DAVE GUDGIN 25 ROUND 1 – 10th May 2016

There’s an unwritten rule that the first Dave Gudgin 25 of the season must be ridden in a torrential downpour, and had you looked at the weather forecast 24 hours prior to the event, this year looked to follow suit nicely. However, as the day progressed, the heavy rain turned to drizzle, which stopped with about 30 minutes to spare.

As such, 13 riders decided to chance it and took to the start line on a mixture of full on TT bikes, road bikes with aero-bars, and road bikes.

Quickest of the evening was James Gomm, who edged out Lindz Barrel (Equipe-Velo) by a slim 15 seconds. Chris Brabrook rounded off the top 3 with a fine ride for his first time around the course.

Thanks to Frank Turner, Leanne Cutler & Simon Doyle for making up tonight’s time keeping team.

The Dave Gudgin series is a handicapped based competition, with each rider being given a handicap time to subtract from their actual time, which is based on their previous 2 seasons best time, or calculated on age and gender if there is no previous time. Although we are still awaiting tonight’s final calculations back from NASA, it looks as if Chris Brabrook has taken an early lead in this competition ahead of Chris Corney. If any other Chris’ wanted to get into the mix, the final standings are based on a riders best 3 rides out of 4, so there’s still time for anyone who didn’t ride this evening to enter. Riders with other first names are also encouraged to enter.

Hitchin Nomads:

J Gomm 1:03:25, C Brabrook 1:06:57, J Traynor 1:09:26, R Fox 1:11:05, N Wilson 1:11:20, C Corney 1:11:58, D Summerell 1:13:21, R Bamberough 1:17:48, S Smith 1:18:29, N Altham 1:20:02, P Riley DNF

Private Time Trials:

L Barrel (Equipe-Velo) 1:03:40, S Horwood (Unattached) 1:08:01