InterClub 10 – 24 April 2016

Reporter: Jon Traynor

Sixteen Hitchin Nomads lined up for the first of the 2016 Interclub Time Trial series, hosted by Icknield Road Club.  This was a  magnificent turnout for the boys and girl in yellow and blue. The season long Interclub competition is with four other local clubs – Icknield RC, Beds Road CC, CC Ashwell and St Neots CC.

A chilly start greeted the early riders on an otherwise bright spring morning, with some dampness persisting from overnight rain and sleet. The 6U/10 course is deceptively tricky due to its pan-flat nature with a slight incline towards the Maulden roundabout. A sharp cross-wind at this point gave rise to several Nomads commenting on this draggy section of the circuit, although once the turn was traversed there were some speed benefits found. Two laps from roughly the A6/A507 roundabout to Maulden is what was required to post a time which all but one Nomad on the start sheet duly performed. Webby had withdrawn from the event several weeks previous due to illness but did make an appearance to grab some excellent shots of the day.  He was last reported to have enlisted Austin Powers’ assistance to help to find his cycling Mojo.

Quote of the day goes to Steve Smith who’s tactics were to take it easy for the first couple of miles, then turn the tap on. However, he reported that, “when the tap was turned on, only a dribble came out”. A fact that a lot of other Nomads could readily identify with.

Excuse of the day was a close run thing.  James McPherson reeled off an impressive list of reasons why he could have done better before revealing that he did actually put in a good time.  Stephen Oliver was held up by a turning motor home.  The honour has to go to Paul Riley though who revealed in the post-event chat that he needed to research some more aerodynamic brake blocks to gain the advantage needed.

In the mid-section, one second separated Nigel Tooke and Chris Brabrook, whilst the same margin also separated Nigel Wilson and Jon Traynor.  Mr Wilson reasoned that the consumption of beer and pizza the previous evening was the secret to his success.

Right, your reporter is now off down Dominos then the pub!

Next event in the series will be the Interclub 15 hosted by BRCC on the morning of Sunday 12 June.   Lets have another good showing from the Nomads!

Official Nomads times:

Nigel Hale 23.17; James Cornell 23.51; Steve Robinson 24.10; Nick Senechal 24.33; James Gomm 25.29; James McPherson 26.08; Terry Davies 26.26; Nigel Wilson 26.41; Jon Traynor 26.42; Nigel Tooke 27.06; Chris Brabrook 27.07; Chris Corney 27.24; Leanne Cutler 27.38; Paul Riley 28.12; Steve Smith 30.41; Stephen Oliver 32.47

Simon Norman, representing BRCC, was fastest on the day with a 21:10.

Competition Points Standings After One Event:

BRCC 761; CCA 573; HNCC 502; SNCC 473; IRC 414