Time Trial Report – Autumn Series (1 of 4) on 6Z/10

Reporter: Chris Corney

On a beautiful Saturday morning, a field of just 8 riders took to the 6Z/10 course as used in our Spring and Autumn Hilly events.

Frank ‘McCaskill’ Turner described conditions as “Windy F6 North, Bright 4/8 Cirrus”. I’m not too sure what any of this means, but it was a nice morning nonetheless.

Fastest time went to man-on-form Mark Desborough, with an impressive 23.32. This could be due to his new ‘aero’ mountain bike helmet (with the peak removed). A good time, also, by Tom Clarke on his TT debut with a 27.16.

Steve Smith was heard questioning why he’d just paid £2 to inflict so much pain on himself.  Possibly he was still suffering from some Greek holiday ouzo-related injuries. A fine effort by all 8 riders though. Thanks to Frank for time keeping duties and Mike Kitchen of Welwyn Wheelers for pushing off.

The next event in the series will be on the 1U/10 Briercliffe Course at Southill on Saturday 22nd August at 09:00.


M Desborough 23.32, T Durkin 24.56, C Corney 26.47, T Clarke 27.16, L Cutler 28.10, D Summerell 28.12, S Smith 31.04, S Oliver 31.5