Tuesday TT Series (Briercliffe 10) – 28/04/2015 Report

Reporter: Adam White

This evening’s Briercliffe 10 saw 20 riders return to what I’m calling the Nomads Classic route.  You young ones aren’t old enough to remember it [Editor: that’s cheeky – you were the youngest rider!]. It was time to don ridiculous looking helmets, avoid your friends as much as possible and assume a lonely shrugged position for as little time as possible – all whilst wondering if your bum looks too big in a skin suit [Editor: those are powerful glutes young man; you have much to learn].

Some familiar Nomads were missing, but morale was as high as the Force 8 South Westerly wind.  It was cold enough for people in short sleeves to wonder what they were thinking when they left the house.

Well done to Nigel Hale to who was the quickest Nomad, on his course debut. Andy Saunders and Nick Hickman came in less than a minute behind. Private Time Triallist Tom Bayley set the fastest time of the evening, with Jim Moffat also getting the better of all the Nomads.  John Watson is reminded to keep to the advertised course, and to stop stealing race numbers as a memento but stick to beer mats.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event
Nigel Hale 24:34
A Saunders 24:59
N Hickman 25:22
J Gomm 25:54
D Rickels 26:49
J Watson 27:08 (off course)
N Tooke 27:37
P Riley 27:42
N Wilson 27:50
L Cutler 28:45
E Lee-Jones 29:03
A White 29:40
S Oliver 32:54
Private Time Trials
T Bayley (Arctic Tacx RT) 22:40
J Moffat (Virgin Active) 23:03
P Gell (Beds Road CC) 24:56
D Watson (Virgin Active) 26:59 (puncture)
D Legerton (Team Sales Engine) 28:55
R Robinson (Team Sales Engine) 30:14

Frank Turner and Ann Collins kindly kept time.  Michael Webb was the pusher offer of the evening. Many thanks for your efforts.  These events don’t happen without such volunteers.

Wind was definitely an issue tonight. Bring on the decent weather.  Same time, same place, next week …