Time Trial Report – Dave Gudgin 25 – 23 June 2015

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

There were a few grumbles from riders at the finish line from that a “northerly breeze made the long section to GM Growers tough”, or “the wind was so light I didn’t get any help on the course”.  But with every Nomad having posted a season’s best, and seven riders improving on their PB around the course, perhaps the conditions were not so bad after all!  Or maybe it was the vociferous and welcome support from fellow Nomads enjoying a pint at the Hare & Hounds in Old Warden that enabled the riders to overcome the challenging conditions that they encountered.

Fastest Nomad on a lovely summer’s evening was Nigel Hale who became the 4th fastest Nomad ever round the course with a time of 58:45. Other notable performances came from Jon Traynor who took over 2 minutes off his PB, and Leanne Cutler who took nearly 3 minutes from hers.  It is however debateable as to whether Leanne’s ride should be classed as “notable” since she has broken her PB on all 4 occasions that she has ridden the course! Meanwhile Nigel Tooke rolled back the years as he took more than a minute off a PB that he set 12 years ago.

Well done to Julian Pegg and Mark Loosley who good debuts on the course and commiserations go to the fast-improving Chris Corney who picked up an injury which prevented him from completing his ride.


Nomads: Nigel Hale 00:58:45; Mark Desborough 01:04:24; Julian Pegg 01:04:30; Nick Hickman 01:04:58; Jon Traynor 01:05:01; James Spence 01:06:59; Nigel Tooke 01:07:51; Nigel Wilson 01:07:58; Paul Riley 01:09:03; John King 01:09:52; Leanne Cutler 01:10:57; David Summerell 01:13:02; Mark Loosley 01:17:54; Steve Smith 01:18:57; Stephen Oliver 01:19:38; Chris Corney DNF.

Private Time Trials: Joe Gorman (Full Gas RT) 00:57:37; Will Smith (CC Ashwell) 00:58:07; Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 00:59:35; Neil Fraser 01:03:20; David Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 01:09:30.

Last night concluded the Dave Gudgin 25 series for another year, and thus it also concluded the Dave Gudgin handicap event. Riders needed to complete two of the series of three and their fastest two rides counted towards the competition. Twelve riders qualified for the competition but after two cracking rides, the winner was Nigel Hale followed at some distance by Paul Riley and Nigel Wilson. Your reporter hopes that Nigel (Hale) has plenty of space on the mantlepiece for the impressive trophy that goes with the competition. Handicaps will be reset for next season based on a rider’s best performance over the past two years.

Handicap Results:

Nigel Hale 39:36; Paul Riley 43:59; Nigel Wilson 44:40; Mark Desborough 44:47; Leanne Cutler 44:52; Nigel Tooke 45:58; Jon Traynor 46:09; Nick Hickman 47:51; Steve Smith 49:46; David Summerell 50:31; John King 50:56; Chris Corney 55:23.

Finally, thanks go to Timekeeper Frank Turner, his assistants Ben Wilson and Simon Doyle, and to all who supported us around the course.


Interclub 30 Results 21 June 2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

Congratulations to all riders taking part in the Interclub 30.  Commiserations to the DNFs and to James Cornell who punctured a tub riding out.  Simon Norman (BRCC) was fastest on the day.  Also on the podium were Justin Layne (CCA) and Jason Stuart (CCA).  Competition points are still to be calculated, so just riders’ times for now.

Thank you to the 19-strong Nomads Team for putting on the event, and who are a credit to their Club.  Your reporter was not present but would be happy to correct any errors or omissions:

Time Keeper: Frank Turner; Assistant Time Keeper and Pusher Off: Michael Webb; HQ Manager: Steve Smith; Signage: Paul Riley and Simon Doyle; Kitchen Captain: Meline Fletcher; Kitchen Crew: Jason Dynes with Ethan; Results Relay: James Spence; Results Board: James Gomm; Marshals: Simon Costin, Ross Thompson, John Houghton, Phil George, James Spence, Nigel Tooke; Cake Bakers: Leanne Cutler, Ann Collins, Meline Fletcher; Jane Hickman.

Number Name Club Time Position
43 Simon Norman BRCC 1:07:55 1
47 Justin Layne CCA 1:08:12 2
38 Jason Stuart CCA 1:12:58 3
23 Justin Burrell BRCC 1:13:21 4
50 Kieron Lewis BRCC 1:13:21 4
36 Patrick Smith BRCC 1:13:38 6
44 Richard Golding PTT (Equipe Velo) 1:14:15 7
19 John Mitcalf BRCC 1:14:43 8
26 Mark Constable CCA 1:15:01 9
31 John Watson HNCC 1:15:38 10
39 Peter Gell BRCC 1:16:23 11
14 Jackie Field CCA 1:17:32 12
6 Daniel Sibley BRCC 1:17:48 13
28 Mark Desborough HNCC 1:18:15 14
42 Richard Broad SNCC 1:18:16 15
45 Carmelo Luggeri CCA 1:18:22 16
8 David Cook BRCC 1:18:44 17
40 Peter Harridge IRC 1:18:52 18
5 Christian Tregidgo SNCC 1:19:00 19
46 Simon Richardson SNCC 1:19:08 20
24 Steve James BRCC 1:19:37 21
4 Andrewmark Smith BRCC 1:20:07 22
15 Graham Laming BRCC 1:21:09 23
32 Matt Donovan BRCC 1:21:32 24
22 Jon Traynor HNCC 1:21:34 25
1 James Gomm HNCC 1:22:23 26
27 Mark Gray BRCC 1:22:25 27
3 John Thorpe CCA 1:24:21 28
11 Gill Fullen BRCC 1:24:44 29
12 Chris Corney HNCC 1:24:47 30
25 Leanne Cutler HNCC 1:27:58 31
37 Paul Riley HNCC 1:28:30 32
21 Andy Purdy BRCC 1:31:58 33
9 David Morgan IRC 1:33:03 34
10 David Summerell HNCC 1:33:58 35
2 Judy Reid IRC 1:37:55 36
30 Martin Webb IRC 1:38:39 37
7 Dave Crane PTT (Chronos RT) 1:47:12 38
41 Phil Bierton BRCC 1:49:46 39
29 Terry Sykes BRCC 1:55:27 40
34 Melissa Burrell BRCC DNF
48 Simon Doyle HNCC DNF
16 James Cornell HNCC DNS (Apols)
49 Stefan Dixon CCA DNS (Apols)
18 John Harrison HNCC DNS (Apols)
35 Nigel Wilson HNCC DNS (Apols)
20 Andrew Skeen CCA DNS
33 Maurice Burton IRC DNS
17 James Davis CCA DNS

Start sheet for Interclub 30 on 21 June 2015

IC30 HNCC 2015 Start Sheet (final)

N.B. start sheet is amended to remove some mistakes, incorporate some further early / late starts, and avoid having slower riders right at the end (timekeepers will want their coffee and cake).  Some extra riders added since it was being amended anyway and some early DNS Apols removed while I was there.  Please check your start times.  Most have moved by just a minute or two.

Time Trial Report – Non-aero 10 – 16 June 2015

A balmy Summer’s evening greeted 22 riders in what is becoming the a popular addition to the ever-increasing Nomads calendar of events.

The Non-aero time trial is an attempt to encourage any rider to come and try their skills and fitness, and the challenging Briercliffe 10 course, without having to resort to using a time-trial bike and aerodynamic kit. Inspired by our club mate Clive Collins, the event has become a social occasion too, with many riders and supporters taking time for a pint in the White Horse, Southill after the ride.

It was great to see some new members take to the course and see many of them wonder what the hell had happened to their bodies at the finish line.

With Steve Smith on the clocks and Simon Doyle setting the field, Andrew Herbert and Mike Webb took turns to push riders off. Leanne Cutler was Assistant Time Keeper.

The evergreen Frank Turner took to the road as #1 and put in a great time that would probably shame 99% of the UK population, let alone someone of a certain age.

Freddie Bulmer put in a cracking performance to demonstrate his increasing strength and class from the road-race discipline. If he’d have spent less money on tattoos he could have bought a Time Trial bike for use next season. Nigel Hale was the best of the rest. Roadie Dave Pickles/Rickel/Biddell/Fiddle/Rickels put in a good show to hold of the one-man juggernaut that is James Cornell, and Nick Morgan also rode strongly to demonstrate that he can actually get round a TT course without confusing his left and right turns.

Former Nomad (and multiple record holder) Steve Cotton graced us with his presence. Check the records to see what a top rider Steve is.

Other points to note:

  • Andrew Herbert broke the club record for most punctures in the space of an hour.
  • Michael Webb nearly decapitated Simon Doyle with a bike pump/exploding inner-tube combination. It was like the Hurt Locker but with ironic cheering.
  • Paul Riley won the ‘Paul Riley riding a fixed gear for people called Paul Riley Award 2015’.
  • Of the Nomads and chums who rode Raid des Alpes, 2014 (Doyle, Burr, Traynor, Wilson) there was hardly any time to split three of them. More training Nigel.
  • Jason Dynes did a horizontal track stand whilst attempting to clip-in to ride back to his car, and yes we did all see it. Is this a family thing? Elastoplast are doing well from you guys


# Name Time
1 F Bulmer 00:24:36
2 N Hale 00:25:46
3 D Rickels 00:26:19
4 J Cornell 00:26:47
5 N Morgan 00:26:52
6 J Traynor 00:27:42
7 E Lee-Jones 00:28:07
8 J Dynes 00:28:08
9 J King 00:28:20
10 N Hickman 00:28:30
11 N Wilson 00:29:23
12 C Corney 00:29:24
13 D Summerell 00:29:39
14 P Riley 00:30:20
15 F Turner 00:36:38

Private Time Trials

N Fraser 00:24:59
S Cotton 00:26:44
S Doyle 00:27:11
J Thorpe 00:27:40
M Burr 00:27:54
C Brabrook 00:28:07
K Carne 00:29:39

TT Reports – 13/06/2015 and 14/06/2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

The HNCC Time Trial Squad has been out in force, competing in four events over the weekend of 13 and 14 June.  Four very rainy events.

Top rides of the weekend were by Gavin Ashfield and John Watson on the Saturday:

Ashfield beat his own 10 miles Club Record by 23 secs.  This was on the same course as where he set it last September.  He reported that, “Conditions were awful and personally I almost didn’t ride. There was a westerly wind which isn’t ideal on this course.  It rained constantly making vision terrible”.

Watson claimed a new 50 miles Club Record by 48 secs, a record last set in 1989.  He took almost 7 mins off his personal best on what he described as a “stupidly fast course with a juggernaut convention taking place”, and was pleased to have beaten his mate by 2 secs, which was the “important bit”.

Leanne Cutler also rode F2/10, with a highly respectable time despite a very anxious traffic moment early on causing her to ease off for the rest of her ride.  Determined as ever, she has already registered for another event on the course and is targeting the Ladies 10 miles Scratch Record to go along with the Ladies 10 Miles Veteran’s Record she already holds.

Nick Hickman and James Spence were out further afield, riding C2/50 near Sleaford in Lincolnshire.  The course was revised at the last minute, with the “flat bit” removed and the “hilly bit” doubled up making the course 50.4 miles in all.  Hickman managed a season best at the distance, despite riding that little bit extra.  Spence did not have a good day, due to a mechanical issue turning it into a TTT (Treacle Time Trial) event.  Nevertheless, despite numerous opportunities to bail out as the course passed by or near to the HQ, he pressed on regardless to complete the course.

Sunday morning Paul Riley rode the “surprisingly undulating” F13/25 course.  He was pleased with his time, but expressed great disappointment that the cake selection at the HQ was not up to the usual HNCC standard.  This man has his priorities well organised it seems.

  • Hemel Hempstead CC Event (F11/10) Ashfield 20:26, Cutler 26:12
  • VTTA Event (E2/50c) Watson 01:52:18
  • Lincolnshire RRA Event (C2/50) Hickman 02:06:49, Spence 02:30:26 (mechanical)
  • Hemel Hempstead CC Event (F13/25) Riley 01:09:01


Reporter: Steve Smith

Riding a cool and breezy 25 miler was probably not high on a number of Nomad’s lists tonight after many riders did ‘double-duty’ at the weekend in a myriad of combinations involving UCWT qualifying TTs and Gran Fondos, Open and Interclub TTs and of course the Club run.

However 16 riders took on the 10mph NNE wind which only seemed to give help on the stretch from Growers to Shuttleworth, with a reported decrease of 3-5mph along Growers compared to previous events.  Simon Young had an unfortunate but maybe lucky escape with a puncture right on the start line.

Stephen Oliver made a solid Dave Gudgin debut as did CC Ashwell’s Keith Carne.

Fastest Nomad was Mark Desborough, still fresh from a great performance in the Interclub 15, with a 1:06:42.  Close behind were Nick Hickman who only set a time of 1:07:12 due to his beer order at the Hare & Hounds on lap two not being heard!  James Cornell followed with a 1:07:32.

Despite the conditions three of our guests went under the hour with Joe Gorman fastest of the night with a 58:17.

Timekeeper: Frank Turner – Pusher Off: Steve Smith

HNCC Dave Gudgin event #2

M Desborough  1:06:42, N Hickman 1:07:12, J Cornell 1:07:32, J Traynor 1:10:44, J King 1:11:39, C Corney 1:13:02, L Cutler 1:13:56, P Riley 1:14:01, D Summerell 1:18:26, S Oliver 1:22:52

Private Time Trials

J Gorman (Full Gas RT) 58:17, J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 59:37, R Witchell (University of Bristol) 59:48, L Barral (Equipe Velo) 1:02:58, D Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 1:12:29, K Carne (CC Ashwell) 1:20:19

Finsbury Park CC (ECCA BAR) 50 Report

Reporter: Nick Hickman
Photos: courtesy Davey Jones

In an action packed weekend of Nomads’ cycling endeavours a team of three competed in the local 50, on the F1B course from Tempsford south on the A1 to Baldock Services and Stotfold, then north back to Tempsford, and south and north once more.  Conditions were bright and calm to start, with the north wind picking up to make the final leg a good challenge.

The A1 was busy with cars carrying bikes to the day’s other big event, the Tour of Cambridge Gran Fondo.

Julian Pegg rode out from Hitchin.  Nick Hickman felt sufficiently recovered from yesterday’s UCI Chrono to ride (but not to ride out) and long time Nomad John Harrison made a welcome return to time trialling after a three years gap.

Pegg 02:03:42, Hickman 02:07:06, Harrison 02:45:24, Winner Paul Gamlin (Northover Vets Team) 01:47:36

JH at start Harrison at start

JP at Sandy RAB Pegg at Sandy RAB

NH at start Hickman at start

Pegg and Hickman both improved on their last time out on this course, the Norland Combine event which was described as “blustery” at the time.  Harrison was pleased to be riding the F1 again, which he knows so well.  He is the first Nomad to have confirmed his entry for the Interclub 30 in a couple of weeks time.