Boxing Day 10 – 26 Dec 2015

Reporter: Nick Hickman

The final Hitchin Nomads Time Trial of 2015 took place around the Briercliffe 10 Course on Boxing Day. According to the Club history this has been the tradition since 1969.  The event was headquartered at Old Warden Village Hall at which a sumptuous lunchtime spread had been laid on by Club members.

32 riders from 13 different Clubs / Teams signed up, with the decision on who to give the Event Trophy to being made by the hastily convened Award Committee consisting Time Keeper, Club Chairman and Event Secretary. The Committee’s unanimous decision was that Paul Fletcher should take home the Allan Porter award for most meritorious performance of the day.  Alan Porter was a founder member of the Club, present at its first meeting in 1931.  Paul was riding his first time trial, it was his first time on a fixed wheel machine constructed in 1936.  Frank’s presentation speech also mentioned Ethan Dynes, who set off just before the event proper started and rode the course with his parents Jason Dynes and Leanne Cutler.  At six years old, he is the youngest Club member to have worn Blue and Gold in a competitive event  this season and there are high hopes that he’ll have his name alongside his mother’s on some trophies in years to come.

The fastest time for the event was by Justin Layne of CC Ashwell, with Richard Pratt of Icknield RC being best on handicap.

Very many Club Members and friends made this event a success by taking a role on the day, supplying provisions or spectating with great enthusiasm. As Event Secretary I would like to make special mention of the following:

Frank Turner – Timekeeper; Amy Thurstan – Assistant Timekeeper; Chris Tribe – Pushing off; Janice Wilson – Kitchen Captain; Ann Collins – Results and Handicapping

As befits this very special event, results are given in order of Rider Number rather than time around the course. The first time given is the actual time and the second is the handicapped result, which is based on an arcane combination of machine type, machine age and rider’s age (veterans standards) which is only fully understood by a very select group (i.e. Frank and Ann).

No. Name Club / Team * Standard Time Final Time
1 Nick Senechal HNCC 28:18 25:10
2 Mark Anstee PW 27:28 25:12
3 Graham Laming BRCC 29.22 26:27
4 Sheila George VCC DNF off course
5 Simon Richardson SNCC 27:19 26:43
6 Andy Saunders HNCC 26:47 25:47
7 Paul Fletcher HNCC 32:40 26:30
8 Nigel Wilson HNCC 30:15 28:26
9 John Pick CRT 36:53 34:54
10 Simon Rinaldo SNCC 26:07 25:27
11 Geoff Perry HNCC 41:52 35:07
12 Chris McQue HNCC DNS
13 Roy Porter IRC 36:58 29:10
14 Richard Farish IRC 34:03 32:13
15 Mark Young HNCC 31:57 29:28
16 Jon Traynor HNCC 31:20 29:04
17 Jon Gillham TT 29:36 29:12
18 Roy Robinson TSE 33:04 26:34
19 Lindz Barral EV 25:36 25:36
20 Justin Layne CCA 24:41 24:41
21 Mark Vooght SCC 28:46 27:58
22 Neil JJ Fraser SCC 26:56 25:06
23 Julian Pegg HNCC 30:15 27:46
24 Brian Ruggles HNCC 31:09 29:32
25 Catherine Jones HNCC 32:17 30:27
26 John Watson HNCC 2-up (with No. 25)
27 Mark Greenhow SNCC 28:03 26:39
28 Dave Wilson SNCC 34:11 34:11
29 Colin Holmes VTTA (L&HC) 32:36 25:20
30 Mark Collins HNCC 30:34 28:44
31 Dave Crane CRT 40:29 38:26
32 Richard Pratt IRC 27:30 24:08

* HNCC – Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club, BRCC – Beds Road Cycling Club, VCC – Veteran Cycling Club, SNCC – St Neots Cycling Club, IRC – Icknield Road Club, TSE – Team Sales Engine, CCA – Cycling Club Ashwell, PW – Pedal Works, CRT – Chronos Racing Team, TT – Team Trisports, EV – Equipe Velo, SCC – Stevenage Cycling Club, VTTA L&HC – Veterans Time Trials Association (London & Home Counties)

Photographs of Club members courtesy Davey Jones: