Tuesday TT Series 2/6/2015 Report

Reporter: Nick Senechal

On a wild and windy night, gusts of over 40 kph deterred all but five Nomads from competing.  Some stayed at home while others made it out to the start and then decided not to ride.  The decision to carry on with the event was made with the last minute arrival of Stephen Oliver and Nick Senechal, meaning the number of confirmed riders exceeded the number of event officials (Ann Collins and Frank turner on clocks, Dave Summerell pushing off). Jon Traynor who had ridden the course as a warm up indicated it was rideable (especially if deep section wheels were avoided),with a good push from the wind up Growers.

Conditions thus dictated that times were a bit more than PBs, with non-deep section wheels being the sensible riders choice (your reporter opted for an 80mm front wheel, being all that he had packed that morning – it seemed to think it was a Frisbee most of the time).

Times were:


Mark Desborough 25:56, Jon Traynor 26:13, Nick Senechal, 26:40, Stephen Oliver 34:16 (includes time re-mounting derailed chain)


Lindz Baral, Equipe Velo 25:03