Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 11 August 2015

Reporter: Paul Riley

On an evening that was remarkable only for the total lack of any wind and the late arrival of Andy Saunders due to a timing misunderstanding, 8 riders took on the intermittently moist Briercliffe 10 course. This was the first Tuesday TT of the year to be run in slightly damp conditions and in an evening of firsts, Ryan arrived on time, Chris Corney rode a rear disc wheel, Matt Friday rode the correct course and Mark Desborough bowed to the pressures of aerodynamics by tying his cycling shoes’ laces in a different way!

Fastest time of the night went to Ryan Withcell with a 23.04. Fastest Nomad of the evening was the ever consistent Mark Desborough with a 24.45.

Time keeping duties were handled by Frank Turner and Ann Collins, Nick Hickman pushed off and Paul Riley number spotted (while eating the Timekeepers sweets).

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

Mark Desborough 24.45, Chris Corney 27.19, Matt Friday 28.20, David Summerell 28.59

Private Time Trials

Ryan Withcell (Bristol University) 23.04, Tom Weir (Swansea University) 23.41, Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 24.47, Chris Braybrook 27.23