Tuesday TT Series – 12/05/2015 Report

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

Following last week’s cancellation due to gale force winds, this evening’s planned Dave Gudgin 25 event also didn’t go ahead quite as planned.  It had to be modified at the last minute due to yet more road works on the road from Old Warden towards Ireland.  Our TT Secretary Nick Hickman arranged for a Briercliffe event to be held on the popular 1U/10B course, now officially named the “Roadworks 10”. 17 Nomads turned up and encountered a strong westerly. Whilst the wind didn’t appear to be favourable, results might suggest otherwise. Here is a summary of tonight’s TT in numbers:

• Gavin Ashfield became the 2nd fastest Nomad in a Briercliffe.
• 13 riders recorded “Briercliffe bests”
• Steve Smith rode his 2nd fastest Briercliffe ever
• James Cornell rode his fastest Briercliffe for 7 years
• David Summerell rode his 213th fastest Briercliffe ever (but he has ridden many slower as well !)
• 19 riders went under 28 minutes.
• The average time on the Briercliffe so far this year is 26:48. The previous record average for a year was 26:58 (back in 1988).
• This was the second fastest night in Briercliffe history with the average time at 25:53. The record stands at 25:51 (9 August 1988).
• Freddy Bulmer set the fastest ever time on the Briercliffe for a “Bulmer Legal” bike. Please contact Freddy if you want any clarification on the rules for this competition.

Many thanks to Frank Turner and his apprentices James Gomm, Simon Young, Nigel Wilson and Webby for helping out.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event:

Gavin Ashfield 22:27; Nigel Hale 23:18; Freddy Bulmer 24:03; Nick Hickman 24:27; John Watson 24:50; James Spence 24:55; James Cornell 25:22; Julian Pegg 25:23; Jon Traynor 25:27; Nigel Tooke 26:04; David Rickels 26:05; Leanne Cutler 26:40; Paul Riley 26:40; Adam White 27:20; Edward Lee-Jones 27:27; Steve Smith 29:35; David Summerell 29:54

Private Time Trials:

Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 23:25; John Gorman (Full Gas RT) 24:02; Neil JJ Fraser (Full Gas RT) 24:05; David Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 27:34

Note: Next week’s event will most likely be on the “Roadworks 10” course again.  Look out for confirmation on Facebook or email Nick Hickman at timetrials@hitchinnomads.cc