson (Virgin Active) 26.29
G Laming (Beds Road CC) 27.16
C Braybrook (CC Ashwell) 28.13
R Fox (unaffiliated) 29.22
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 29.49
C Roberts (unaffiliated) 30.53

Thanks to Webby for setting the riders off and Frank Turner for seeing them in.

It is hoped that the event shall revert to the regular Briercliffe Course next week.  This depends on the state of the road works.  Look out on the Club’s Facebook group for news or contact timetrials@hitchinnomads.cc for confirmation.