Norlond TT Combine 30 – 1 May 2016

Reporter: Julian Pegg

The Hitchin Nomads Cycling Club’s Team 30 record (the aggregate time of the fastest 3 Club riders in a 30 miles Time Trial event), which has stood since 1996 was reduced by 48 seconds to 03:35:28 on Sunday.  The three ‘J’s – Julian Pegg, John Watson and James Cornell were competing in the Norlond Combine 30 mile time trial on Sunday in what is likely to be the last running of this event.  In a cold but otherwise bright morning, on the A1 based course between Tempsford and Baldock, Pegg recorded 01:10:55 closely followed by Watson with 01:11:29 to finish 4th and 5th respectively.  Cornell narrowly missed a top 10 placing with 01:13:04.  The event was won by pre-race favourite Ross Clarke who recorded 01:04:40.

Photos courtesy Davey Jones

Anecdotes from the morning:

  • Conditions weren’t bad but it was colder than a polar bear’s nostril at 6am. Not an issue for the 7am starters but definitely an issue when riding out to Tempsford from Hitchin.
  • Pegg rode the event in full winter gear of leg warmers, gloves and full overshoes. Watson, in stark contrast, rode with no gloves, bare legs and skinny overshoes. Cornell was somewhere in between with what looked like motorbike gloves and ¾ lengths.
  • Pegg rode out to the event not just for the extra miles and a decent warm up but because ‘Er Indoors had bagged the car and had removed that option.
  • Watson is busy preparing for the Tour of Wessex.  Having ridden a criterium the previous day he then announced after the event that he planned to join Freddy Bulmer for a training ride that afternoon. It didn’t sound like a warm down sort of ride.
  • Cornell noted the next day that his hydraulic calliper rear brake had malfunctioned, and it might have been rubbing …
  • Pretty normal conditions for the F1/B course – a rising southerly pushing you back up the A1. The extra 5 miles to make up the ‘30’ distance was provided by a leg along the A507 to the Arlesey RAB.