Medium Gear 25 miles TT – 19 April 2016

Reporter: Terry Davies

It has to be said that definitely no two Saturdays are the same, especially where the weather is concerned.  This Saturday was considerably worse than last, and when you’re about to ride a TT over 25 miles on a single speed medium gear you need more favourable conditions as opposed to cold, rain and wind.  So massive kudos to all who rode on these machines.

Personally I think it was always going to be a big ask to replicate the numbers from the previous Saturdays 2up TT, and so it proved with just 8 riders including myself on a selection of bikes, of which 4 were medium gear and the remainder a selection of full aero and road bikes. I decided to opt for a road bike with some clip on bars and was the 4th rider off the start line. By the time I had got to the first RAB at Shefford I could barely see anything through my visor due to that horrible misty rain sticking to it and now a head wind all the way up to G&M Growers.  Now if I was finding conditions difficult then I dread to think how the single speed riders were coping with it, but cope they did and I must say they all rode extremely well.  Especially Freddy Bulmer who claimed top spot in the Club Medium Gear competition on his first single speed TT. I’m pretty sure that I had told Freddy once or 30 times before the race that I ride a single speed all week so the idea of riding it for fun at a TT doesn’t float my boat.

HNCC Medium Gear Competition

Freddy Bulmer- 1.16.51; Chris Corney- 1.21.42; Meli Fletcher-1.34.23

Other Results

Neil Fraser – 1.14.25 Stevenage CC (Medium Gear); Steve Robinson-1.05.19 Team Sales Engine & HNCC; Terry Davies- 1.13.53 HNCC; Nigel Wilson- 1.17.59 HNCC; David Summerell- DNF HNCC

At this point a massive thanks to all people who made this happen including time keepers, sign on rep etc.  Please excuse me where names are concerned but being new to the club I’m still unsure who people are.  Suffice to say you all do a sterling job and you know who you are. Some of us attended the café in Southill afterwards where I spent most of my time worrying about if my partner Louise would get the message to meet us there as opposed to sitting in the café at Shuttleworth.

Once again a massive thanks to everyone involved on the day.



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