Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 21 July 2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

There were many notable achievements by members and guests on the Briercliffe 10 this week, including an equalling of the Course Record by University of Bristol rider Ryan Witchell.  As well as the usual Club Event and Personal Time Trials there was the annual Brompton Face Off, won by Club Chairman Nick Senechal, with the first ever sub 30 mins time (including the unfold) on such a machine around our course.

The details are best explained by merely showing the numbers.   Thank you to our timekeepers Frank Turner and Ann Collins, without whom there are no numbers to show. Pushing off duties carried out by Michael Webb.

Ryan Witchell 0:22:09 Univ of Bristol Course Record (shares with Justin Layne)
Jim Moffat 0:22:34 Virgin Active
Thomas Weir 0:23:09 CC Ashwell Personal Best
Nigel Hale 0:23:53 HNCC Course Best (on a Winter hack bike)
Andy Saunders 0:24:11 HNCC
Lindz Barral 0:24:35 Equipe Velo
Mark Desborough 0:24:43 HNCC Personal Best
Julian Pegg 0:25:18 HNCC
Nick Morgan 0:26:46 HNCC Personal Best
Chris Corney 0:26:47 HNCC Personal Best
David Ledgerton 0:27:14 Team Sales Engine
Paul Riley 0:27:24 HNCC
Nigel Wilson 0:27:31 HNCC
Nick Senechal 0:29:31 HNCC Course Record (on a Brompton)
David Summerell 0:29:51 HNCC
Nick Hickman 0:30:25 HNCC Course Best (on a Brompton)
Ian Pretswell 0:34:41 no club affiliation Went off course (on a Brompton)