Briercliffe 10 – 5 April 2016

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

A bumper field turned out on a lovely Spring evening in Southill for the first Nomads “Briercliffe 10” of the season, looking to post a time that they will then spend the next 4 months trying to improve upon. After discussion amongst the riders, the consensus was that the “official going” was  “ok” with only a gentle unfavourable cross-wind providing any opportunity for anyone to grumble about the conditions. 

It was good to see a number of riders making their debut in the Briercliffe series, which is named after one of the club’s most celebrated ex-members:

Fastest Nomad on the night was Cap’n John Watson who posted a 24:09. Messrs. Bulmer and Morgan also went sub-25 around the course. However the quickest time of the night came from Justin Layne of CC Ashwell, who completed the course in exactly 21 minutes.

An impressive team marshalled the whole event: Gavin Ashfield, James Spence, Meli Fletcher, Steve Smith, Paul Riley and the incomparable Frank Turner as Time Keeper. Thanks to all of you for looking after us – it is much appreciated as ever.

Hitchin Nomads: J. Watson 24:09; F Bulmer 24:17; N. Morgan 24:27; N. Hickman 25:25; J. Gomm 25:32; T. Davies 26:22; R. Thomson 26:22; R. Cook 26:35; N. Wilson 26:44; C. Corney 26:48; D. Rickels 26:48; N. Tooke 27:26; T. Low 27:28; P. Fletcher 28:41; N. Altham 30:19; M. Loosley 31:31; L. Jarvis 32:16; R. Bamberough 32:26

R. Chirvasuta recorded an unofficial 30:17 (late arrival)

Private Time Trials: J. Layne (CCA) 21:00; T. Trimble (CCA) 22:24; W. Smith (CCA) 22:37; R. Witchell (Bristol Uni) 22:43; T Weir (Swansea Uni) 23:03; P French (BRCC) 24:23; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 24:36; P Gell (BRCC) 24:49; D Ledgerton (Team SalesEngine) 27:11

Note from Nick Hickman (TT Secretary):  It was brought to my notice by one of our course marshals that riders need to pay special attention to keeping on the left hand side of the road unless overtaking slower moving traffic or turning right.  I will have no hesitation in disqualifying riders observed to not be following this CTT regulation.  And I am ashamed to admit I found myself slipping just over the central line on the last turn up through the woods after Old Warden.  I promise that if I do that again I will set an example by DQ-ing myself!