Briercliffe 10 – 26 April 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman
Photography: Michael Webb

Brrr, it was cold!  Artic air brought in by a biting North Westerly wind welcomed competitors, organisers and supporters to Southill for this week’s Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club 10 miles Time Trial event.  Thankfully the wintry showers earlier in the day had passed through so roads were dry, the sky was bright and it was otherwise a lovely evening.  That is, if you were looking at it from inside a nice warm home.

A diverse mix of defences against the cold were deployed.  These ranged from David Summerell’s full-on polar explorer outfit with stylish balaclava, to Freddy Bulmer’s bare-legged, bare-armed and bare-handed wishful thinking – based on his earlier observation that, “it was warm in my kitchen before I left”.

Sixteen riders took to the line.  James Spence and Frank Turner were on the clocks, with Steve Smith as pusher off.  Leanne Cutler and Simon Doyle provided a mobile marshalling and cheering service.  Michael Webb took some superb photographs from various locations around the course. A selection are included here, the full set being available in the album posted to the Club’s Facebook Page.

Fastest ride of the evening was 2nd claim Nomad Nigel Hale.

James Gomm (also 2nd claim) was the only rider to have improved his time on the same course last week.  He seemed rather surprised, given that he was on his road bike with tri-bars.  Others were typically around a minute slower on this occasion.  Once his white fingers had some blood and feeling restored, Gomm was to compose a letter on this topic to a Mr Chris Boardman, supplier of his regular TT machine, .

Hitchin Nomads CC event:

N Hale 24:11; S Robinson 25:31; J Gomm 26:08; F Bulmer 26:27; N Hickman 27:10; C Corney 28:23; N Wilson 28:30; E Lee Jones 29:56; P Riley 29:56; D Summerell 31:57; N Altham 32:34; S Oliver 35:35; C Jones (off course) 35:41;

Private Time Trials:

R Evans (Army Cycling Union) 24:54; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25:29; D Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 28:59;