TT Reports – 13/06/2015 and 14/06/2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

The HNCC Time Trial Squad has been out in force, competing in four events over the weekend of 13 and 14 June.  Four very rainy events.

Top rides of the weekend were by Gavin Ashfield and John Watson on the Saturday:

Ashfield beat his own 10 miles Club Record by 23 secs.  This was on the same course as where he set it last September.  He reported that, “Conditions were awful and personally I almost didn’t ride. There was a westerly wind which isn’t ideal on this course.  It rained constantly making vision terrible”.

Watson claimed a new 50 miles Club Record by 48 secs, a record last set in 1989.  He took almost 7 mins off his personal best on what he described as a “stupidly fast course with a juggernaut convention taking place”, and was pleased to have beaten his mate by 2 secs, which was the “important bit”.

Leanne Cutler also rode F2/10, with a highly respectable time despite a very anxious traffic moment early on causing her to ease off for the rest of her ride.  Determined as ever, she has already registered for another event on the course and is targeting the Ladies 10 miles Scratch Record to go along with the Ladies 10 Miles Veteran’s Record she already holds.

Nick Hickman and James Spence were out further afield, riding C2/50 near Sleaford in Lincolnshire.  The course was revised at the last minute, with the “flat bit” removed and the “hilly bit” doubled up making the course 50.4 miles in all.  Hickman managed a season best at the distance, despite riding that little bit extra.  Spence did not have a good day, due to a mechanical issue turning it into a TTT (Treacle Time Trial) event.  Nevertheless, despite numerous opportunities to bail out as the course passed by or near to the HQ, he pressed on regardless to complete the course.

Sunday morning Paul Riley rode the “surprisingly undulating” F13/25 course.  He was pleased with his time, but expressed great disappointment that the cake selection at the HQ was not up to the usual HNCC standard.  This man has his priorities well organised it seems.

  • Hemel Hempstead CC Event (F11/10) Ashfield 20:26, Cutler 26:12
  • VTTA Event (E2/50c) Watson 01:52:18
  • Lincolnshire RRA Event (C2/50) Hickman 02:06:49, Spence 02:30:26 (mechanical)
  • Hemel Hempstead CC Event (F13/25) Riley 01:09:01