Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 30 June 2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

On a very warm evening with a 12 mph breeze from a WSW direction 15 Nomads and 8 guests rode the classic Briercliffe 10 course.  A number of best times around the course were recorded (CB), with fasted Nomad on the night being Nigel Hale.

Thanks to our timekeepers Frank Turner and Leanne Cutler, our pusher off Steve Smith and our photographer Michael Webb (see the Club’s Facebook group for the full gallery).

DSPerennial tester David Summerell starts the Briercliffe 10 for the umpteenth time.

Some hop based recovery drinks and dry roasted protein may have been consumed after at the White Horse in Southill …

HNCC Briercliffe 10
Nigel Hale 00:23:31 CB
Nick Hickman 00:25:04 CB
Julian Pegg 00:25:10
Mark Desborough 00:25:26
Jon Traynor 00:26:05 CB
James Spence 00:26:29
James McPherson 00:26:52 Course and distance debut
Chris Corney 00:27:09 CB
Nigel Tooke 00:27:10
John King 00:27:17
Paul Riley 00:27:23
Nigel Wilson 00:27:26 CB
Ben Wilson 00:29:33
Mark Loosley 00:30:27
David Summerell 00:30:31
Private Time Trials
Ryan Witchell Univ of Bristol 00:22:31
Thomas Weir CC Ashwell 00:24:20
Chris Brabrook CC Ashwell 00:27:20
David Ledgerton Team Sales Engine 00:27:43
Keith Carne CC Ashwell 00:29:24
David Doyle not affiliated 00:30:25
Stephen Oliver not affiliated 00:31:26
Mark Margrave not affiliated 00:32:31