Finsbury Park CC (ECCA BAR) 50 Report

Reporter: Nick Hickman
Photos: courtesy Davey Jones

In an action packed weekend of Nomads’ cycling endeavours a team of three competed in the local 50, on the F1B course from Tempsford south on the A1 to Baldock Services and Stotfold, then north back to Tempsford, and south and north once more.  Conditions were bright and calm to start, with the north wind picking up to make the final leg a good challenge.

The A1 was busy with cars carrying bikes to the day’s other big event, the Tour of Cambridge Gran Fondo.

Julian Pegg rode out from Hitchin.  Nick Hickman felt sufficiently recovered from yesterday’s UCI Chrono to ride (but not to ride out) and long time Nomad John Harrison made a welcome return to time trialling after a three years gap.

Pegg 02:03:42, Hickman 02:07:06, Harrison 02:45:24, Winner Paul Gamlin (Northover Vets Team) 01:47:36

JH at start Harrison at start

JP at Sandy RAB Pegg at Sandy RAB

NH at start Hickman at start

Pegg and Hickman both improved on their last time out on this course, the Norland Combine event which was described as “blustery” at the time.  Harrison was pleased to be riding the F1 again, which he knows so well.  He is the first Nomad to have confirmed his entry for the Interclub 30 in a couple of weeks time.