Tuesday TT Series 19/5/2015 Report

Reporter: Paul Riley

After a wild day of hail and thunder, on what turned out to be a dry, clear but cold evening, nearly as many spectators as riders gathered to run a traffic-calming free Briercliffe 10.  In the absence of our resident “Statto” from last week, here is a summary of this week’s TT in simple words with only limited reference to past performances!


Nick Hickman chose to ride slightly less than medium-gear fixed.  Andy Saunders rode a standard road bike complete with commuter inspired top tube mounted pump.  Mark Collins chose to ride on a different side of the road to what he has been used to recently.  Everyone else rode relatively standard TT machines with assorted extra layers of clothing to cope with the cold.  Lindz Barral set the fastest time of the night at 25.19, nearly 2 minutes slower than last week’s effort on the faster “Roadworks 10”, which gives you a good idea of the tough conditions for the evening.

Time keeping duties were handled by Paul Riley. Michael Webb did a sterling job of pushing off.  Ann Collins number spotted.  Sue Clifford–Smith was on photography duties.  Frank Turner provided much needed support to the Timekeeper.


Hitchin Nomads CC Event

Jon Traynor 27.07, Andy Saunders 27.45, Nigel Tooke 28.30, Mark Collins 29.00, Nick Hickman 29.17, Steve Smith 31.31

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Private Time Trial

Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 25.19


Next week’s event is the Dave Gudgin 25 as it looks likely that there will be no road works present on the course.  TT Secretary Nick Hickman is arranging for the “Roadworks 10” course to be available as a back up for the rest of the season in case our regular courses can’t be used for whatever reason.