Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 28 July 2015

Reporter: Paul Riley

On a surprisingly chilly but not so surprisingly blowy evening, a field of 13 riders took to the Briercliffe 10 course with a good selection of machines on show.

Nick Hickman chose to ride fixed gear.  Captain Steve Robinson and Stoker Simon Doyle set sail on the Team Sales Engine tandem.  The rest of the field were astride a diverse mix of road bikes and TT machines.

Fastest time and a new course record went to CC Ashwell’s Justin Layne, with a 22.06 on what was far from an ideal evening. This was another impressive performance from a man who rode 18:36 on the superfast V718/10 earlier in the month.

Time keeping duties were handled by Paul Riley with Ann Collins and Frank Turner assisting.  Nigel Wilson was pusher off.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

Mark Desborough 25.27, Nick Morgan 25.29, Julian Pegg 25.41, Nick Hickman 29.38, David Summerell 30.23

Private Time Trials

Justin Layne (CC Ashwell) 22.06, Ryan Withcell (University of Bristol) 22.35, Jason Stuart (CC Ashwell) 23.34, Steve Robinson & Simon Doyle (Team Sales Engine, tandem) 23.35, Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 24.37, David Doyle 30.34, David Wright DNF (lost crank but managed to run the rest of the course to finish in “about 47 minutes”)


Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 21 July 2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

There were many notable achievements by members and guests on the Briercliffe 10 this week, including an equalling of the Course Record by University of Bristol rider Ryan Witchell.  As well as the usual Club Event and Personal Time Trials there was the annual Brompton Face Off, won by Club Chairman Nick Senechal, with the first ever sub 30 mins time (including the unfold) on such a machine around our course.

The details are best explained by merely showing the numbers.   Thank you to our timekeepers Frank Turner and Ann Collins, without whom there are no numbers to show. Pushing off duties carried out by Michael Webb.

Ryan Witchell 0:22:09 Univ of Bristol Course Record (shares with Justin Layne)
Jim Moffat 0:22:34 Virgin Active
Thomas Weir 0:23:09 CC Ashwell Personal Best
Nigel Hale 0:23:53 HNCC Course Best (on a Winter hack bike)
Andy Saunders 0:24:11 HNCC
Lindz Barral 0:24:35 Equipe Velo
Mark Desborough 0:24:43 HNCC Personal Best
Julian Pegg 0:25:18 HNCC
Nick Morgan 0:26:46 HNCC Personal Best
Chris Corney 0:26:47 HNCC Personal Best
David Ledgerton 0:27:14 Team Sales Engine
Paul Riley 0:27:24 HNCC
Nigel Wilson 0:27:31 HNCC
Nick Senechal 0:29:31 HNCC Course Record (on a Brompton)
David Summerell 0:29:51 HNCC
Nick Hickman 0:30:25 HNCC Course Best (on a Brompton)
Ian Pretswell 0:34:41 no club affiliation Went off course (on a Brompton)

Interclub 25 Mile Time Trial – 19 July 2015 – Report

Seven Nomads took to the start line for today’s (Sunday, 19 July 2015) CC Ashwell hosted, Interclub 25 mile time trial.

The F14/25 Guilden Morden circuit features two laps of the undulating roads to the north and east of Guilden Morden. With the early morning rain and dew easing off ahead of the 9 o’clock start, riders were tantalised by the prospect of favourable conditions. The meteorological reality was somewhat different, the wind picked up in places and  meant that many competitors were chewing the bars as they turned at the A1198 to  begin the return element of the circuits.

James Spence was the first rider off and put a big dent in to his current Personal Best (PB) for the 25 mile distance. Following 10 minutes or so later was Simon Doyle. Doyle improved on his course best, which he set in 2013, by 18 seconds.

Conditions probably got a bit stiffer for the later starters, but this did not hamper Nigel Wilson (PB) and Steve Smith (who also Course PB’ed). Mark Desborough also smashed out a Course-PB.

John Watson, off the back of yesterday’s impressive sub-2 hour 50-miler, hovered around the magical hour mark. Nigel Tooke shook off the effects of a pre-match nose-bleed to record a solid ‘9’.

Nomads’ times(h.m.s)

Simon Doyle 59.28
John Watson 1.01.17
Mark Desborough 1.03.14
James Spence 1.04.10
Nigel Wilson 1.07.44
Nigel Tooke 1.09.36
Steve Smith 1.13.57

Nick Senechal DNS.

The event was won by the ever-impressive Simon Norman of Beds Road CC with a time of 53.56.

Congratulations to all those who improved and helped capture some points in the Interclub series.

Thanks go to James McKenzie, Jeremy Prodger and the team at CC Ashwell for hosting.

Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 14 July 2015

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

Seventeen riders made it to the start line for the latest event in the Briercliffe 10 series on Tuesday. A gentle south westerly wind and a warm evening provided good conditions for the competitors, though some of the corners were a bit sketchy due to the recent rain that had left the tarmac damp and gravelly in places. A swarm of bugs, particularly around Shuttleworth, provided a ready-made (but not necessarily welcome) supply of nutrition for the riders as they navigated the course.

Following his exceptional ride in the Tour de France yesterday, Chris Froome has offered to allow independent scientists to monitor him to understand the reasons behind his performance levels and to answer his critics. With another series of personal and season bests around the Southill circuit last night, it can only be a matter of time before questions are being asked over what is fuelling the Nomads testers’ recent improvements. It is surely no coincidence that Chris Corney, Leanne Cutler, Steve Smith, Nick Hickman and the two Wilsons (who all secured season bests again last night) have recently been attending Thursday evening training camps based around the Crown Inn in Northill. Steve Smith’s ride was particularly notable in that he went under 30 minutes for the first time in 4 years.

Fastest Nomad of the night was Nick Hickman, closely followed by Mark Desborough, Julian Pegg and Jon Traynor who all went under 26 minutes, in Jon’s case for the first time. Fastest overall was second-claim Nomad, Ryan Witchell who recorded a mighty impressive 22:49.

Many thanks go to Frank Turner (timekeeping), Michael Webb (pusher-off), Brony Mainwaring-Evans and Hannah Wilson for ensuring the event was as successful and enjoyable as ever.

Finally, good luck to Jon Traynor in the Etape this weekend. 4,500 metres of climbing equates to 172 more ascents of Shuttleworth than he did last night!

Hitchin Nomads Event: Nick Hickman 25:01; Mark Desborough 25:04; Julian Pegg 25:23; Jon Traynor 25:48; Ben Wilson 26:37; Nigel Tooke 26:55; Chris Corney 26:57; Nigel Wilson 27:15; Leanne Cutler 28:17; Steve Smith 29:18; Stephen Oliver 30:47.

Personal Time Trials: Ryan Witchell (Univ of Bristol) 22:49; Thomas Weir  (CC Ashwell) 23:32; Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 24:50; Paul French (Beds Road CC) 25:15; David Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 27:14;  David Doyle (unattached) 29:35.


Reporter: Steve Smith

The field shrunk by 10 riders from last week with some possibly put off by the blustery conditions.  However it was plenty warm and what the Timekeeper described as a “Force 6 West South Westerly wind” certainly allowed some competitive times to be set.

10 Nomads and 3 guests took the start with Mark Desborough the fastest Nomad with a 24:59 – an improvement of 27 seconds on last week.  CC Ashwell’s Thomas Weir was fastest overall with a 23:48 (32 seconds improvement from last week). Jon Traynor improved on last week’s course best by 4 seconds and needs 2 more to get into the 25s.  Chris Corney made a 12 second improvement to sneak into the 26s with a new course best of 26:57.  Leanne Cutler also achieved a new course best by 11 seconds.

In a battle of the Wilsons, Ben started to get some form back and edged out Nigel by just 6 seconds.  Dad had already submitted a poorly knee excuse before the start and was in any event pleased to be fastest Nigel on the night for a change.  Get well soon.

The reporter took a first TT outing on a Road Bike for the season and made a 27 second improvement on his course season’s best despite getting off to put the chain back on at the bridge before Shuttleworth – head scratching required before next week!

Timekeeping was taken care of by Frank Turner and Ann Collins while David Summerell pushed off.

Hitchin Nomads Briercliffe 10 Mark Desborough 24:59; James Spence 25:56; Jon Traynor 26:01 CB; Chris Corney 26:57 CB; Paul Riley 27:09; Ben Wilson 27:41; Nigel Wilson 27:47; Leanne Cutler 28:34 CB; Steve Smith 31:04; Stephen Oliver 31:49

Private Time Trials Thomas Weir (CC Ashwell) 23:48; Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 24:32; David Doyle (Unattached) 30:15

Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 30 June 2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

On a very warm evening with a 12 mph breeze from a WSW direction 15 Nomads and 8 guests rode the classic Briercliffe 10 course.  A number of best times around the course were recorded (CB), with fasted Nomad on the night being Nigel Hale.

Thanks to our timekeepers Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler, our pusher off Steve Smith and our photographer Michael Webb (see the Club’s Facebook group for the full gallery).

DSPerennial tester David Summerell starts the Briercliffe 10 for the umpteenth time.

Some hop based recovery drinks and dry roasted protein may have been consumed after at the White Horse in Southill …

HNCC Briercliffe 10
Nigel Hale 00:23:31 CB
Nick Hickman 00:25:04 CB
Julian Pegg 00:25:10
Mark Desborough 00:25:26
Jon Traynor 00:26:05 CB
James Spence 00:26:29
James McPherson 00:26:52 Course and distance debut
Chris Corney 00:27:09 CB
Nigel Tooke 00:27:10
John King 00:27:17
Paul Riley 00:27:23
Nigel Wilson 00:27:26 CB
Ben Wilson 00:29:33
Mark Loosley 00:30:27
David Summerell 00:30:31
Private Time Trials
Ryan Witchell Univ of Bristol 00:22:31
Thomas Weir CC Ashwell 00:24:20
Chris Brabrook CC Ashwell 00:27:20
David Ledgerton Team Sales Engine 00:27:43
Keith Carne CC Ashwell 00:29:24
David Doyle not affiliated 00:30:25
Stephen Oliver not affiliated 00:31:26
Mark Margrave not affiliated 00:32:31