Briercliffe 10 – 31 May 2016

Reporter: Leanne Cutler

With Summer seemingly over the rain had fallen all day and the wind blew wild.  “I’m not scared”, said nine fearless riders on Tuesday evening’s Briecliffe 10TT, adding that, “it was better than the turbo option”.  With a mixture of aero, non aero  and medium gear set ups there were a few carrots being dangled. Whilst the roads were wet there was little of the predicted standing water under the old railway bridge which meant Paul Riley could leave his speedos at home.  Phew!

The phrase, ‘”the wind has died down” uttered by Mr Hickman at the sign-on didn’t really ring true as it appeared that riders were battered from all directions.  It offered little help but some scary moments, especially for those on the aero option along the road from G&M RAB to Shuttleworth.  “Hold on tight for the 27 mph gusts”, is all I can say.  Surprisingly there were lots of smiles at the finish where most riders agreed that it had been an enjoyable event … yes really! In addition, notes were compared on the beautiful scenery of flowers and wildlife.  The rhododendrons on the climb up to Ireland were said to be in full bloom and a bird of prey was seen hunting by Shuttleworth.  Clearly these individuals need to pedal harder, or maybe not being aero meant that they could actually see what would normally be a blur?

Fastest rider of the evening was Will Smith (CC Ashwell) with a blistering 23:40.  Fastest Nomad was Chris Corney with a very impressive non aero time of 28:14.  His TT bike may be on eBay soon as he clearly doesn’t need the extra help.

As always, much appreciation to those without whom our events would not take place – Frank Turner (Time Keeper), Steve Smith (Pusher Off and roadside encouragement)

Hitchin Nomads Competition

C Corney 28:14; J Traynor 28:30; L Cutler 29:09; N Hickman 30:25; N Wilson 30:33; M Loosley 33:22; P Riley 34:15

Private Time Trials

W Smith (CC Ashwell) 23:40; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25:02



HNCC Open 25 – 28 May 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman

F14/25 Open 25 Mile Time Trial – London Millennium Series (8 of 8)
Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under its rules and regulations


1st Felix Barker (Cambridge University CC ) 0:53:02 £40
2nd Brett Harwood (Terry Wright Cycles RC) 0:53:22 £30
3rd Simon Norman (Bedfordshire Road RT) 0:53:54 £20

1st Lady Annabel Sill Welwyn Whs  1:06:54 £40

Fastest Team of 3 Luke Clarke, Ross Clarke, Tony May (TMG Horizon Cycling Team) 2:48:44 £20 each

Congratulations to all the winners. Prize money will be sent in the post.

Thank you to all those members and friends of HNCC who gave their time to ensure that the event could go ahead:

  • Nick Hickman for event organisation
  • Tim Groves, his daughter Becki, and Frank Turner for timekeeping
  • Simon Doyle and Andrew Herbert for pushing off
  • Simon Young for parking management and results relay
  • Ethan Dynes for sign-on registration
  • Leanne Cutler for results board
  • Meliné Fletcher, Daisy Doyle, Tracy Gosling and Hannah Wilson for feeding and watering at HQ
  • Nick Senechal, Nigel Wilson, Roger Bamberough and Christopher Tribe for marshalling the course
  • Michael Webb for event photography (see MWebb Photography’s album on Facebook)
  • James Gomm for laying event foundations in previous years, upon which this year’s event was built
  • Jane Hickman for repairing marshals’ bibs
  • Ann Collins and Scott Reed (and several others from those above) for cake baking


Position Name Club Time
1 Felix Barker Cambridge University CC 0:53:02
2 Brett Harwood Terry Wright Cycles RC 0:53:22
3 Simon Norman Bedfordshire Road RT 0:53:54
4 David McGaw Cambridge CC 0:54:00
5 Luke Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 0:54:14
6 Ross Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 0:54:49
7 Jason Green Bedfordshire Road RT 0:55:38
8 William Smith CC Ashwell 0:56:28
9 Luke Danckert Army Cycling Union 0:56:33
10 Andrew Digby Welwyn Whs 0:58:27
11 Jason Stuart CC Ashwell 0:58:33
12 Steve Torley Team Milton Keynes 0:58:34
13 Daniel Ryan North Road CC 0:58:59
14 Robert Gilmour Hounslow & District Whs 0:59:06
15 Nigel Hale Team Salesengine.Co.Uk 0:59:29
16 Tony May TMG Horizon Cycling Team 0:59:41
17 Neil Wood Dig Deep Coaching 0:59:54
18 Mark Ellis Team Milton Keynes 0:59:59
19 Kevin Haynes Finsbury Park CC 1:00:37
20 Graham Martin A5 Rangers CC 1:00:42
21 Dan Bromilow Ely & District CC 1:00:47
22 Nick Morgan Hitchin Nomads CC 1:00:53
23 Michael Martin CC Ashwell 1:00:55
24 David Lindsay Team Bottrill 1:01:09
25 Oren Peleg Regents Park Rouleurs 1:01:15
25 Steve Clarke TMG Horizon Cycling Team 1:01:15
27 Tom Krause Equipe Velo 1:01:19
27 James Cornell Hitchin Nomads CC 1:01:19
29 John Dowling Hemel Hempstead CC 1:01:23
30 Freddy Bulmer Hitchin Nomads CC 1:01:59
31 James McKenzie CC Ashwell 1:02:05
32 Alan Crane Chronos RT 1:02:06
33 Roger Porter Verulam CC 1:02:08
34 Dan Baxter West Suffolk Whs & Triathlon Club 1:02:09
35 Chris Green St Neots CC 1:02:12
36 Geoff Bunyan Bossard Whs 1:02:20
37 Josh Beckett High Wycombe CC 1:03:18
38 Rob Luff GS Stella 1:03:22
39 James McPherson Hitchin Nomads CC 1:03:33
40 Derek Ricketts Ely & District CC 1:03:44
41 Kobi Omenaka Regents Park Rouleurs 1:03:53
42 James Gomm Team Salesengine.Co.Uk 1:03:54
43 Nick McCormick Epsom CC 1:04:02
44 James Davis CC Ashwell 1:04:21
45 Steve Cotton Cambridge CC 1:04:28
46 Steven Boat Welland Valley CC 1:05:37
47 Steve Rust Team Trident 1:05:47
48 Jon Traynor Hitchin Nomads CC 1:06:09
49 Annabel Sill Welwyn Whs 1:06:54
50 Paul Woodham Bossard Whs 1:07:06
51 Chris Jones Icknield RC 1:07:17
52 Chris Corney Hitchin Nomads CC 1:08:21
53 David Morgan Icknield RC 1:09:11
54 Tony Shortland Team Trident 1:09:40
55 Jonathan Gillham Team Trident 1:09:45
56 Michael Church Rockingham Forest Whs 1:09:51
57 Paul Willis CC London 1:09:52
58 Duncan Godfrey Team Trident 1:10:42
59 Zena Palgrave Ely & District CC 1:10:43
60 Joe Kiely Welwyn Whs 1:10:51
61 David Kiely North Road CC 1:11:34
62 Andrew Porter Welwyn Whs 1:14:14
63 Martin Webb Icknield RC 1:14:24
64 Steve Moakes Team Trident 1:14:38
65 Elodie Levis Team Trident 1:14:42
66 Stephen Oliver Hitchin Nomads CC 1:23:45
DNF Colin Holmes VTTA (London & Home Counties)
DNF Adrian Briers Icknield RC
DNF Ian Stokes 45 RC
DNS Apols Michael Parker TMG Horizon Cycling Team
DNS Apols Gary Freer Team Trident
DNS Daniel Rigby St Ives CC
DNS Brenda Bozwood Davies Team Trident
DNS Alex Peeke Welwyn Whs
DNS Richard Burton Westerley Cycling Club
DNS Ian Markham Chronos RT
DNS Clive Wellings Hertfordshire Whs





Dave Gudgin 25 – 24 May 2016

Reporter: Michael Webb

A good turn out for tonight’s Dave Gudgin 25m TT with 19 riders on the start line for some fun. The summer temperatures were still hiding behind a brisk NE wind but there were lovely clear skies at least.

Fastest tonight was Will Smith of CC Ashwell with a storming ride of 58.20.  Very impressive especially as he informed us at the start ‘he really needed the toilet’.  Enough said [Too much?  Editor].

Other highlights included Freddy Bulmer having a pretty major mechanical on the first lap just as he came into Shefford.  He was shocked to find both feet pointing down at the same time! His left crank arm had come unscrewed and pulled out from the bottom bracket.  Luckily he had the right size allen key in his multi-tool and was able to fix it back. Despite this he powered out a very respectable time of 1.04.21.


Frank Turner finding the time to do a spot check of each rider’s chosen steed.  Unfortunately he did not spot the loose crank arm on Freddy’s machine (or did he?).

There were more misfortunes tonight with Peter Gell deciding to go through Shefford twice.  He realised his mistake soon after Old Warden, decided he had had enough fun and called it a day. Another mention to Jim Moffatt and Nigel Altham who unfortunately both abandoned due to punctures.  Stephen Oliver was the fourth DNF of the evening.

Fastest Nomads were Nigel Hale with 1.02.39 (which he seemed pretty happy with) and Leanne Cutler with 1.13.06 (a course PB by 50 seconds).

More photos can be found by yours truly on Facebook at MWebbPhotography.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

N Hale 1.02.39, F Bulmer 1.04.21, J Gomm 1.04.24, J King 1.11.38, C Corney 1.12.01, L Cutler 1.13.06, D Summerell 1.15.52, P Fletcher 1.17.05, C Jones 1.18.14, S Smith 1.20.03, N Altham DNF, S Oliver DNF

Private Time Trials

W Smith (CC Ashwell) 58.20, J Stuart (CC Ashwell) 1.00.34 , S Doyle (Team Sales Engine) 1.01.42 , L Barrall (Equipe Velo) 1.02.52 , D Ledgerton (Team Sales Engine) 1.10.14, P Gell (Beds Road CC) DNF,  J Moffat (CC Luton) DNF



Briercliffe 10 – 17 May 2016

Reporter: Paul Riley

The healthy turn outs for the Tuesday evening TT series continued with 24 riders tackling the Briercliffe 10 course. This season’s trend of different weather conditions for each event continued with a surprisingly stiff south westerly wind taking the edge off of an otherwise pleasant evening.

Fastest time of the evening went to Sam Hayes (TSE) with fastest Nomad being 2nd claimer Steve Robinson with a 24.11. Yet again the mid-field battles proved interesting with Chris Corney, Jon Traynor, Nigel Tooke, Nigel Wilson and Tom Low all posting times in the long 26 or short 27 sector.  In fact competition has become so fierce in this area that former 2 Up team mate Nigel Wilson was heard to accuse Paul Riley of not being able to beat him anymore and lending some superfast wheels to enable Chris Corney to beat Wilson on Riley’s behalf!

Nigel Wilson was clearly taking no prisoners this evening, being heard to comment to the returning Michael Webb, “you look like somebody who used to be a cyclist”. [Your reporter for one thought it was good to see you again Webby].  Nobody left disappointed when that famous booming voice also returned with a shout of “hand your numbers back”

Time keeping duties were handled by Frank Turner & Steve Smith.  Simon Young pushed off while offering useful advice on bike cleanliness for anybody who would listen.

Hitchin Nomads CC Event

S Robinson 24.11, N Hale 24.43, A Saunders 24.58, J Gomm 25.07, J McPherson 25.41, N Hickman 25.43, C Corney 26.44, J Traynor 26.54, N Tooke 27.12, N Wilson 27.20, T Low 27.30, M Webb 28.20, P Riley 28.23, R Fox 28.54, L Cutler 29.27 (off course), M Loosely 31.45, S Oliver 33.08.

Private Time Trials

S Hayes (TSE) 23.22, J Stuart (CCA) 23.49, S Doyle (TSE) 24.03, L Barral (EV) 24.51, K Barton (SNCC) 25.23, R Pratt (IRC) 26.15, D Ledgerton (TSE) 27.16

DAVE GUDGIN 25 ROUND 1 – 10th May 2016

There’s an unwritten rule that the first Dave Gudgin 25 of the season must be ridden in a torrential downpour, and had you looked at the weather forecast 24 hours prior to the event, this year looked to follow suit nicely. However, as the day progressed, the heavy rain turned to drizzle, which stopped with about 30 minutes to spare.

As such, 13 riders decided to chance it and took to the start line on a mixture of full on TT bikes, road bikes with aero-bars, and road bikes.

Quickest of the evening was James Gomm, who edged out Lindz Barrel (Equipe-Velo) by a slim 15 seconds. Chris Brabrook rounded off the top 3 with a fine ride for his first time around the course.

Thanks to Frank Turner, Leanne Cutler & Simon Doyle for making up tonight’s time keeping team.

The Dave Gudgin series is a handicapped based competition, with each rider being given a handicap time to subtract from their actual time, which is based on their previous 2 seasons best time, or calculated on age and gender if there is no previous time. Although we are still awaiting tonight’s final calculations back from NASA, it looks as if Chris Brabrook has taken an early lead in this competition ahead of Chris Corney. If any other Chris’ wanted to get into the mix, the final standings are based on a riders best 3 rides out of 4, so there’s still time for anyone who didn’t ride this evening to enter. Riders with other first names are also encouraged to enter.

Hitchin Nomads:

J Gomm 1:03:25, C Brabrook 1:06:57, J Traynor 1:09:26, R Fox 1:11:05, N Wilson 1:11:20, C Corney 1:11:58, D Summerell 1:13:21, R Bamberough 1:17:48, S Smith 1:18:29, N Altham 1:20:02, P Riley DNF

Private Time Trials:

L Barrel (Equipe-Velo) 1:03:40, S Horwood (Unattached) 1:08:01

Open TT Events 7-8 May 2016

Reporter: Nick Hickman
Photographs: Davey Jones

The Nomads’ Time Trial Squad showed great strength in depth on another record breaking weekend for the Club’s Testers in glorious late Spring sunshine.

On Saturday afternoon Nick Hickman and James Cornell took to the start of the Lea Valley CC 10 miles event on the E2 course from Six Mile Bottom near Newmarket.  Cornell suffered a tyre blow-out on the line as the clock was counting down so was a “Did Not Finish”.  Hickman recorded a 22:33, missing out on a personal best “scratch” time by six seconds but improving on his time against the age-related “veteran standard” by two seconds.  The event winner was Rhys Howells of Richardsons-Trek RT, with 18:52.


Nick Hickman, courtesy Davey Jones

On Sunday morning Hickman and Cornell were out again for the Norlond TT Combine 50 miles event.  The course went from Tempsford, down the A1 to the Baldock Service roundabout and Stotfold, back to Tempsford, and then the same again.  Joining this pair were club mates Terry Davies, Julian Pegg, Leanne Cutler and Nick Morgan (riding his first ever 50 miles event).


Leanne Cutler, courtesy Davey Jones

The in-form Cutler smashed her own Women’s Club Record by 59 secs and also improved on the Women’s Veteran Standard Club Record for the distance.

The trio of Pegg, Morgan and Cornell recorded an aggregate time of 06:01:30 taking a huge 4 mins and 23 secs off the Club Team Record that has stood since 1998.  Should Cornell have suffered a second tyre failure of the weekend than either of Hickman’s or Davies’ individual times were also sufficiently good to have had them in the record breaking team (fastest three Club riders in an event).  “Strength in depth” indeed!  This event was also the Club’s 50 competition with Pegg earning the silverware for that.  Fastest rider of the day was Andy Jackson of SSLL Racing Team with 01:41:05.


Julian Pegg, courtesy Davey Jones

Nomads: Pegg 01:55:12, Morgan 02:02:12, Cornell 02:04:06, Hickman 02:04:09, Davies 02:07:42, Cutler 02:14:37.

Other notable points on the Sunday event were Pegg riding out to the start from home; one of Cornell’s brakes rubbing slightly for the full 50 miles; Morgan stopping three times to deal with a mechanical issue with his gearing; Hickman “flying blind” having left his GPS device at home; and Paul Riley and Nigel Wilson cheering the squad on at various points on the course.


Dave Gudgin 25 mile TT series handicaps for 2016

Reporter: Nigel Wilson

There are 4 events in the Dave Gudgin 25 Time Trial series and anyone who completes 3 of them is automatically entered for the handicap competition. This was won by Nigel Hale in 2015.  The dates are 10th May, 24th May, 7th June and 21st June.  All Tuesdays, starting at 19:00.   The course is 1U/25, the same as was used for the Club 2-up and Medium Gear events earlier in the season.

Each rider is given a “handicap time” that will be deducted from their finishing time to give a handicap result. The average of the best 3 handicap results is then taken to determine the series winner.  The trophy is huge!

Contrary to popular opinion, one’s handicap is not based on the number of pints of bitter that have been bought for Nigel Wilson over the past 12 months.  The handicaps are actually based on best performance in the event over the past 2 years. For anyone who hasn’t competed before, the handicap is based on age and gender.

Here are this year’s handicaps.  Members should contact Nigel if they would like more detail around the handicap allocated. If anyone else wants to enter then Nigel will provide a handicap.

DATE PB Forename Surname Handicap
26/05/2015 00:59:15 Gavin Ashfield 00:13:18
No time Roger Bamberough 00:22:56
No time Chris Brabrook 00:19:36
26/05/2015 01:12:46 Mark Collins 00:25:55
09/06/2015 01:07:32 James Cornell 00:21:02
09/06/2015 01:13:02 Chris Corney 00:26:10
30/06/2015 01:10:57 Leanne Cutler 00:24:14
30/06/2015 01:04:24 Mark Desborough 00:18:07
10/06/2014 01:04:06 James Gomm 00:17:50
30/06/2015 00:58:45 Nigel Hale 00:12:50
01/07/2014 01:03:23 Nick Hickman 00:17:10
No time Catherine Jones 00:26:35
30/06/2015 01:09:52 John King 00:23:07
30/06/2015 01:17:54 Mark Loosley 00:30:43
No time James McPherson 00:21:08
No time Nick Morgan 00:19:36
30/06/2015 01:19:38 Stephen Oliver 00:32:20
30/06/2015 01:04:30 Julian Pegg 00:18:12
01/07/2014 01:07:03 David Rickels 00:20:35
30/06/2015 01:09:03 Paul Riley 00:22:27
10/06/2014 01:05:04 Nick Senechal 00:18:44
10/06/2014 01:16:47 Steve Smith 00:29:40
01/07/2014 01:05:44 James Spence 00:19:22
10/06/2014 01:11:47 David Summerell 00:25:00
30/06/2015 01:07:51 Nigel Tooke 00:21:20
30/06/2015 01:05:01 Jon Traynor 00:18:41
10/06/2014 01:06:02 John Watson 00:19:38
30/06/2015 01:07:58 Nigel Wilson 00:21:27