Nomads’ Records tumble – Time Trialling 2015

As Roy Castle may have said, “It’s a Record Breaker”. We cannot quite rival the former jazzman’s trumpeting fanfare but a daaa-da-da-da-da-daaaaah down a rolled up newspaper shall suffice for a bumper harvest of club records being surpassed.

John Watson and Leanne Cutler have troubled the engravers and note takers with respective record-beating in the mens’ 50,100, 12 hour, Best All Rounder and the ladies’ 25, 50 (scratch and VTTA standard).

Watson figures with Nick Hickman and Julian Pegg in setting the team 12hr record (which also claimed 1st place on the day in the ECCA 12hr). The distance of 748 miles will be very hard to beat.

Records can be viewed on the records page.

Chapeau to all….too many to keep up with!

Nigel Wilson (Records Officer), Simon Doyle (Membership Sec).