Time Trial Report – Non-aero 10 – 16 June 2015

A balmy Summer’s evening greeted 22 riders in what is becoming the a popular addition to the ever-increasing Nomads calendar of events.

The Non-aero time trial is an attempt to encourage any rider to come and try their skills and fitness, and the challenging Briercliffe 10 course, without having to resort to using a time-trial bike and aerodynamic kit. Inspired by our club mate Clive Collins, the event has become a social occasion too, with many riders and supporters taking time for a pint in the White Horse, Southill after the ride.

It was great to see some new members take to the course and see many of them wonder what the hell had happened to their bodies at the finish line.

With Steve Smith on the clocks and Simon Doyle setting the field, Andrew Herbert and Mike Webb took turns to push riders off. Leanne Cutler was Assistant Time Keeper.

The evergreen Frank Turner took to the road as #1 and put in a great time that would probably shame 99% of the UK population, let alone someone of a certain age.

Freddie Bulmer put in a cracking performance to demonstrate his increasing strength and class from the road-race discipline. If he’d have spent less money on tattoos he could have bought a Time Trial bike for use next season. Nigel Hale was the best of the rest. Roadie Dave Pickles/Rickel/Biddell/Fiddle/Rickels put in a good show to hold of the one-man juggernaut that is James Cornell, and Nick Morgan also rode strongly to demonstrate that he can actually get round a TT course without confusing his left and right turns.

Former Nomad (and multiple record holder) Steve Cotton graced us with his presence. Check the records to see what a top rider Steve is.

Other points to note:

  • Andrew Herbert broke the club record for most punctures in the space of an hour.
  • Michael Webb nearly decapitated Simon Doyle with a bike pump/exploding inner-tube combination. It was like the Hurt Locker but with ironic cheering.
  • Paul Riley won the ‘Paul Riley riding a fixed gear for people called Paul Riley Award 2015’.
  • Of the Nomads and chums who rode Raid des Alpes, 2014 (Doyle, Burr, Traynor, Wilson) there was hardly any time to split three of them. More training Nigel.
  • Jason Dynes did a horizontal track stand whilst attempting to clip-in to ride back to his car, and yes we did all see it. Is this a family thing? Elastoplast are doing well from you guys


# Name Time
1 F Bulmer 00:24:36
2 N Hale 00:25:46
3 D Rickels 00:26:19
4 J Cornell 00:26:47
5 N Morgan 00:26:52
6 J Traynor 00:27:42
7 E Lee-Jones 00:28:07
8 J Dynes 00:28:08
9 J King 00:28:20
10 N Hickman 00:28:30
11 N Wilson 00:29:23
12 C Corney 00:29:24
13 D Summerell 00:29:39
14 P Riley 00:30:20
15 F Turner 00:36:38

Private Time Trials

N Fraser 00:24:59
S Cotton 00:26:44
S Doyle 00:27:11
J Thorpe 00:27:40
M Burr 00:27:54
C Brabrook 00:28:07
K Carne 00:29:39