Time Trial Report – Briercliffe 10 – 18 August 2015

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

It was the last day of the summer term at St. Briercliffe’s today, and the prize giving was presided over by headmaster Mr. Frank Turner.  The end of term party took place after at the White Horse in Southill.

The fastest Nomad was Gavin Ashfield who, along with Freddy Bulmer, Chris Corney, Mark Desborough and Nigel Wilson, received commendation for achieving their best times around the course. The tandem race was won by Steve Smith and birthday girl Meline Fletcher, despite rumours that their bike had been ‘sabotaged’ prior to the event.

Sam Hayes recorded the fastest time of the night with an impressive 22:59.

Thanks go to Mr Turner and deputy head Mrs Ann Collins for timekeeping, and to school caretaker Mr Geoff Perry for pushing off.  

Spring term commences on the first Tuesday in April 2016.  The “Autumn” series continues on the Southill course on Saturday at 9am.

Hitchin Nomads event:

Gavin Ashfield 23:06; Freddy Bulmer 24:02; Mark Desborough 24:37; Chris Corney 26:38; Nigel Wilson 26:45; Nick Hickman 27:14; Matt Friday 28:40; David Summerell 28:54; Meline Fletcher / Steve Smith (tandem) 30:58; Stephen Oliver 31:52.

Personal Time Trials:

Sam Hayes (Team Sales Engine) 22:59; Thomas Weir (Swansea Uni) 23:15; Neil Fraser (Stevenage CC) 24:16; Lindz Barral (Equipe Velo) 24:34; Paul French (Beds Road CC) 25:37.