Briercliffe 10 – 31 May 2016

Reporter: Leanne Cutler

With Summer seemingly over the rain had fallen all day and the wind blew wild.  “I’m not scared”, said nine fearless riders on Tuesday evening’s Briecliffe 10TT, adding that, “it was better than the turbo option”.  With a mixture of aero, non aero  and medium gear set ups there were a few carrots being dangled. Whilst the roads were wet there was little of the predicted standing water under the old railway bridge which meant Paul Riley could leave his speedos at home.  Phew!

The phrase, ‘”the wind has died down” uttered by Mr Hickman at the sign-on didn’t really ring true as it appeared that riders were battered from all directions.  It offered little help but some scary moments, especially for those on the aero option along the road from G&M RAB to Shuttleworth.  “Hold on tight for the 27 mph gusts”, is all I can say.  Surprisingly there were lots of smiles at the finish where most riders agreed that it had been an enjoyable event … yes really! In addition, notes were compared on the beautiful scenery of flowers and wildlife.  The rhododendrons on the climb up to Ireland were said to be in full bloom and a bird of prey was seen hunting by Shuttleworth.  Clearly these individuals need to pedal harder, or maybe not being aero meant that they could actually see what would normally be a blur?

Fastest rider of the evening was Will Smith (CC Ashwell) with a blistering 23:40.  Fastest Nomad was Chris Corney with a very impressive non aero time of 28:14.  His TT bike may be on eBay soon as he clearly doesn’t need the extra help.

As always, much appreciation to those without whom our events would not take place – Frank Turner (Time Keeper), Steve Smith (Pusher Off and roadside encouragement)

Hitchin Nomads Competition

C Corney 28:14; J Traynor 28:30; L Cutler 29:09; N Hickman 30:25; N Wilson 30:33; M Loosley 33:22; P Riley 34:15

Private Time Trials

W Smith (CC Ashwell) 23:40; L Barral (Equipe Velo) 25:02