North Road Hard Riders 25 TT

Reporter: Nick Hickman

Photographs: Davey Jones, Sally Oliver, Nick Hickman

The Nomads 2016 Time Trial season got underway at the North Road Hard Riders 25 miles event on Sunday 28 February.  For the first time in several years there was a full Club team, consisting Paul Riley, Nigel Wilson and Nick Hickman.

The course was gravelly and potholed; conditions were cold, wet and windy – so all was as normal for this classic event whose history goes back to 1939.  It wasn’t quite cold enough for ice to cause a last minute cancellation as in 2015, and the various road works were all clear so that the full 25 miles course could be used for a change.

The marshalling and signage was superb and huge credit to North Road CC.

Wilson and Riley, on road bikes, had a target to go under 01:30:00.

Hickman wanted to complete the course without a puncture and test the new set up on his TT bike.

North Road Hard Riders - Nick Hickman - 28022016

All targets were achieved with Riley and Wilson having minutes to spare, and Hickman discovering that his new handlebar stem was going to need a rethink as the aero bars dropped further down below horizontal each time he hit a hole.

Riley’s first words after catching his breath post event were, “that was fun, I’d do that again”.


  • Lloyd Chapman (Pedal Heaven RT) 00:57:54 1st place
  • Nick Hickman (HNCC) 01:18:15 64th place
  • Paul Riley (HNCC) 01:27:11 75th place
  • Nigel Wilson (HNCC) 01:27:49 76th place

Back at HQ after the event Phil Liggett, the “Voice of the Tour de France” was in attendance.  Sadly this was not to comment on the Nomads team performance, but to receive the F.T.Bidlake award for his excellent contribution to cycling.  Bidlake was the “Father of Time Trialling”, being very active in the 1890s to set up this discipline in Great Britain.  Liggett remarked in his acceptance speech that he had been recently chatting to Chris Froome in Australia but had thought it prudent not to mention that Froome has not won this award.

North Road Hard Riders  - Phil Liggett - 28022016

Wilson’s comment to his team mates on leaving for home, was “same time next year then”.

Hickman, while preparing to drive back, was asked by another competitor if he had seen anyone move his bike.  Sadly, it seemed likely that the questioner had had his machine stolen from the car park.

All Club members are reminded to take very special care at events to reduce the risk of theft.